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02300P -print copy
02300- down-load
Steve Richardson Ellen, a single mom, asks Bill to help her discipline her daughter, Sandy, But Bill realizes that Ellen needs discipline too. Doing a Favor Free! M/F              
02390P -print copy
02390- down-load
Jason After messing up her life, Debra moves in with her older brother Jim to get things back together. She agrees to live by the rules he sets and when she doesn't, it's over his knees with her panties down for sound spankings. Sunday Afternoon $5.00 M/F              
02391P -print copy
A.L. Purvis It is difficult to be grown up and still have to live with your family. It is even more difficult when not only does your mother spank you, but she lets your younger brother take down your pants and spank you when you deserve it. Is it better than when your sister gets it from her boyfriend? Baby Busters Get Spanked at Home $10.00 M/F F/F            
02392P -print copy
02392- down-load
Kessily Big brother Damian has always been a strict guardian to his little sister, Amelia. But the newfound freedom of college life turns Amelia into a party girl, and when he finds out...little sis is looking at big trouble and a lot of pants down, over the knee paddling to get her back on the straight and narrow. Big Brother, Big Trouble! $10.00 M/F              
02393P -print copy
02393- down-load
C. Flint An anonymous friend of busy executive Michael David hires a professional disciplinarian to give him a birthday spanking. When David refuses to cooperate, she teaches him about traditional corporal discipline as well. Michael's Surprise $9.00     F/M          
02394P -print copy
02394- down-load
Melissa When Melissa loses her temper at work, even after discipline has been administered, she is sent for some professional discipline with a hand and switch on her bare bottom. Behavior Modification, Inc. $5.00 M/F              
02395P -print copy
02395- down-load
Rod Birch When Kathy interviews her, Suzanne tells her story - how a sexually frustrated nun left her order and became a dominatrix enjoying, and being paid for, spanking and otherwise humiliating men who come into her power, either by choice or compulsion. A Woman After Her Own Heart $10.00     F/M          
02396P -print copy
02396- down-load
Uncle George For a girl who grew up turned on by spanking, what could be better than to take up a career where men (and some women) would line up to spank her and to pay her for the opportunity? Paid for It $10.00 M/F F/F            
02397P -print copy
02397- down-load
SMT After years of school teaching, our hero retires and begins a business he really loves, providing clients with disciplinary spankings they can't obtain -elsewhere in this enlightened age. His first case involves a mother and daughter who know they both need bare bottom discipline. Mother lowers her knickers for the cane, daughter the slipper. The Journal of a Professional Spanker: Part 1 $8.00 M/F              
02398P -print copy
02398- down-load
SMT Our professional, but unpaid, spanker acquires his second and third client. First is a woman who wants to be treated like a naughty girl getting a well-deserved spanking with her pants down, next is a woman who takes a severe caning on her own terms. The Journal of a Professional Spanker: Part 2 $8.00 M/F              
02399P -print copy
02399- down-load
Steve Richardson How a mild-mannered graduate student turned spanking into a profitable business. Spanking, Inc. $6.00 M/F              
02400P -print copy
02400- down-load
Rod Birch Threatening to use pictures of his first spanking, Susie blackmails her first conquest into being a model for the her sorority sisters. First she strips and spanks him, then she lets the other girls practice, with many helpful suggestions. Zip-a-dee-do-daooow! $10.00     F/M         X
02401P -print copy
02401- down-load
Cassandra If a dom meets a sub over gin or rye, if a dom spanks a sub, need a sub to cry, every lady needs a sir, and now she has one, aye, and he teases and spanks her now, over gin and rye. Blind Date - Part One $10.00 M/F             X
02402P -print copy
02402- down-load
Cassandra Getting to know you, getting to know all your secrets, getting to spank you, getting to teach you to obey. Blind Date - Part Two $10.00 M/F             X
02403P -print copy
02403- down-load
Cassandra Cassandra inadvertently breaks one of the rules of respect, by speaking to another dom, her dom's mentor, without a proper introduction. . Her dom punishes her thoroughly and then explains how she must make amends. Blind Date - Part Three $9.00 M/F             X
02404P -print copy
02404- down-load
Cassandra For the first time, Cassie's master is going to share her with another master, in this case with his mentor. Happy to say that they all rise to the occasion. Blind Date - Part Four $9.00 M/F             X
02405P -print copy
02405- down-load
Cassandra An unjustified spanking on top of a rather severe one leaves Cassie with a slight infection, but she doesn't care, she is going to marry her master. Blind Date - Part Five $6.00 M/F             X
02406P -print copy
02406- down-load
Cerissa When Janice treats his friends like dirt, Richard decides it's time she learned about spanking. When she swears at him, he adds some soap to her punishment. Backwoods Justice $5.00 M/F           S  
02407P -print copy
02407- down-load
ZZ Susan was 19 and out of control. She knew it and her mother knew it. Together they examined Christian solutions and agreed that a rod applied to Susan's bare bottom offered a way out. On her own, her mother added a bar of soap held in Susan's mouth for appropriate situations. Rod of Correction $9.00   F/F         S  
02408P -print copy
02408- down-load
The Sergeant Carol had ditched school and was caught. As a result, the 18-year-old-got five with the paddle on her panties from the principal, then 20 on the bare from her mother with him watching. Then it got bad! She got 15 bare from her father in front of his assistant and wife, then next day had to strip down altogether to get punished along with her sister. The bar of soap was no fun either. A Scholarly Error $9.00 M/F F/F         S  
02409P -print copy
02409- down-load
B.T. If you ruin your parents plans by blowing off promised babysitting, and then curse at your mother, you should not really be surprised, even at age 27, to have your mouth washed out with soap, and have to bend over to have your bottom blistered by your father's strap. Making the Most of a Good Sting $9.00 M/F           S  
02410P -print copy
02410- down-load
Rod Birch It was an earlier, simpler time when the Wollestonecraft Academy for Young Ladies brought in a new headmaster to modernize the school. But Janine Rhody did not favor modernization, particularly when it would cost her her job, so she and a group of the girls humiliate and then spank Mr. Carleton until he is no longer a threat. The Time of Miss Janine Rhody $10.00     F/M          
02411P -print copy
02411- down-load
B.C. and Wife Jimmy has run away from home. He panhandles for small change, smokes pot, crashes wherever he can. His mother hires Crystal to bring him home, which she does, after administering a painful spanking. Jimmy rats out his sister, who is then paddled by Crystal. Mother takes due notice. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Jimmy's Story $10.00   F/F F/M          
02412P -print copy
02412- down-load
B.C. and Wife Dan offers crash space to two runaways - but Crystal finds them and spanks them before returning them to their homes. When Dan's aunt and niece visit New York, Dan has to call Crystal to find them. They get spankaed, Dan does too, but ends up with more than he bargained for. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Dan's Story $10.00   F/F F/M         X
02413P -print copy
02413- down-load
B.C. and Wife Crystal Flint is at it again, finding runaway teenagers, spanking them, and returning them to home where their mothers do their own spanking, backed up by Crystal. This time, two boys and a girl meet bare bottom justice. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Mrs. Asher's Story $10.00   F/F F/M          
02414P -print copy
02414- down-load
B.C. and Wife Crystal saves runaway Ann from being raped, but then returns her to her home, after spanking her. Turns out, Ann's Uncle Fred has been giving Ann and her sister pot, then telling on them so he could watch their spankings. Fred duly gets his comeuppance. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Ann's Story, Part I $10.00   F/F F/M          
02415P -print copy
02415- down-load
B.C. and Wife Ann decides to follow in Crystal's footsteps. After Ann, her mother, and her sister Lisa take their revenge on Uncle Fred for his perfidy, Ann gets a job as a store detective. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Ann's Story, Part II $10.00   F/F F/M          
02416P -print copy
02416- down-load
B.C. and Wife Ann is made Head of Security, and catches another shoplifter. When Carla's boyfriend attempts to beat Ann up, she easily turns the tables and spanks him. Ann then gets help from a first-time shoplifter to catch three long-time offenders. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Ann's Story, Part III $10.00     F/M          
02417P -print copy
02417- down-load
B.C. and Wife Ann takes down The Moose, a jock who decides to beat her up; makes Uncle Fred return all the money he has stolen over the years; and has Carla settle her debts with severe spankings as interest. Ann credits Crystal with setting her on the right road. Crystal Flint - Private Detective: Ann's Story, Part IV $10.00   F/F F/M          
02418P -print copy
02418- down-load
Sarah Briggs Mason enforces the law by putting female petty offenders across his knee, lowering their panties, and spanking them straight. His partner, Yolanda does the same for male crooks, and also takes down Mason's pants and briefs when she feels he has earned a spanking. Then there is Tyler the magician... Magician's Danger $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02419P -print copy
02419- down-load
C.J. West As a junior in high school, Cheryl was certain she was too old to be sent to her room to wait for her father to take down her panties, and spank her for assorted misdeeds. She was wrong. Cheryl #1 - Junior Year $10.00 M/F F/F            
02420P -print copy
02420- down-load
C.J. West Being a senior doesn't mean that Cheryl is behaving like one. Taking her mother's car without permission, breaking curfew, sassing her mother - all earn her spankings from mother or father. Cheryl #3 - Senior Memories $10.00 M/F F/F            
02421P -print copy
02421- down-load
C.J. West Thoughtlessly, Cheryl forgets to pick up her mother and take her to the airport to meet an old friend. When she talks back to her father, he proves to her that she is not toold to go over his knee. Cheryl #5 - The Re-Education of Cheryl $5.00 M/F              
02422P -print copy
02422- down-load
R.X. Pain Dr. Cynthia Graham’s methods of promoting weight loss were unorthodox but effective. Humiliating physical exams, rectal temperatures, bare bottom paddlings, and hot soapy enemas are a few of the incentives for weight loss. The Clinic for Weight Loss Experimentation - 1: Erica $10.00   F/F     E R    
02423P -print copy
02423- down-load
The Sergeant Elaine, president of a bank, makes an expensive error and is offered a choice: termination or a severe spanking from three bank officers. The Twenty-Seventh Floor $9.00 M/F              
02424P -print copy
02424- down-load
George Mason Caught concealing a co-worker's theft, Janice Eaton is give the choice between being fired and baring her bottom for a good old-fashioned spanking. No extra points for guessing which she chooses. I Gave at the Office $8.00 M/F              
02425P -print copy
02425- down-load
Victoria Eric fantasizes about being spanked by a woman. But when Victoria comes into his life, he's not so sure ... Victoria's Compliments 1: Eric Meets Victoria $10.00     F/M          
02426P -print copy
02426- down-load
Helier Sarah and Anna walk nervously up the stairs. They know they are to be spanked hard and long but, inspired by their cause, they are willing to take whatever Vernon, with his ferocious hands and leather straps, can hand out. Will their voluntary punishment save the planet or will they just end up looking foolish? Thousands of women wait, with their bottoms bare, for the answer. Sarah and Anna $9.00 M/F              
02427P -print copy
02427- down-load
JLJ Karen can't get motivated to hand her college assignments in -- until her advisor, an old college friend, gets permission from her parents to turn her over his knee and motivate her Karen's Seat of Learning $4.00 M/F              
02428P -print copy
02428- down-load
JLJ If you put off doing your assignments, you are likely to find that there is no time to finish. Then, if you are Karen, you are likely to find yourself with another appointment for a skirts up, panties down spanking. Karen's Second Lesson $5.00 M/F              
02429P -print copy
02429- down-load
JLJ Karen had gotten in trouble at school and paid for it by going over her "uncle" Robert's knees with her pants down for a sound spanking, now Katie was in trouble. Karen and Katie - a Lesson Shared $8.00 M/F              
02430P -print copy
02430- down-load
JLJ Karen blames her sister for a spanking her father gives her. She plots to get her sister spanked, but, on the verge of success, she can't go through with it, She confesses and spends some quality time, bottom up, pants down, over her mother's knees after washing her own mouth out with soap. Karen's Summer Schooling $9.00 M/F F/F         S  
02431 -print copy
02431- down-load
JLJ Queen Gwynevere has been overspending. When she lies to King Arthur about receiving a hairbrush as a gift, he finds a use for it. The Tale of the Queen's Hairbrush $7.00 M/F              
02432P -print copy
02432- down-load
Helier Christa had always gotten deserved spankings from her mother, so it wasn't much of a shock when Mrs. Cunningham, her boss, did it also. It was a shock, but a delightful one when she found the other girls in the office spanked each other and played other games Christa $10.00   F/F            
02433P -print copy
02433- down-load
Ed Finn Heather didn't exactly enjoy being spanked, but she know she needed it occasionally and she did find it exciting that her husband was willing to lower her panties and spank her when deserved. But wearing a too-small bikini and flirting with a couple of strange men on the beach earns her more than she expected: a bare-bottom spanking right there in front of everybody Tanned at the Beach $8.00 M/F              
02434P -print copy
02434- down-load
Ed Finn Heather has a real talent for getting herself spanked in public. This time she manages it on the ski slope, with a married pair of ski patrollers among those who watch and learn. Fire and Ice $10.00 M/F              
02435P -print copy
02435- down-load
Don Barton You would think that the girls would be too old to need a babysitter. Of course, you might also think they were too old to have to drop their pants and panties for a good spanking. You would be wrong twice. The Spanking Babysitter - 1 $10.00 M/F              
02436P -print copy
02436- down-load
Don Barton When their parents had to be gone for a while, they left Valerie, 18, and Susie, 16, with a babysitter. The girls knew from past experience that Jack would not hesitate to spank their bare bottoms if necessary, but they didn't seem to be able to act on this knowledge, and both of them found themselves lowering their pants and panties to go over Jack's knees for a stinging reminder. The Spanking Babysitter - 2 $10.00 M/F              
02437P -print copy
02437- down-load
Mike Burke It couldn't get much worse for Amanda and Heather - to have to strip naked for spankings from their mother as well as one from the mother of the girls they were babysitting for - in front of those girls. Bad Moon Rising $10.00   F/F            
02438P -print copy
02438- down-load
Bruce "I know, Linda, it's a pretty awful situation to be in. Here we are, almost the same age, and I'm going to turn you over my knee, bare your bottom and then spank you until you're crying like a baby. And I'm going to remain fully dressed while you're going to be all naked from your waist right down to your knees." Linda's Last Chance $10.00   F/F            
02439P -print copy
02439- down-load
C. Flint When he was 12, he got to watch as his 17-year-old babysitter had to let her panties down and go over her mother's knee for a sound spanking. Now he was 42 and it would be his lap that Suzy Q would go over, and his hands which would take down her panties so he could spank her. Miss Suzy Q $10.00 M/F F/F            
02440P -print copy
02440- down-load
Alexia Lynn’s father had raised John and now he has died and it is John’s job to raise Lynn, even if she thinks she is already a grown woman. Her father couldn’t raise a hand to her, but he had no such problems spanking John when deserved, and John will use the same methods with Lynn. When she disobeys and runs away, he introduces her to the effectiveness of a good, bare bottom spanking. The Lucky Seven $6.00 M/F     M/M        
02441P -print copy
02441- down-load
Miss Saucy She must have gestured toward me in the comer where I stood half-naked. I heard the intake of breath from my two friends. I could only imagine what went through the mind of the novices at the sight of such a punished bottom. My humiliation was complete. To Smoke or Not to Smoke $5.00 M/F F/F            
02442P -print copy
02442- down-load
Bruce A young lady who misbehaves in church cannot expect privacy later when she returns home to receive her bare bottom spanking across her mother's knees. Wishing $10.00   F/F            
02443P -print copy
02443- down-load
Victoria He had bought a dirty magazine. He had done Victoria's girlfriend's toenails. You might think he was itching to have his pants taken down for a very sound spanking. YES!!! Outrageous Behavior $7.00     F/M         X
02444P -print copy
02444- down-load
Connie When Bob returns home and finds his ward in a compromising position with her boyfriend, he decides to punish her as her father used to do. She must have her panties taken down for a healthy dose of his hand, a switch, and the hairbrush on her bare bottom. Connie and her Guardian $6.00 M/F             X
02445P -print copy
02445- down-load
Thomas Bruns Claire moved over to the front door and opened it. Outside stood Rachel, Anna, and Karen, all of Julia's closest friends. They asked if Julia could go with them to the mall. Claire told them no, because Julia had just had her bare butt spanked. Julia almost died. It was almost enough to make her forget how badly she needed to get to the bathroom...almost. A Shame for a Shame $6.00   F/F     E      
02446P -print copy
02446- down-load
Thomas Bruns When John caught Micki taking money from the register, he sentenced her to a good, bare bottom spanking over his knees, the sex was extra - but great! Blackmailing the Waitress $10.00 M/F             X
02450P -print copy
02450- down-load
Kessily He'd made a mistake, a bad one, and the punishment had been...excruciating. He'd been switched with healthy green willow switches. He'd been paddled with a hefty sorority paddle, and then there'd been the wide workman's belt that felt like it was peeling swathes of skin from his ass. Into the Woods $10.00     F/M          
02451P -print copy
02451- down-load
Sarah Briggs Connor had worked for four years under a contract which gave his boss (aka his mother) the right to take his pants down and spank him as she deemed needed. Now he was taking a series of spankings for a mistake his team made. When he discovers that it is a young woman on the team who is responsible, she pleads not to be fired. They compromise with him giving her a spanking of her own. It's in the Contract $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02452P -print copy
02452- down-load
AGA A young Swedish girl realizes her fantasies about being spanked - in the New World. Camilla Comes to America - 1 $10.00 M/F              
02453P -print copy
02453- down-load
AGA Camilla finds herself over her American host's knee again. And again. Camilla Comes to America - 2 $10.00 M/F              
02454P -print copy
02454- down-load
AGA More spankings for Camilla, who is finding life in America holds many pitfalls. Including having her mouth washed out with soap for cussing. Camilla Comes to America - 3 $10.00 M/F           S  
02455P -print copy
02455- down-load
AGA Compelled (by spanking) to join a prestigious sorority, Camilla finds her initiation rather painful. She is also introduced to the concept of the birthday spanking. Camilla Comes to America - 4 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02456P -print copy
02456- down-load
AGA The sorority has rules - and offenders pay the price. Camilla is no exception. Camilla Comes to America - 5 $3.00 M/F F/F            
02457P -print copy
02457- down-load
Letters In which a couple of young men write in to complain about their mothers, aunts, or girlfriends making them drop their pants and briefs and bend over for an old fashioned spanking with a belt or paddle on their bare butts. Is This Fair? $10.00     F/M       S X
02458P -print copy
02458- down-load
Bruce In the Old West, they had effective means of dealing with misbehaving young ladies, methods involving a length of harness strap, raised skirts, and dropped drawers, as John's wife and daughters discover to their embarrassment and pain. Taming the Women of the Old West $10.00 M/F              
02459P -print copy
02459- down-load
Helen It is horrible for a grown daughter to have her skirt lifted and her panties removed and to be turned over her father's knees, in front of her mother, for a good spanking. How much worse must it be for the mother to have the same painful punishment in front of her daughter? Mother and Me $4.00 M/F              
02460P -print copy
02460- down-load
David Stone When Melissa has an accident, her mother really roasts her bare backside. However, a couple of days later her mother makes a similar mistake and gets her punishment from her husband - in front of Melissa. Mother-Daughter Driving Lessons $8.00 M/F F/F            
02461P -print copy
02461- down-load
A.B. In the 50s, when a girl acted up, she had to expect to lie on the bed while her mother used a strap on her uncovered bottom to convince her of the errors of her ways. I wonder if it would have made her happier to know that her mother had to endure the same strap years earlier? Like Daughter, Like Mother $7.00 M/F F/F            
02462P -print copy
02462- down-load
T.C. Stonefox Felicia attempts to shoplift from a store owned by her mother's old headmaster. With her mother's agreement, she avoids prosecution by lifting her skirts and dropping her panties before bending over for a caning like her mother once had in school. Like Mother, Like Daughter - 1 $10.00 M/F              
02463P -print copy
02463- down-load
T.C. Stonefox Mr. Marsh holds Felicia's mother, Patricia, responsible for not disciplining Felicia. Thus, the next day, Patricia must visit the shop and "bend and bare" just like the old days. Like Mother, Like Daughter - 2 $8.00 M/F              
02464P -print copy
02464- down-load
C. Flint Rachel had fantasized for years about being spanked. Now, courtesy of Fantasies Unlimited, she is about to experience the painful reality at the hands of Aunt Agatha. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 1 $5.00   F/F            
02465P -print copy
02465- down-load
C. Flint In her role as a strict Victorian taskmistress, Aunt Agatha punishes Rachel severely for every infraction. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 2 $9.00   F/F            
02466P -print copy
02466- down-load
C. Flint Aunt Agatha not only delivers severe spankings, but also a punishment enema for Rachel's misbehaving. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 3 $9.00   F/F     E      
02467P -print copy
02467- down-load
C. Flint Treated like a naughty Victorian schoolgirl, not only is Rachel severely spanked, she also has to write lines for not doing her homework. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 4 $10.00   F/F            
02468P -prin8t copy
02468- down-load
C. Flint Rachel's insolence at dinner leads her on a trip to the woodshed, where she receives a strapping from Aunt Agatha. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 5 $9.00   F/F            
02469P -print copy
02469- down-load
C. Flint Rachel's weekend with Fantasies Unlimited is over - with a couple more spankings - but there is a surprising twist in store. A Visit to Aunt Agatha - 6 $10.00   F/F            
02470P -print copy
02470- down-load
Pete SWAT - Spanking Women Against Truancy - is a 1990 offshoot of the feminist movement in which women are empowered to spank men with a variety of implements for reported infractions. SWAT on Campus $9.00     F/M          
02471P -print copy
02471- down-load
Pete SWAT - Spanking Women Against Truancy - really takes off in mid-America, where many an erring male is duly chastised by his woman. Mid-America SWATs $9.00     F/M          
02472P -print copy
02472- down-load
Pete SWAT - Spanking Women Against Truancy - becomes the "in" thing for yuppies: the women on their way to emancipation; the men trapped in the workaday rat-race. SWAT a Yuppie $10.00     F/M         X
02473P -print copy
02473- down-load
Kessily Once they were privileged. Now they are the misfits, the embarrassments. His job is to turn them into proper young women by ANY means necessary. On an island in the middle of nowhere, adult women are forced to relive their schooldays, including classroom spankings, and trips to the Headmaster for more severe punishment. Birches, canes, paddles, even ginger root are all at his disposal. Island of Misfits $10.00 M/F              
02474P -print copy
02474- down-load
e.m. downing Nanette was lacking in self-discipline. When she answers Ms Emily's ad and signs a contract she hasn't read very carefully, she learns that self-discipline is taught externally, with a paddle while she is over Ms Emily's knee with her bottom bared for sound spankings. It's Never Too Late to Learn Self-Discipline $10.00   F/F            
02475P -print copy
02475- down-load
Cassandra Cassie Lee was offered a big promotion at work, that was good. She thought she might be pregnant, that was very good. But she hadn’t discussed the possibilities with her master and that would result in a hard, bare-assed spanking and a severe session with the leather paddle. That would be horrible, but very good too. The Job Offer $10.00 M/F             X
02476P -print copy
02476- down-load
Kessily Clary survived mostly by begging and stealing, but living on the streets was getting harder every day. Pretty soon she'd have to start turning tricks to get by and once that happened well... But then she met the mysterious benefactor who offers her a whole new life. All she has to do is follow his rules and accept his discipline. Spanking, strapping, and mouth-soaping might be humiliating for the nineteen-year-old, but it's better than what waits for her on the streets. She has no choice; it's her last chance. Last Chance Girl $10.00 M/F           S  
02477P -print copy
02477- down-load
Rachel Heath When Leanna finds her wife Darla is cheating on her, she wants a divorce. After Darla’s pleading and promises, Leanna offers a second choice, a sound bare bottom spanking. At Leanna’s instructions, Darla sadly fetches a wooden ruler, drops her jeans and panties and bends over Leanna’s lap for her spanking. Leanna Lawson Punishes Lesbian Adultery $4.00   F/F            
02478P -print copy
02478- down-load
Pete After his wife dies, Robert, a successful businessman, decides to hire a mature woman to manage his household. Victoria is hired, and manages Robert too. Victoria's Principles $7.00     F/M          
02479P -print copy
02479- down-load
A.B. Caught smoking, after his father has spanked him well, William must stand in a corner to await a further severe paddling. William Has Been a Bad Boy $4.00       M/M        
02480P -print copy
02480- down-load
Ida After seeing Cassie spanked, her teacher Diana plots to get her another one. She gets her wish, Cassie with her pants down being spanked by Michael long and hard, but then Diana must face her own punishment for her plotting. For the first time in her life, she must lower her pants and panties and await a deserved paddling. Fittingly she receives her punishment in front of Cassie, but Cassie is sent to her room when the grownups play their own games. Cassandra and Diana $8.00 M/F             X
02481P -print copy
02481- down-load
Helier It's St Ballantyne's day and Ganymede House, the finishing school for girls, will never be the same again. So many girls spanked on one afternoon and for Sally Winterbottom, a young teacher who has never been spanked, the chance to see Angus, the firm-handed Scotsman, at work on so many bare bottoms with cane, paddle, and strap is life-changing. She needs some of that. Ganymede House $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02482P -print copy
02482- down-load
A.B. It must be a conspiracy, not only is Fiona getting paddled at school, but her father believes she can still benefit from going across his knees, having her panties lowered, and being spanked with his hand and belt. Trouble Again $109.00 M/F              
02483P -print copy
02483- down-load
William A stupid schoolboy prank leads to William's father taking a hand - a heavy hand - in his upbringing. A Return to Corporal Punishment $6.00       M/M        
02484P -print copy
02484- down-load
MCP Roger is a victim of sexual discrimination, Gladys is promoting unqualified women over him. Finally, he takes matters - and Gladys - into his own hands, putting her over his knees, lifting her dress, pulling down her panties, and spanking her until she cries. When the company is failing there is no choice but to bring in male executives to oversee the women executives and spank them when necessary. Profits Down - Panties Down: 1 $10.00 M/F              
02485P -print copy
024845- down-load
MCP Serving coffee was bad, having to write lines was worse, but going over your "assistant's" knees and having your bare bottom spanked red was by far the worst. Yet the ladies didn't seem to be able to avoid it. Profits Down - Panties Down: 2 $8.00 M/F              
02486P -print copy
024846- down-load
MCP At a board meeting, the women have a graphic lesson in the difference between sexual harassment and sound bare bottom spankings in public, accompanied by sexual release. Profits Down - Panties Down: 3 $8.00 M/F             X
02487P -print copy
024847- down-load
MCP There are new humiliations for Janette as she must do clerical work and pay the price for each mistake on her naked, shaved backside. Profits Down - Panties Down: 4 $7.00 M/F              
02488 -print copy
02488- down-load
MCP It was now some time since the women had agreed that the men would take over the company, and they agreed things were much better now, so they asked the men to continue, even though it would mean a continuation of embarrassing bare bottom (and sometimes bare woman) spankings, sometimes in front of the entire staff. Profits Down - Panties Down: 5 $6.00 M/F              
02489P -print copy
02489- down-load
MCP The ladies had driven the business to near bankruptcy. The only way to save it was for each of the female executives to have a male mentor who not only knew the business, but had full rights to spank her bare bottom, privately or publically. The plan worked - but Laura hated it. Profits Down - Panties Down: 6 $7.00 M/F              
02490P -print copy
02490- down-load
MCP Having saved Gladys's business by taking down her panties and spanking her for every mistake, Roger thinks she might be ready for marriage - with some instruction and many spankings. Profits Down - Panties Down: 7 $8.00 M/F              
02491P -print copy
02491- down-load
Tess Tess finds out that her girlfriend still gets spankings from her father in the woodshed. She also discovers that visitors are not immune. Tess #1: The Woodshed at Lynn's Place $9.00 M/F              
02492P -print copy
02492- down-load
Tess Despite previous experience, Tess visits Lynn again, and is again taken to the woodshed. Tess #2: The Woodshed Again $5.00 M/F              
02493P -print copy
02493- down-load
Tess Lynn's older sister is in trouble. Tess and Lynn listen while Pam must tell her father how and why her boyfriend, Keith, spanks her. They also listen in while Pam bares her bottom and goes over her father's knee. Tess #3: The Fouth of July in the Woodshed - Part One $10.00 M/F              
02494P -print copy
02494- down-load
Tess Tess and Lynn spy on Lynn's sister getting a spanking from her boyfriend and pay the expected price not only over Keith's knees but also across Mr. Perry's experienced lap. Later they accompany Keith to the mall to find an appropriate hairbrush for the further punishment of Lynn's older sister. Tess #4: The Fouth of July in the Woodshed - Part Two $10.00 M/F              
02495P -print copy
02495- down-load
Tess To impress upon Pam and the other girls the dangers of drinking, Lynn's father spanks Pam in front of the rest, and then spanks each of them. Tess #5: The Fouth of July in the Woodshed - Part Three $7.00 M/F              
02496P -print copy
02496- down-load
Tess The girls are tucked away in bed with hot, red bottoms. Now it is mother's turn to accompany her husband out to the woodshed and feel the embarrassment and pain of a sound, pants down, over the knee spanking for her misdeeds. Tess #6: Wee Hours in the Woodshed $9.00 M/F              
02497 -print copy
02497- down-load
Tess High school seniors surely have learned to behave. Well, almost. They must make one last trip to the woodshed with the added feature that a couple of boys they met overhear their spankings. Tess #7: The Woodshed Again $10.00 M/F              
02498P -print copy
02498- down-load
Mike Burke Paula did not believe in paddling recalcitrant pupils. But her employer, Mr. Gentry, soon teaches her how effective a well-applied paddle can be. A Teacher Learns a Lesson $10.00 M/F              
02499P -print copy
02499- down-load
A.B. Schoolteachers should know better than to DWI, but when Fiona and her three friends are caught doing just that, they submit their bare bottoms to Joe's punishment, rather than be arrested. Teachers in Trouble $10.00 M/F              
02500 -print copy
02500- down-load
C.J. West Cheryl is getting spanked again and this time her older sister, who should have known better, comes to her defense and ends up standing with her, pants down facing the corner waiting for their father to give them their spankings. Cheryl #6 - Cheryl and Michelle $10.00 M/F              
02501P -print copy
02501- down-load
Kevin O'Toole Kim had screwed up her mother’s phone message, and she now was going to be taught to be more careful. For the lesson, she was going to be naked and over her mother’s knee. It would be taught with a hairbrush. Getting the Message $2.50   F/F            
02502P -print copy
02502- down-load
Dr. Dlaniger Heather knew that misbehavior led to a good spanking from her father. Her friend Ramona had never been spanked in her life. When they get into trouble together, Ramona, too, must be across his lap, have her dress raised, her panties lowered, and her bare bottom spanked until she thought she would never sit again. Her Best Friend's Dad $9.00 M/F              
02503P -print copy
02503- down-load
Tess Tess finds out that her girlfriend still gets spankings from her father in the woodshed. She also discovers that visitors are not immune. The Woodshed at Lynn's Place $9.00 M/F              
02504P -print copy
02504- down-load
A.B. Four young Catholic girls have their eyes opened - and their bottoms warmed - as a result of disobeying rules set by a stern father. Foursome $9.00 M/F              
02505P -print copy
02505- down-load
Steve Richardson Alice persuades Janie to smoke, which is against Janie's father's rules. Janie is duly punished. Alice fesses up and requests the same punishment - a bare-bottom spanking. Janie's Father and Me $7.00 M/F              
02506P -print copy
02506- down-load
Rachel Heath “I like to be dominant,” she told him. “I want the man to worship me and serve me. I also want him to be willing to submit to punishment if I find his service lacking. And I’m a stickler for perfection so I tend to punish my man-servants a lot." Juan Pontius Loves and Submits to Taweka Gomez $10.00     F/M         X
02507P -print copy
02507- down-load
B.C. and Wife Two young waitresses talking during a slow time. One tells of how, when she misbehaves, her father lifts her skirts, lowers her panties, and spanks her bottom. The other tells of how she wishes the same would happen to her. They plot to make it happen and it is even better, and worse, than she wishes. Girl Talk $10.00 M/F              
02508P -print copy
02508- down-load
Rosey Tails Busted! I thought to myself, as I made to drape myself over her skirt-covered thighs. "No, no, no, Harry, this is going to be a Southern style spanking, you aren't at school now. I want you over my knee bare butt." The Girl with a Sting in Her Hair $5.00     F/M          
02509P -print copy
02509- down-load
Jason When Marta spies on Chelsea's father spanking her, she confesses and gets the same thing, over the knee, panties down, long and hard with a hairbrush. I Deserve a Spanking Too $10.00 M/F              
02510P -print copy
02510 down-load
Sarah Briggs You remember Hamlet, ghosts, lots of spanking and caning, lots of bare bottoms? Oh, you don’t remember the spanking part? You must have been seen Willie’s version. That boy never could get the good parts right. Hamlet's Curse $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02511P -print copy
02511- down-load
Tommy It was a sweet scam, “audition” young musicians, pretend to be impressed, send them for fast food, and abscond with their instrument. It worked pretty good until they picked Fred to victimize and found themselves faced with the police and, worse, his mother who had a firm belief in the need to make crooks pay for their crimes by dropping their drawers and bending over for a really sound spanking with her hairbrush. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Vindictive Mother $10.00     F/M          
02512P -print copy
02512- down-load
Ceejay Blais “Well, Grandpa’s pretty old.” Emma remarked. “Maybe, if we cry a lot, he’ll go easy on us.” “Don’t bet on it.” Paul snapped as he strode into the family carrying his old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. “All right you two, drop your drawers and bend over the back of the sofa, side by side. You’re getting a spanking.” Another generation of the Richards family learns proper behavior while bare-bottomed over Paul Richards' knee. Girls Will Be Girls $9.00 M/F              
02513P -print copy
02513- down-load
Alexandra She had watched him grow from a cute little boy to a teenaged brat. Alexandria wasn’t going to let this go on, so she ordered her nephew over her knee for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking. It worked, but she would be watching. The Hellion $4.00     F/M          
02514P -print copy
02514- down-load
Andy Matthews In which a haughty, spoiled matron learns that her parson’s counseling sessions can include a hard hand, lowered panties, and a bright red bottom. A Helping Hand from the Parson $4.00 M/F              
02515P -print copy
02515- down-load
Ralph Greco, Jr. Two beautiful girls who wanted to be spanked and denied orgasm. Surely a rotten job - but somebody has to do it. The Girls on the Block $5.00 M/F             X
02516P -print copy
02516- down-load
Sarah Briggs Jordan had run out on her partner, Shade, but now she needs his help to free her from a vengeful spirit. He will help - but at a price. She must submit to his punishments. A Hard Reunion $10.00 M/F              
02517P -print copy
02517- down-load
C.J. West Vacationing parents watch on their home security system as their 20 and 21 year old daughters drop their pants and go over their 18-year-old son’s knees to have their panties lowered for sound spankings. Glen View High School - 18 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02518P -print copy
02518- down-load
C.J. West It would happen like that in almost all of the three other homes. By the time it was over,19 year old Rita had been over her father’s knee and spanked on her bare bottom in front of ten adults, including four admiring men, five children younger than her, a girl a year older and even one boy her own age. Glen View High School - 19 $9.00 M/F F/F            
02519P -print copy
02519- down-load
C.J. West Without hesitation, but with a heart that seemed it would jump out of her chest, Marie removed her panties from under her skirt as instructed. She then walked toward him. Within seconds, she was across his lap. She could feel the burning in her face from embarrassment. And she could feel him raise her skirt in back. She knew her 38 year old backside was exposed to her father for spanking once again. Glen View High School - 20 $9.00 M/F F/F            
02520P -print copy
02520- down-load
Rachel Heath Not your usual college protest group, SAHC was dedicated to saving its members from casual sex. The members signed a pledge, and violations were punished by the paddle, often on the bare bottom, in front of the entire group. Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho: Hookup Culture's Got to Go $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02521P -print copy
02521- down-load
Casey Parker She was an author on a book tour for her first book. He was a reviewer come to interview her, but they got sidetracked into sex and spanking and lived in their fantasy happily ever after. The Interview $4.00 M/F             X
02522P -print copy
02522- down-load
Rachel Heath “I think you heard me,” she said. “And I think my meaning was pretty clear.” Irving cleared his throat. Then he nervously asked, “What kind of a punishment?” “An old-fashioned bare bottom spanking,” Sugar told him. Irving Finds Sugar Isn't Always Sweet $4.00     F/M          
02523P -print copy
02523- down-load
Alexia Some days Alexia just needs palpable proof of Jess’s love for her. In this incident, she is moody and insolent until Jess removes his belt, takes her pants down, and spanks her bare bottom. The spanking is long, hard, and painful, but once again Alexia knows she is loved. Jess's Belt and Love $3.00 M/F              
02524P -print copy
02524- down-load
Rachel Heath “Bare your bottom, Larry,” she ordered. “What? Oh wait, I didn’t say I’d take the spanking that way.” “Well, I intend to give it that way. Bare your bottom.” Late Again Larry $4.00     F/M          
02525P -print copy
02525- down-load
Rachel Heath As he opened the door, he took a deep breath. He felt shaky inside. Was he really going to bare his bottom, then was he really going to get a slipper so Janie could spank him? How Dan Suzuki Found His Beloved Lady $10.00     F/M         X
02526P -print copy
02526- down-load
Alexia Imagine a school for female executives where they learn management skills and discipline. Imagine Sandy mouthing off to an instructor and getting her bottom publicly spanked. A New Kind of Adult Education Course $5.00 M/F              
02527P -print copy
02527- down-load
Alexia Robin knew she would be spanked during the weekend with Seb probably in public, certainly bare, in fact, that is why she came. But reality is so much more painful and embarrassing than anticipation. A Weekend with Seb $9.00 M/F              
02528P -print copy
02528- down-load
Alexia Jess takes his responsibilities as Alexia’s guardian seriously. When indicated, he takes her pants down and spanks good behavior, or at least discretion, into her. When she fights with her teacher, he feels she will benefit from having her panties warmed in front of the teacher. However, he also feels that the teacher could use a proper bare-bottom spanking, so when she reluctantly agrees, he delivers. Alexia's Guardian $5.00 M/F              
02529P -print copy
02529- down-load
Anonymous Lauren knew she deserved what she was going to get and even was grateful for the correction, but that didn’t make it any easier for her to stand in the corner with her pants and panties off waiting for Matthew to come home to turn her over his knee and blister her bottom. And then there was the butt plug. Lauren and Matthew $4.00 M/F              
02530P -print copy
02530- down-load
Alexia When Peg gets out of line, Alexia watches, with mixed emotions, as a grown up lady must drop her panties and stand bare bottomed in the corner until Jess summons her to go across his knee for her spanking. Peg Gets It, Alexia Watches $3.00 M/F              
02531P -print copy
02531- down-load
A.B. She knew the rules and she had broken them. She knew the punishment was either leaving the program, or lowering her pants and panties and going over his knee for a sound spanking. She chose wisely. Authority $4.00 M/F              
02532P -print copy
02532- down-load
SFG After a sorority prank gone wrong, the girls claim to be under 18 to be treated as juveniles. They learned, however, that as juvenile offenders they were subject to three sessions with their backsides bared and turned up for a strapping by the muscular matron - who really enjoyed her work. Deception and its Consequences $8.00   F/F            
02533P -print copy
02533- down-load
Bruce Millicent was a 26-year-old high school dropout living with her father. Her new stepmother recognizes that she needs discipline and convinces her father that frequent hard, embarrassing spanking right on her bare bottom are just what are needed to turn her into a proper young lady. The Re-Education of Millicent - 1 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02534P -print copy
02534- down-load
Bruce "Wowee! Did you guys ever miss something! Millie Neeson's Daddy took her out to the woodshed and gave her a licking, a really, really hard licking! And, and guess what? They made her walk all the way back to the house with her pants around her ankles!" The Re-Education of Millicent - 2 $10.00   F/F            
02535P -print copy
02535P- down-load Bruce Sprawled face down across her stepmother's lap with her undies dangling around her knees, her skirts tugged up around her waist and her stepmother's small but surprisingly hard hand imparting a painfully red glow to her bottom, her soft, fat dimpled buttocks were in constant motion as they wobbled and quivered delightfully under Elaine's disciplinary ministrations. The Re-Education of Millicent - 3 $10.00   F/F            
02536P -print copy
02536- down-load
Bruce Elaine hires a couple of teenage neighbors to babysit Millicent and discipline her as necessary. In this chapter she shows the girl just how to have Millicent lift her skirts, lower her panties, and go over her knee for a long hard spanking with a thick hairbrush while the girl’s brother and two pals watch from hiding. The Re-Education of Millicent - 4 $10.00   F/F            
02537P -print copy
02537- down-load
Bruce Millicent makes the mistake of lying and sassing her stepmother, which earns her a sound spanking - and also the indignity of having her mouth washed with soap by her much younger babysitter. The Re-Education of Millicent - 5 $10.00   F/F         S  
02538P -print copy
02538- down-load
Bruce Millicent's father's illness means her stepmother must travel to take care of the company business, leaving Millicent at the tender mercies of her young babysitter, Glenda. The Re-Education of Millicent - 6 $10.00   F/F         S  
02539P -print copy
02539- down-load
Uncle George Sara stole her "Uncle" George's coin collection. This is likely to end a friendship they both enjoy. When she suggests a spanking, he agrees, but she didn't count on getting it on her bare bottom. Sara Gets Hers $9.00 M/F              
02540P -print copy
02540- down-load
J.S. Sue has always thought she needed to be spanked for punishment, and then there were the fantasies. When she learns that the girl she babysits for gets spanked by her father, she sees a chance to get what she needs. The Babysitter's Desire $10.00 M/F              
02541P -print copy
02541- down-load
Tess Kit reached the ripe old age of 18 with years of spanking fantasies but no experience. Then she met Sissy, from a spanking family. She hears of Sissy's spankings by her brothers, even bare bottom, and watches Sissy's older sister get one. The question is, will Kit take advantage of the situation to get a spanking of her own? Purely Asking for It $9.00 M/F              
02542P -print copy
02542- down-load
Chuck Wilson Barbara returns home after her attempt to make it on her own fails miserably. She tells her dad that she needs a spanking to help her mend her ways. Please Spank Me, Daddy $3.00 M/F              
02543P -print copy
02543- down-load
Anonymous With her father coming to visit, 24-year-old Carolyn James has to tell her roommate Jessi that he is going to give her a spanking. Shocked and curious, Jessi hides in the closet to watch Carolyn go over her father’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking. Jessi realizes he spanks out of love. When she confesses her peeping (and other things), she finds her own panties down and bottom up over his knee. Meeting Mr. James $9.00 M/F              
02544P -print copy
02544- down-load
Susan Thomas Pet came from a conservative family. "Go to your room" meant that a parent would follow you, your knickers would come down and your bare bottom would be spanked. Whether you were a child or old enough to marry. And sometimes you realized this was just what you needed. Welcome Home for Christmas $8.00 M/F              
02545P -print copy
02545- down-load
Susan Thomas Pet's father fulfills her request and she is once again under his discipline. When Alan asks for her hand in marriage, Pet's father insures that he will understand how to keep her disciplined and happy with some practical training in giving her a deserved caning. New Year - New Experiences $8.00 M/F              
02546P -print copy
02546- down-load
Uncle George Stacey is a well brought up, moral young lady who would never think of letting her boyfriend undress her for sexual purposes. But, if he must spank her, of course her panties must come down. This makes 43 times he has had to spank her. Stacey $4.00 M/F              
02547P -print copy
02547- down-load
Pete Harry's punishments have always been meted out by Aunt Anne. When he marries a girl also called Anne, she gleefully adopts his aunt's mantle. The Reincarnation of Aunt Anne $3.00     F/M          
02548P -print copy
02548- down-load
e.m.downing It was very fine print, but the agreement was very clear: whenever Nancy was late with the rent, she would have to go over her landlord’s knees and he would take her panties down and give her a sound spanking. The Importance of Reading the Fine Print $10.00 M/F         R    
02549P -print copy
02549- down-load
Dr. Dlaniger It was like a drug raid gone bad. Somehow this avenging sister got the wrong apartment and delivered a very sound spanking to Avery's panty clad rear end before stopping long enough for Avery to explain her mistake. Oh welll, it's on to the next apartment... In the Realm of a Woman $9.00   F/F            
02550P -print copy
02550- down-load
Kessily When her father lost his job, Tansy had no choice. He arranged for her to get a job via a friend, but he warned her to behave herself. When she makes a big mistake, she rashly promises to do anything to keep keep her dad from finding out and doling out a spanking. Unfortunately, "anything" turns out to mean a much worse bare bottom spanking and paddling.Into the Deep End $10.00 M/F              
02601P -print copy 02601- down-load Kate Melissa was drinking too much, bemoaning the fact that her late boyfriend was not man enough to handle her success. Luke Bennett is, but he is also man enough to turn her up and give her a very well deserved spanking. Actions Speak Louder $7.00 M/F              
02602P -print copy 02602- down-load Pete The narrator gets spanked by an irate neighbor lady. In the Beginning: Mrs. J $8.00     F/M          
02603P -print copy 02603- down-load Pete Cousin Ellie has been watching - and it gives her ideas. And Then Came Ellie $2.00     F/M          
02604P -print copy 02604- down-load Pete Our hero finally meets the girl of his dreams. Anne Finishes It Off $8.00     F/M          
02605P -print copy 02605- down-load Pete Audrey has decided that her husband needs to be spanked. Unfortunately, she is not sure how to go about it. Fortunately, her good friend Annie volunteers to teach her using her own husband as a pedagogical aid. Audrey Learns How $4.00     F/M          
02606P -print copy 02606- down-load A.B. Fiona was once again sitting on he bench in front of the principal's office like a student waiting for a paddling. But now she was a teacher, not a student. That made a difference, didn't it? Unfortunately, the difference is that she could get her paddlings on the bare now, instead of on her panties. Back to School $10.00 M/F              
02607P -print copy 02607- down-load C. Flint Bethany gets into a fight with her friend, Brooke. When Nanny finds out, Bethany's consequences include a punishment enema, a hairbrush spanking, and having her pubic hair waxed off. Brooke gets it worse. Bethany and Brooke $10.00   F/F     E      
02608P -print copy 02608- down-load C. Flint Robert was shocked when he learned his lover had a nanny, more shocked when he learned the nanny spanked her (and took her temperature rectally). He was even more shocked, but very pleased, when he was asked to help out by spanking her bare bottom. Bethany and Her Nanny $10.00   F/F       R   X
02609P -print copy 02609- down-load Alan O. Peggy Johnson is 23 and hasn't had a spanking since she was about 14. When she lies to her parents and is caught, she finds out once again what it is like to lie over her father's knees and have her panties taken down for a sound spanking. A Birthday Spanking $10.00 M/F              
02610P -print copy 02610- down-load C. Flint He was in trouble with the IRS. She could help him out, but the price was six months of her discipline. He would have to wear women's underwear and then take it down so she could spank his bare bottom. Bobbi Jo didn't believe in mild spankings. Bobby Jo $10.00     F/M          
02611P -print copy 02611- down-load Pete She's not all that much older than he, but when he comes to stay with her for the summer, she feels that he must be subjected to pants down spankings when necessary. Somehow, it is often necessary. Charlie's Aunt $3.00     F/M          
02612P -print copy 02612- down-load SFG Until Constance left home at 23, misbehavior meant a painful session over her mother's knee with her panties lowered for a burning spanking that encouraged better behavior. So now she saw nothing wrong with using the same methods on her 17- and 20-year-old stepdaughters when she found them deserving. Consequences $10.00   F/F            
02613P -print copy 02613- down-load Pete Dave has been misbehaving, so his loving wife takes matters into her own hands. Of course she finds a hairbrush to be an indispensable aid. Constance Takes Control $5.00     F/M          
02614P -print copy 02614- down-load Victoria Victoria became infatuated with a man who wasn't into spanking and she can't decide how to introduce him to it. Then she learns that he has a secret too. Both secrets come out as several hundred ladies in the audience watch Ernie get initiated with a hairbrush on the bare. Dancer $7.00     F/M          
02615P -print copy 02615- down-load Ceejay Blais When Roxie comes to live with her uncle, she figures he will be an easy mark, easy to fool and nothing to worry about if she is caught. Two sessions across his knee with the paddle warming her bare bottom teach her better. Demerits, Paddles, and Lies, Oh My! $8.00 M/F              
02616P -print copy 02616- down-load C.J. West Would that beautiful woman let you turn her over your knee, pull down her panties, and spank her bottom until she thinks she'll never sit down again? You will neven know unless you ask. Excuse Me, But ... $10.00 M/F             X
02617P -print copy 02617- down-load C. Flint The play was set in a bygone time when men were men and daughters and wives were spanked. She couldn't put herself into the role until he turned her over his knees and showed her what a good, bare-bottomed spanking from a loving but stern husband was like. Four-Poster $6.00 M/F              
02618P -print copy 02618- down-load DyAne It starts with Alicia spanking her daughter, Carrie. Then David spanks his landlady, Alicia. Then Peter spanks his girlfriend Carrie. Lots of bared bottoms - and they all live happily ever after. The Garage Apartment $7.00 M/F F/F            
02619P -print copy 02619- down-load Bruce During the Second World War, most fathers were away and it was mother who wielded the hairbrush. Fortunately there were still a few men around to deal with college girls who thought they were too big to go over their mother's knees to be spanked for bad grades. Grades Down, Panties Down $10.00 M/F F/F            
02620P -print copy 02620- down-load Helier Jacqueline is a private detective who is getting to the bottom of an international conspiracy using her beautiful bottom as much as her brilliant mind. Many spankings bring her closer and closer to the truth and enable her to save her client, Cara - who in the process gets a very thorough spanking of her own. The Jacqueline Factor $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02621P -print copy 02621- down-load C.J. West Remember WKRP in Cincinnati? Remember beautiful Jennifer? This story tells of how she misbehaves during a visit from her uncle and how he spanks her bare bottom and then invites/orders her to spend her vacation back home where he can supervise her behavior and discipline her in the old-fashioned manner. Jennifer Gets Back to Basics $6.00 M/F              
02622P -print copy 02622- down-load Pete Moving into a new apartment, Gerald accidentally spies on his landlady as she administers a spanking to another tenant. Which renders Gerald open to the same treatment. The Landlady $9.00     F/M          
02623P -print copy 02623- down-load Pete George is a fifty-year-old man in desperate need of discipline. Gayle offers to provide it for him and she does, in the form of good, old-fashioned spankings. Not only does this help him, but he marries Gayle and lives happily, if sorely, ever after. Let Gayle Prevail $4.00     F/M          
02624P -print copy 02624- down-load Alexia The job offer is ideal; high salary, extensive travel, much responsibility and much opportunity. However, refusal to do what she is told results in Lisa having to stand in the corner displaying her freshly spanked bottom. Lisa's New Job $5.00 M/F              
02625P -print copy 02625- down-load Allegro Publications Curt Carveth's business is collapsing! He needs a quick infusion of cash. Fortunately, three filthy-rich young woman will pay $30,000 for a slave for one entire weekend. Unfortunately, there are three other men vying for the position. Our boy is blindfolded and driven to a gorgeous twostory home - in a remote, secluded area, Once inside, Curt is stripped - and told he will remain naked for his entire stay. He had, of course, agreed to subject himself to whatever form of punishment and/or degradation happened to fit the three young ladies' whims. Whims consist of - among other things - our boy being defoliated of his pubic hair, subjected to an O.T.K. spanking with an unyielding hairbrush, as well as an enema, a razor-stropping and a dildoing. And that was just the first day! (WARNING! Contains vivid, graphic depictions of enema and dildoing discipline.) Lottery in Reverse $15.00     F/M   E      
02626P -print copy 02626- down-load Kate For the first time in her life, Jennifer had been faced with a situation she'd had no control over. She'd earned Margo's displeasure and she hadn't been able to talk her way out of it. She'd been in the wrong and there had been only one way to pay the piper. She'd been put across Margo's lap, her pants had been taken down and she'd been spanked like a naughty little girl. Margo's Condition $6.00   F/F       R    
02627P -print copy 02627- down-load A.B. A moonlight swim seemed exciting to Lucinda, who is visiting her cousins in Iowa. It was less exciting when she found out that their father believed in barebottom spankings for misbehaving teenage daughters - and nieces. Moonlight Swim $10.00 M/F              
02628P -print copy 02628- down-load Dyane It all started when Jill crashed her mother's car and her boyfriend, Frank, took her over his knee, for a skirts up, panties down spanking. At first her mother was outraged but then realized that Jill deserved it, and that she deserved it as well. Now Jill's bossy daughter Missy's boyfriend is going to carry on the family tradition, and another generation is going to be spanked. Mothers and Daughters $6.00 M/F              
02629P -print copy 02629- down-load SFG Lindsay walked slowly and sorrowfully to her appointment with Mrs Morrow, who helped maintain behavioral standards among teenagers and young 20s in town by serving as town disciplinarian. A visit to her meant that Mrs Morrow would lower Lindsay's panties and blister her bottom with her hard hairbrush. As an added treat, Mrs. Morrow often had guests, who would listen avidly from the next room. Mrs. Morrow, Town Disciplinarian $10.00   F/F            
02630P -print copy 02630- down-load Ceejay Blais Traveling on a covered wagon to Abelene, Susannah learns that she must obey her husband or suffer the pain and indignity of lifting her skirts and going over his knee for a sound spanking. Talking with her friend Caroline in the accompanying wagon, she finds that she too is spanked, with a strap! It is horrible, but oddly arousing as Susannah finds out when strapped in front of everybody. Oh Susannah, Don't You Cry for Me $6.00 M/F              
02631P -print copy 02631- down-load Kate "Patience, Claire. We already know what being spanked like a naughty little girl does to you. Tonight I want to spank you as an adult - for my pleasure as well as yours." One of Those Rules Girls $10.00 M/F             X
02632P -print copy 02632- down-load Alan O 24-year-old Nancy hadn't been spanked since she was 15. But now she deserved it and she was going to have to have her panties taken down for a bare-bottom spanking. Over Daddy's Lap $9.00 M/F              
02633P -print copy 02633- down-load Alexia Beth and Roger were friends. He was open about his passion for spanking, she wasn't, not even with herself. When he passes through carrying a new spanking paddle, she finds herself opening up more and more to her hidden desires until, at last, she finds herself standing in the corner with her pants down, at her own request, awaiting her very first paddling. The Paddle $4.00 M/F              
02634P -print copy 02634- down-load Bruce Parents don't spank as they once did, and Bruce argues that this is a big mistake. He considers the beneficial effects of sound spankings on a number of girls (and young women)in trouble. Parental Discipline - Past and Present $10.00 M/F F/F            
02635P -print copy 02635- down-load Alexia Patricia had a spanking coming for being late. When she lies to try to get out of it and exhibits an attitude when told to go to the corner, drop her panties, and wait for her spanking, she only makes it worse. Patricia and Ryan $4.00 M/F              
02636P -print copy 02636- down-load Victoria The spanking Victoria gave Ray at work in front of the female staff was painful, embarrassing - and sexy. The one Elizabeth gave him after work was more painful, more embarrassing - and much more sexy. What happened after that was just sexy. Peer Pressure $10.00     F/M         X
02637P -print copy 02637- down-load Victoria Rick was an adult returning to college for retraining. When he is a problem in Victoria's class she mentions that he could use a spanking. He agrees. Private Lessons $10.00     F/M          
02638P -print copy 02638- down-load C.J. West The subject for the day in Professor Morris' class was discipline, and suddenly she found herself sharing with the class her last spanking, 29 years old, she had deservedly been turned over her father's knee for a skirt up, panties down, bare bottom spanking. The discussion became lively. Professor Morris's Class $10.00 M/F              
02639P -print copy 02639- down-load Helier The professor and his young wife find themselves getting more and more involved in the traditions of their adopted country, Prem-la. These include regular thrashings of young girls and will entail a very new way of relating to nakedness and sexual activity. The Professor $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02640P -print copy 02640- down-load Kate She had thought that being held across her husband's knee with her bare bottom angled up for a spanking was the most embarrassing, humiliating thing that had ever happened to her, but she was finding now that it was ten times worse to be in that position losing all control and modesty as the spanking itself reduced her to kicking her legs and pounding her fists on the floor in front of her. A Question of Discipline $8.00 M/F              
02641P -print copy 02641- down-load Pete "You spanked Charlie last summer? On his bare bottom? When he was 21?" Becky queried in astonishment. "Of course. And it really helped to keep him in line. if I were you, Becky, I'd go right out and get myself a good, sturdy hairbrush. Then, the first time Charlie pulled one of his boyishly charming capers, I'd let him have it - right where it hurts the most. Take it from me, Becky, Charlie really needs it!" Rebecca Remembered $4.00     F/M          
02642P -print copy 02642- down-load Bruce Martha and Loreen were out joy-riding when they had an accident. The consequences involved them bcth having their fathers take them over their knee, raise their skirts, lower their girdles and panties, and spank them soundly in front of each other, their mothers, the policeman, and the man they ran into. The Seat of the Problem $10.00 M/F              
02643P -print copy 02643- down-load Alan O Lena had been taking from the till at the store where she and her mother worked and got caught. Now, at age 16, her mother proved to her that she was not too old foe a spanking, bare-bottomed with a strap. A Spanking from Mother $6.00   F/F            
02644P -print copy 02644- down-load DyAne It was nice for Kelly to have Skye, a male friend she could talk to about her life and love-life. But the talk leads to a spanking and the spanking leads to love. Skye's Red Kelly $4.00 M/F              
02645P -print copy 02645- down-load Ceejay Blais It was a shock to Meghan when she learned that her college volleyball coach kept his players on the straight and narrow by turning miscreants over his knee for bare bottom spankings with a special paddle. Then somebody steals the paddle and Meghan gets her spanking with coach's belt. She and her friend must play detective until they find which of the girls was the one to take the paddle, and why. That's the Way the Ball Bounces $10.00 M/F              
02646P -print copy 02646- down-load Helier When Iesha goes to school today, she will get congratulations, applause and a helping hand. When Olivia goes to school today, she will get humiliation, reproach, and probably severe corporal punishment. Odd thing is, though, that by the end of the day both girls will have been thoroughly thrashed; both girls will have had great sex, and both girls will be deeply satisfied with the turns their lives are taking. Two Afternoons $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02647P -print copy 02647- down-load Pete Glenna is both talented and rich, but when she signs up to play a young widow in a new soap opera, she finds that her co-stars, besides being of dubious talent, are given to bickering and pettiness. When the director suggests that they stay together for a week so that they may learn how to act like a family, Glenna is at first dubious but becomes much more enthusiastic as she gives Richard and Angela first-hand experience of what it is like to be adult children in a wealthy British family that still believes in spanking. The Young and the Twisted $5.00   F/F F/M          
02648P -print copy 02648- down-load SFG Two cousins, one had never been spanked, the other knew all too well what it was like to go across her mother's knee with her panties down for a stinging lesson with the paddle (or strap or hairbrush). Today they had been caught smoking and one would relearn the old lesson, the other would lose her spanking virginity (and face years of deserved spankings despite her age). Young Lady in Waiting $7.00   F/F            
02649P -print copy 02649- down-load B. Keating Sarah and Mary had been best friends for years. When they discover that each of their husbands spanks them for punishment and sex, it easily follows that they each will drop their panties for a taste of spanking from the other. It makes them incredibly horny and leads to sex with each other. Spanked Housewives - 1 $10.00   F/F           X
02650P -print copy 02650- down-load B. Keating Sarah and Mary involve their husbands in their spanking games. The girls remove their panties at the restaurant for better access, then they return to Tom and Sarah’s house, where each wife is spanked, then sucks, then has sex with the other’s husband. Spanked Housewives - 2 $10.00 M/F             X
02651P -print copy 02651- down-load B. Keating In the days and years to come, paddles, hairbrushes, and canes are all used on eager bottoms. Handcuffs make their way into the proceedings as well as butt plugs and vibrators. Spanked Housewives - 5 $10.00 M/F             X
02652P -print copy 02652- down-load B. Keating Another woman is invited to join their games and she enthusiastically participates. Spanked Housewives - 6 $10.00 M/F             X
02653P -print copy 02653- down-load B. Keating The women had fantasies of being raped and gangbanged but of course never wanted it to happen in real life. Their thoughtful men had found a way to fulfill those fantasies so well. Spanked Housewives - 7 $10.00 M/F             X
02654P -print copy 02654- down-load B. Keating Jackie finds a lover who enjoys spanking. They marry and her husband also becomes one of this brave band. Spanked Housewives - 8 $10.00 M/F             X
02655P -print copy 02655- down-load Susan Thomas Linda Smith, an English journalist, has a plum assignment: to go to America and write a series on the return of spanking, with particular emphasis on an Arkansas community which believes in a biblical mandate for the spanking of children, adult children, and misbehaving wives. Linda falls from grace a bit when she can't resist peeping at a preacher's wife switching her errant daughters and then dropping her own panties for a strapping from the preacher. The Church - Part 1 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02656P -print copy 02656- down-load Susan Thomas Linda attends a training session where men are taught, with live models, how to give a spanking. Then she somehow volunteers to serve as the bared bottom recipient of a hairbrush spanking at a women's training session. The Church - Part 2 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02657P -print copy 02657- down-load Susan Thomas Linda visits a more remote village and considers staying and buying the local newspaper. In the midst of this, she is careless with mealtimes at her boarding house and she learns what it is like to get a real hairbrush spanking with her panties down and her dress raised, over the capable knees of her landlady. The Church - Part 3 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02658P -print copy 026458- down-load Pete Pete offends Jenny, who allows him to redeem himself by accepting a spanking. Then she errs, and turnabout is fair play. Later, Jenny's mother enters the picture. The Jenny Saga $12.00 M/F F/F F/M         X
02659P -print copy 02659- down-load Marina Martin The Greatest Generation saved the world from Nazism. It was also a time when there was a more firm belief that erring women should be corrected by a good spanking on their bare bottom. Marina leads us on an exploration of this world inspired by her grandfather's memories. From Brownstone to Brownstone Parts 1-3 $10.00 M/F              
02660P -print copy 02660- down-load Marina Martin Harriett and some of the other wives decide to take some mildly sexy pictures to send off with their soldier husbands. When Rudy walks in, he is not pleased and Harriett and her best friend have a very unfriendly encounter with a cutting board. Harriett with her panties lowered, Theresa with her dress lifted and her panties wedged in her bottom. From Brownstone to Brownstone Part 4 $10.00 M/F              
02661P -print copy 02661- down-load Marina Martin First Lieutenant Rudolph Graber continues spanking his way through WWII. First the owner of a beauty shop which won't give his men needed haircuts is turned over his knee for a spanking with an appropriate instrument - a hairbrush. Later he treats a bossy army nurse similarly appropriately, her spanking is with a stethoscope. From Brownstone to Brownstone Part 5 $10.00 M/F              
02662P -print copy 026662- down-load Melissa Melissa knew that not taking care of herself would earn her a long bare bottom spanking and that lying would only increase the severity. But she had done both and now she would have to drop her pants and take her spanking. Fun in the Sun? $3.00 M/F              
02700P-print copy 02700-down-load C.Flint Annette looked up at me again and frowned. "It hurts when you get spanked, doesn't it?" "Yeah, that's the general idea. I spank hard." "But it turns you on? It even turns you on to think about it, doesn't it?" Annette $9.00 M/F              
02701P-print copy 02701-down-load C. Flint "I want you to spank me for real." she said. "I want you to take me over your lap and paddle me like Daddy did when I disobeyed him. I want you to do it whenever you think I deserve it." The Black Paddle $9.00 M/F              
02702P-print copy 02702-down-load Ed Finn Any lawyer will tell you that it is not a good idea to piss off a judge. Especially a judge who will order your lawyer husband to take down your pants and spank you. A Brush with the Law $10.00 M/F F/F            
02703P-print copy 02703-down-load Ed Finn Candy was excited at watching her cousin get a spanking from her mother. In fact she fibbed a bit to bring it about. She found it much less fun when she was bare bottom up over her aunt's knees crying her way through her spanking after having her mouth washed out with soap. Candy Apple Red $10.00   F/F         S  
02704P-print copy 02704-down-load Ed Finn Jamie has much less fun watching Carrie get another spanking, knowing that she is scheduled to be over the same capable knees, feeling the same hard hairbrush for the same eternity, with her own jeans and panties around her knees. Carrie and Me Got Spanked Today $10.00 M/F              
02705P-print copy 02705-down-load C. Flint Catherine has a simple philosophy: when she breaks one of her rules, she deserves a spanking. Catherine $9.00 M/F             X
02706P-print copy 02706-down-load Ed Finn Carrie, Jamie's college roommate, got a spanking from her father, hard, over his knees, panties down, with a large hairbrush. Jamie loved watching, Carrie had been teasing her about her own vulnerability to paternal punishment?. Carrie Got Spanked Today $10.00 M/F              
02707P-print copy 02707-down-load Ed Finn Allison's own mother had never spanked, so she was unprepared for her stepmother who believed that her behavior would improve if her panties were lowered and her bottom reddened. A Crying Need $10.00   F/F            
02708P-print copy 02708-down-load Don Barton Mike realizes his teenage daughters need to be spanked for their misbehavior, but his friend John finally convinces him that a hand over their skirts won't do the job nearly as well as a paddle on the bare bottom. Doing It Right $10.00 M/F              
02709P-print copy 02709-down-load BJ When John brings his boss home for dinner on short notice, his wife decides it is time for his first spanking — pants down and in front of his boss. She later decides the boss needs the same. Entertaining the Boss $9.00     F/M          
02710P-print copy 02710-down-load Helier Private Foster gets humiliated by a group of girls in uniform. Soon though, there'll be even bigger trouble. This time though it's for the female soldiers - leather straps, willow whips, bare bottoms - and Foster will secretly watch it all; while a girl he's never met does things to him that he's only dreamed of. Foster $10.00   F/F           X
02711P-print copy 02711-down-load Sam Cash Amy is in trouble for fighting with Janet, but it becomes much worse when she insults the mother superior. Janet gets six with the tawse, Amy has her mouth washed out with soap, a punishment enema, and ten with the birch, all with her bottom bared. But she is already planning her revenge. Furious Nuns $5.00   F/F     E   S  
02712P-print copy 02712-down-load Rod Birch "Kate, dear, this has been most interesting, even amusing, but it does seem like a great deal of trouble to go to. Why didn't you just take his pants down and put him across your knee and use your hairbrush on his bare bottom? Like I saw you do with that naughty fellow you spanked last time I was here?" Her Own Special Way $10.00     F/M          
02713P-print copy 02713-down-load JLJ She had left Reading because she thought she was too good for it, and for him. Now she was returning as a slave — his slave. Homecoming $5.00 M/F              
02714P-print copy 02714-down-load Don Barton When Heather is caught trying to shoplift underwear from an expensive boutique, she must submit to a bare bottom spanking from the salesgirl and then there is the razor strop, wielded by an angry father. An Intimate Theft $9.00 M/F F/F            
02715P-print copy 02715-down-load JLJ Lori had never felt that her father really cared, he couldn't even give her a proper spanking, just a few swats on her bottom. But her new stepmother knows how a spanking should be delivered, long, hard, and bare and she delivers. Lori's father is a quick learner. Learning What's Real $10.00 M/F F/F            
02716P-print copy 02716-down-load JLJ Diane had to give her stepdaughter a sound spanking, the girl deserved it. But what about Diane and her speeding ticket, shouldn't she confess to her husband, take down her panties, and get what she deserved? A Lesson for Diane $10.00 M/F F/F            
02717P-print copy 02717-down-load William Could there be anything worse than watching your 15 year-old brother over your step-father's knees getting a sound, bare bottom paddling? Of course there is: knowing you are next. The Light of a New Day $5.00       M/M        
02718P-print copy 02718-down-load Rod Birch The magistrate then bade the husky matron release the prisoner from the overhead rope and then, his hands still manacled, see to it that he laid his naked body across Megan's lap so that his bare bottom would be exposed to her spanking with the hair brush. Making Matron's Week $10.00     F/M          
02719P-print copy 02719-down-load Jason After a series of bare bottom spankings to learn how it's done, Martha is now ready to put a young man in women's panties and then take them down for a long hard bare bottom spanking, also an enema, mouth soaping, and diapers. Martha's Dream Comes True $10.00   F/F F/M   E   S  
02720P-print copy 02720-down-load C.J. West Four beautiful models in one apartment. It was fabulous, the only fly in the ointment was that their landlord would turn them over his knees and spank their bare bottoms when needed. Models' Behavior $10.00 M/F              
02721P-print copy 02721-down-load BJ Martin was shocked, but fascinated, when he watched his friend drop his drawers to get a sound spanking from his mother. Then Martin decided he wanted some too. Mrs. Williams 1: The Beginning $10.00     F/M          
02722P-print copy 02722-down-load BJ Martin finds that getting spanked by his mother is nowhere near as sexy as being over Mrs. Williams knees, but for his 18th birthday, Mrs. W. makes it all up to him. Mrs. Williams 2: Angela's Surprise $10.00     F/M         X
02723P-print copy 02723-down-load Allegro Publications When Percival is 15, his parents hire a tutor — Gruna Garbach — to prep him for the entrance exam to his father's alma mater. She brooks no nonsense and the young man finds himself across her lap, a hairbrush applied to his bare bottom. After Ms Garbach leaves, Birdie, the maid takes charge and paddles him then gives him an enema. Birdie semi-retires, and a younger woman, Maria, is hired to assist her. Percival comes home for Christmas and gives Birdie a great deal of static. Maria gives him a caning and an enema. Percy's folks walk in on this and fire Maria. Percival has fallen in love and spends the next two years looking for her. When he turns 18. Ms Garbach calls him to tell him of Maria's whereabouts. He drops everything to rush to her side and they marry. On their wedding night, Ms Garbach counsels Maria in the ways to properly "indoctrinate" her new husband. My Private Tutor $20.00     F/M   E     X
02724P-print copy 02724-down-load Jason Mistress Dawn first hand spanks Franklin's bare butt while wearing a leather glove, then smacks his bottom with a leather covered hairbrush, then finishes his punishment with her specialty, a wicked leather strap. Ordeal by Leather $9.00     F/M          
02725P-print copy 02725-down-load Helier Each night, he dreams of screwing willing girls, spanking them with every possible implement, as hard and long as he wants; but the reality is that every schoolgirl or nurse he spanks seems reluctant, resistant, unwilling. Where will he find the girl who does for him in the waking world what his dreams are so richly full of? Path $10.00 M/F              
02726P-print copy 02726-down-load Jason It started as a way to spice things up, strip poker with the loser to be spanked. It continued with Kyle barebottomed over Jackie's knees getting the hairbrush and belt, and it finished with an agreement that he would be under her discipline in the future. The Poker Game $8.00     F/M          
02727P-print copy 02727-down-load Rod Birch "Because, mister, you should be faithful to your wife. As it is, when I get through switching that round bare bottom of yours, you will have maybe learned your lesson, although you may not be able to sit down at your appointments tomorrow." Power Play $10.00     F/M          
02729P-print copy 02729-down-load JLJ Lisa had made her husband promise to spank her if she didn't stick to her diet. When panties down time came, she started to beg to be let off, but Jack kept his promises. Promises $8.00 M/F              
02730P-print copy 02730-down-load William 19 year old William had come to expect hard spankings from his dad, but today his well deserved, bare bottom spanking was going to be the center of a video for other parents. He didn't like it, but he had no choice. Real Live Spanking $10.00       M/M        
02731P-print copy 02731-down-load Ed Finn Win a lottery, buy a yacht, stock it with six beautiful, but naughty, young ladies of various ethnicities gleaned from ads in spanking publications, then take a cruise and maintain discipline. It costs no more to fantasize big! Red Tails in the Sunset $9.00 M/F              
02732P-print copy 02732-down-load William William's father hadn't spanked him since he was 14, but at 16 they moved south and William reentered the world of hard, pants down paddlings. It was a world he wouldn't leave until he was 24. A Return to Discipline $10.00       M/M        
02733P-print copy 02733-down-load Ed Finn Becky wasn't sure whether it was worse having to go next door to borrow the hairbrush or to have her mother take her pants down in front of her father, but the spanking made her forget the rest. The Second Time Around $10.00   F/F            
02734P-print copy 02734-down-load BJ Senator Nancy Lee is an advocate of corporal punishment, especially since the time the judge persuaded her to paddle her 16 year old delinquent son's bare bottom. Senator Lee's Day in Court $4.00     F/M          
02735-print copy 02735-down-load JLJ Jenny is amazed and fascinated when she learns that her cousins are still eligible for spankings. When Stacey earns one, Jenny is desperate to know the details, how hard? on the bare? She schemes to get her other cousin spanked while she can watch. It works, but she doesn't count on learning first hand just what a hard spanking on the bare feels like. The Set Up $8.00 M/F              
02736P-print copy 02736-down-load C.J. West Jessica is publicly spanked bare bottom. Nancy is spanked by her father, then must ask the police chief to repeat the lesson with her panties down. A public servant has no choice but to comply. Small Town Justice — I $9.00 M/F              
02737P-print copy 02737-down-load C.J. West A number of young ladies, high school age and up, is caught in committing mischief. The sins are different, but the penance is the same, panties down for a good bare bottom spanking, which will make sitting uncomfortable for a good while. Small Town Justice — II $10.00 M/F              
02738P-print copy 02738-down-load Sam Cash It was great! Deedee didn't like Cindy Lou, and now she was going to watch Cindy Lou's mother spank her, long and hard and on the bare bottom. Sunday Spanking $4.00   F/F            
02739P-print copy 02739-down-load Allegro Publications Little Malcolm Harris had a case on his firstgrade teacher — despite the fact that she spanked him all the time. The —discipline was no big deal. Mrs. Stansbury spanked everyone all the time, over their clothes, of course. In the forties, such “cruelty” was quite prevalent. One day, though, Mrs. S. kept little Malcolm after school — and she did spank his bare little bum! Hard!In high school, Malcolm realizes he’s hopelessly attracted to Joanne, Mrs. S’s daughter. Like her mother, Joanne delights in warming Malcom’s rear. Mrs. S. instructs her daughter, in exquisite detail, how to “train” a man. Malcolm, she contends (correctly) will need constant “reminders” of Joanne’s authority over him. The older woman then proceeds to illustrate a number of them. Teacher's Pet (Mrs. Stansbury) $20.00     F/M   E     X
02740P-print copy 02740-down-load Kristianna Every once in a while, Kathy snapped. Fortunately her husband was around to bring her back to normal with a hairbrush applied to her bare bottom. The Tantrum $3.00 M/F              
02741P-print copy 02741-down-load Helier Verity and Chloe are rich, confident, and pretty. However, when they misuse their position and get an innocent girl punished, solely for their amusement, it's only a matter of time before a man with a big bad leather paddle comes knocking on their door. This is the Day $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02742P-print copy 02742-down-load Ed Finn Tracy's first spanking didn't come until she was 16, but her mother made it a good one - over her knee with the hairbrush and her panties down. Tracy's First Spanking $10.00   F/F            
02743P-print copy 02743-down-load C.J. West Theresa and Susan were going to spend part of their vacation with cousin Jessica. That would be fun, but Aunt Janet and her ideas of proper discipline, enforced with various instruments on the naked bottoms of wholly naked girls, that was another matter. Two Weeks with Aunt Janet $10.00   F/F         S  
02744P-print copy 02744-down-load Ed Finn Where Victoria came from, high school girls didn't get paddled, either at home or at school. They certainly didn't have to drop their panties for a long, painful session across Ms. Crump's knees. But Victoria is in Minnesota now. Victoria and Susan $10.00   F/F            
02745P-print copy 02745-down-load GRM It's payback time when Marie's schemes to get the other office girls spanked are discovered and this time it's Marie and Irene, her assistant and co-conspirator, who must go over the boss's knees. Winston & Company Discipline - 2: Retribution $10.00 M/F              
02746P-print copy 02746-down-load Sam Cash First Deedee got to watch while Cindy Lou's mother turned her over her knee for a pants down spanking, then Cindy Lou watched and helped her father bend Deedee over a hay bale for a dose of the strap on her bare bottom, then in revenge, Deedee helped Cindy Lou's father find her in a compromising position with her boyfriend, then... A Winter Night's Tale $9.00 M/F              
02747P-print copy 02747-down-load Steve Richardson Annie is 19 and has never been spanked. This is about to change when she rents a room in the Jackson home and finds that the daughter of the house must lower her panties and go over her father’s knee when she misbehaves. When she, Carol, and Carol’s friend get in serious trouble, Annie is faced with the alternative of moving out, or dropping her own panties for an old-fashioned spanking session across Mr. Jackson's knee. Won't Sit Down for a Week $5.00 M/F              
02748P-print copy 02748-down-load Greg Lerrideme For her 16th birthday, Jane’s parents gave her a little girl outfit, their way of telling her they loved her enough to continue giving her spankings as earned. This story contains an extensive description of one such spanking with the grown up razor strap. When Jane Turned Sixteen $6.00 M/F              
02749P-print copy 02749-down-load Ed Finn Lori agrees to take the spanking her sister has coming from their father (always on the bare), but there is a catch, she wants to spank her sister herself and find out what it is like to be on the other end of the paddle. Window of Opportunity $10.00 M/F F/F            
02750P-print copy 02750-down-load C. Allen Grandmother was sitting on the bed with Mother over her lap. Mother's panty girdle, panties and stockings were rucked at her knees, and the paddle had already colored one of her bare cheeks pink. My grown mother who had paddled me so many times! My grown mother clenching her bare bottom as Grandmother spanked her like a naughty little girl. And spanking just as hard as she had given it to me. A Tradition of the Family $7.00   F/F            
02751P-print copy 02751-down-load Kessily His show was very highly rated and he had fans all over the world. Piers had that gruff, dominant look that women loved, but he also had a secret. He preferred to let the woman be the boss when it came to relationships. On location in Australia he finally meets the woman of his dreams, but when he makes a huge mistake, will submitting his helpless bare butt for punishment make her forgive him? Welcome to the Jungle $10.00     F/M         X
02752P-print copy 02752-down-load Cherry Coco felt a bit sick so she stayed home from work and called Alex Richards, a doctor who lives in her building. Coco protests but acquiesces when he takes down her panties and takes her temperature rectally. However, when she refuses an enema, he continues by soundly spanking her bare bottom. Coco's Sick Day $3.00 M/F         R    
02753P-print copy 02753-down-load Anonymous Caught skinny dipping in the college pool, the coeds have the classic choice, be expelled or return the next night for a good hairbrush spanking from the dean and a dose of the razor strop from the caretaker. Both are given panties down. Coeds Go Swimming $4.00 M/F F/F            
02754P-print copy 02754-down-load Chuck Dawn took pictures of her former boyfriend with a young woman, intending to blackmail him, but the girl was his wife’s niece and Larry had recorded her blackmail attempt. Now he was making her pay the price, over his knee, panties down for a spanking she had deserved for years. Cold Heart, Hot Bottom $10.00                
02755P-print copy 02755-down-load Sarah Briggs In which good old fashioned bare bottom spankings not only maintain needed discipline among the men and women of the crew (and the AI) fighting to save the Terran federation, but they help to make alien enemies into allies in the battle to save the universe. Corruption $10.00 M/F F/F            
02756-print copy 02756-down-load WEF If you are going to shoplift, it is just plain stupid to try to steal a spanking paddle. Especially when people believe in the value of a good spanking for kids and wives alike. A Country Paddlin' in the City $4.00 M/F              
02757P-print copy 02757-down-load Sarah Briggs The story of Medusa ends much more happily when she spanks Perseus’ bare bottom and they fall in love. Later it becomes necessary for her to have Athena bare bottomed over her knee for a good sound spanking. Cursed $10.00   F/F F/M          
02758P-print copy 02758-down-load Elaan Somehow he got saddled with this brat for crew. He tries spanking her bottom, but this seems to have little effect, so he bares it, which makes more of an impression, but not enough. Finally he replaces his hand with a hard wood paddle. This is much more successful. Cutter $9.00 M/F              
02759P-print copy 02759-down-load C.J. West The first time Rich saw his girlfriend Daisy spanked it was pure accident, he came over while she was across her father's knee with her panties down. Then they discovered that her getting spanked turned him on and she began to give him detailed reports along with inviting him over to see her older sister also get it. Could it be long before he took responsibility for her punishment? Daisy's Bare Bottom $10.00 M/F F/F           X
02760P-print copy 02760-down-load Rachel Heath “You ... you’ve got to be joking! A spanking is an embarrassing punishment for small children. You can’t seriously expect that I would let you spank me. This has got to be a joke, Kit! It has got to be a joke!” Dan McGuire's Better Half Makes Him Better $10.00     F/M          
02761P-print copy 02761-down-load B.C. and Wife Spanker meets spankee. She tells him of her fantasies of being over a strong man’s knee, skirts up, panties down, bare bottom being soundly spanked. He gives reality to these fantasies. Of course the sex is pretty good too. Dave and Tammy $9.00 M/F             X
02762P-print copy 02762-down-load Sarah Briggs "Turn around. Put your hands on your knees. Stick your bottom out. I'm going to give you six over your jeans, a further six over your underwear... and then ten on your bare bottom." Defiance $10.00     F/M          
02763P-print copy 02763-down-load Ceejay Blais Emma wasn’t texting or phoning when she ran into the fire hydrant, no, she was writing a book report on her laptop. Her grandfather takes a dim view, and her bottom a bright hue as she must take down her jeans and pantiesand go over his knee for a good spanking. Déjà Vu ... All Over Again $7.00 M/F              
02764P-print copy 02764-down-load Kessily Even though she was 22, Holly knew she needed external discipline to complete college. She knew, but it was still horrible to find herself over her RA’s knees, with her skirt up and her panties off while he applied the needed external discipline. A Different Kind of Motivation $10.00 M/F              
02765P-print copy 02765-down-load e.m. downing Ellen lost her parents when she was very young. It was so nice to marry into a family that cared so deeply for her, even if, or perhaps because, it meant submitting to hard spankings with her panties down from both her husband and father in law. Domestic Discipline is a Family Affair $8.00 M/F         R    
02766P-print copy 02766-down-load Kessily Jerry has been plagued with reoccurring dreams about the sexy neighbor lady who threatened to spank him once as a kid. He finally begins looking for a dominant woman like the one he sees only in his dreams. And then he meets Dawn... In just one date she answers all the questions, clears up all the confusion, and gives him the experience he's been waiting his whole life to have. Dreaming of a Goddess $10.00     F/M          
02767P-print copy 02767-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. “On the bare bum?” “Yes, God yes,” I said and put my drink down; no use in trying to hide my nervousness knocking back the scotch in one pull. “You want me to feel your erection against my bare legs?” “Yes.” “You want me to grow wet spanking you?” The "English Vice" Done Very Sweet and Nice $7.00     F/M         X
02768P-print copy 02768-down-load Rachel Heath “You will be corrected first with the belt and then with the paddle, Sam,” Krista told him “You are to bare your bottom and lay across that chair,” she ordered, indicating the large, wing-backed blue chair in a corner of the living room. “Yes, Mistress Krista,” Sam said. The Early Adventures of Submissive Sam $10.00     F/M          
02769P-print copy 02769-down-load Marina Martin Fritz Lang was Germany’s greatest film director, which brought him to the attention of Hitler who wanted to use his talents. But Fritz flees instead, having to still the objections of his soon to be former wife by taking her over his knee, baring her bottom, and spanking her until she agrees to his plan. Her problems, however, are not over, Goering decides that she may know Fritz’s whereabouts. A long session featuring his razor strop and her naked bottom finally convince him otherwise. Escape from Hitler $10.00 M/F              
02770P-print copy 02770-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Fred spanked Elizabeth, Elizabeth spanked Fred. When one introduces a variation, the other tries to top it. When Elizabeth expands their anal play, Fred invited Carrie over to spank Elizabeth, then Elizabeth invites Carrie to spank Fred. The Extra $4.00   F/F F/M          
02771P-print copy 02771-down-load Anonymous Jane and her two daughters had seriously misbehaved, so it was time for a family conference, convened by her husband Charles, featuring three naughty women stripped to their garter belts and stockings, each going over Charles’ knee for a bare bottom session with his hard hand and the harder paddle. Family Conference $8.00 M/F              
02772P-print copy 02772-down-load Mike It was bad enough that the house he bought to refurbish and flip came with a ghost, but this particular ghost was a farm wife with firm ideas on the behaviour of young men and the efficacy of downing their pants and spanking and switching their exposed backsides. The Farmhouse Ghost $8.00     F/M          
02773P-print copy 02773-down-load Rachel Heath Ferd was a multimillionaire on his way to becoming a billionaire. He had a beautiful wife who was the sexiest woman he knew. Still he couldn’t help cheating on Pam until he was faced with the choice of losing her or dropping his pants and giving her his belt to use on his bare butt until it was hot, red, and very sore. Ferd Learns Fidelity $10.00     F/M   E     X
02774P-print copy 02774-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Ten years ago, he had manipulated her into becoming his dom. The spankings and sex were wonderful, but they had drifted apart. Now the meet again, and she asks him to assume the dom role. Flipped $5.00 M/F              
02775P -print copy 02775- down-load Mark Stiles "I simply meant that, when I have misbehaved, I am taken to Aunt Emma's bedroom and turned over her knee. She turns up my dress, pulls down my underpants, and spanks me soundly with her hairbrush." Fran and Emma Once Again $5.00   F/F            
02801P-print copy 02801-down-load Gregory Babcock "I want to make it perfectly clear, Keith" advised my heroine. "This is going to be a severe spanking! A really severe spanking! And you're going to get it ... right on your bare fanny! And ... once it's started ... you'll have nothing to say about it! I'll spank you for as long ... and as hard ... as I choose. And ... just so you'll know ... I spank hard!" The Aftermath $10.00     F/M          
02802P-print-copy 02802-down-load Victoria Phillip was caught in his sister's room with her panties in one hand and his mother's in the other. Now he was going to have to wear each of those panties for the first half of a sound spanking from each. The panties would come down for the second half. After School Special $3.00     F/M          
02803P-print-copy 02803-down-load Jason "She turns me face down over her lap, takes down my panties, and soundly spanks my bare bottom with a wood hairbrush until it's dark red. The stinging pain is the only thing I'm aware of and I cry my eyes out" Sweden may have outlawed spanking children, but not adults Anila and Gunilla $10.00   F/F            
02804P-print-copy 02804-down-load Jack Kennedy Sandy always believed her friend Angie could use a good spanking, thus she was pleased to accompany her to her shrink who would lower her panties and spank her. However, she was not so happy when suddenly it was her turn over his knee and her panties around her knees. Angie, Sandy, and the Shrink $5.00 M/F              
02805P-print-copy 02805-down-load Felicity Now that she was grown up, Brenda could become a teenage slut, spanked and birched by her "mother" and getting the belt from the wife of a man she had sex with, but the man and wife weren't the ones in the script. Begging for It $8.00 M/F F/F            
02806P-print-copy 02806-down-load A.B. Spring Break in Bermuda - with plenty of partying and drinking. But when Jenny and Joan flout the rukes, punishment follows. The Bermuda Rebellion and How It Was Suppressed $10.00 M/F              
02807P-print-copy 02807-down-load C.J. West Naughty girls, teenagers and grownups in need of being turned over a masculine knee, having their pants taken down, and getting a good spanking, in an unused room at the pool club. Who says there is no God? Beverly Hills Pool Club $10.00 M/F              
02808P-print-copy 02808-down-load Edward Majors Dan hasn't paid the electric bill. Her aunt and sister suggest that Kathy spank him bare for this. She does so, with a hairbrush. Bottoming Out $3.00     F/M          
02809P-print-copy 02809-down-load Master John Brad has been misbehaving, so his master sends him to Alex for obedience training. Hard, bare-ass spankings are only the beginning. Brad and Alex $5.00       M/M        
02810P-print-copy 02810-down-load Don Barton Cathy knew that Julie was misbehaving and she knew that the only treatment for it was a good, bare bottom spanking. Now she had her chance. Cathy and Her Naughty Sister $10.00   F/F            
02811P-print-copy 02811-down-load Gregory Babcock He got a wrong number and cursed the switchboard operator. She told him that he needed his pants taken down for a good bare bottom spanking. He decided she was right and went to her for his punishment. Coming to the Realization $10.00     F/M          
02812P-print-copy 02812-down-load Felicity Party planner Kayla Barton found "girls only" parties more unruly than bachelor parties, until she hit upon the idea of having her husband, and his crop, as part of the festivities. A few spanked bottoms later and his presence was a major attraction. Corporal Punishment and the Blushing Brides $6.00 M/F              
02813P-print-copy 02813-down-load Alexia Fran had forgotten to defrost the chops and would pay for it, bare bottomed, over Allen's knee. Her friend Lynne enjoyed the whole thing, until it was her turn. The Defrosting $4.00 M/F              
02814P-print-copy 02814-down-load Ed Finn When Alicia spends the summer with her friend, she finds out that Natalie's grandmother believes that even teenage girls benefit from dropping their pants and panties and going over her knee for sound spankings as needed, and Gramps feels the same. Down on the Farm $10.00 M/F F/F            
02815P-print-copy 02815-down-load Ed Finn Cyndi and Jess were friends in the way only teenage girls can be, they shared everything, including the trouble they got into. Except, Cyndi paid for her misdeeds with groundings and "modern" punishments, Jess with her bottom bared over her mother's knees for a hairbrush spanking. Now, finally, Cyndi was going to share that too. El Rancho Hairbrush $10.00   F/F            
02816P-print-copy 02816-down-load Edward Majors Helen knows how to handle both a sister who breaks curfew and a friend who tries to steal her man, the prescription is the same, a session across her knee while the bath brush heats a bare bottom. A Clear Communication $3.00   F/F            
02817P-print-copy 02817-down-load Victoria Father-in-law and son-in-law, they had screwed up and now each's wife was going to punish him, pants down, over her knee, and long and hard. Equal Opportunities $7.00     F/M          
02818P-print-copy 02818-down-load Victoria Victoria spanked Jerry's bare bottom when they were kids and she babysat for him. She enjoyed it then. Now she gets a chance as an adult. For Old Time's Sake $6.00     F/M          
02819P-print-copy 02819-down-load A.B. Marie-Madeleine Louise de Morphy was beautiful, but spoiled. When she flaunted that beauty too openly, posing for a nude painting, her father took her out to the stable, ordered her out of her robe, made her lift her shift, and began the task of unspoiling her with a strap on her again exposed backside. Girl on a Couch $9.00 M/F              
02820P-print-copy 02820-down-load Ed Finn All his life Randy had been fascinated with spanking, now with his death, he was given an opportunity to experience a spanking from the viewpoint of a naughty girl who, along with her sister, would have her panties taken down and turned over her mother's knee for a long, painful session with the spanking paddle. Golden Opportunity $10.00   F/F            
02821P-print-copy 02821-down-load Courtney After treating Gwen for her bike injuries, the doctor feels it necessary to treat her for the behavior which caused the injuries. Gwen shouldn't worry that the treatment consists of lowering her pants and panties and spanking her bare bottom, after all, he is a doctor. Gwen and the Doctor $5.00 M/F              
02822P-print-copy 02822-down-load C.J. West Stars, starlets, and invitees, they meet in cyberspace to discuss their spankings and their dreams of spankings. The Hollywood Spanking Chat Room - 2 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02823P-print-copy 02823-down-load C.J. West A group of 20 and 30 somethingss gather to chat about the times the girls were teenagers and had to have their behavior corrected over parental or other knees with their panties and pants down and skirts and dresses raised. And the fact that some of these lessons are continued to the present. The Hollywood Spanking Chat Room - 3 $10.00 M/F F/F            
02824P-print-copy 02824-down-load Bridget Striker Cathy's excuse for not doing housework is she doesn't know how. So her husband finds her a school which will teach her. When she doesn't do her homework, he treats her like a naughty school girl, first some time in the corner, then a panties down session over his knee with the hairbrush, to encourage her to do her homework. Homework Blues $10.00 M/F              
02825P-print-copy 02825-down-load Bridget Striker Jenna loved her husband, but she yearned for a daddy who would spank her when she needed it. Her husband couldn't bring himself to do it, but after Jenna runs away, maybe he could accept another man in that role. Jenna's Flight $10.00 M/F             X
02826P-print-copy 02826-down-load Master John Jason slipped out for a bit of fun on the side. When John catches him, he must slip down his pants and boxers for a good lesson in to whom he belongs. John and Jason $4.00       M/M        
02827P-print-copy 02827-down-load Jason You will lie face down over my lap. I will raise your skirt, take down your panties, and spank your bare bottom, first with my hand, then a hairbrush. When I am finally finished, you will bend over my desk for ten spanks with a ruler, again on your bare bottom." His First Client $8.00 M/F              
02828P-print-copy 02828-down-load Don Barton Julie was happy to graduate from junior high school and Dr. Parker's bare bottom paddlings. But now he was becoming the principal of her high school and her future would include a great number of sessions over his knees with her panties down and her bottom turned up for hard spanks with the paddle. Julie's Painful OTK Reunion with Principal Parker $10.00 M/F              
02829P-print-copy 02829-down-load Bridget Striker "The Essay You Wanted," by your Caitlin: I think that the effects of a given punishment should last as long as a Daddy designs the punishment to last. A Daddy loves his child, and he only gives the punishments to teach a lesson. I know my Daddy loves me, and he wouldn't give me more than I could stand, really ... But that doesn't mean I have to like it. (grin) Long Distance Assistance $10.00 M/F              
02830P-print-copy 02830-down-load Alexia When Jon comes home and finds his wife Karen standing in the corner, he knows she has committed some serious misdeed. After the explanation, he orders her upstairs to wait, her plaid skirt bunched around her waist, her pantihose and panties around her knees, and two pillows placed on the bed to place her bottom perfectly for the strapping to come. Masks $3.00 M/F              
02831P-print-copy 02831-down-load Courtney "Naughty girls get spanked, sir. I-I have been very, very naughty. Will...will you please spank me? Please..." She smiled tremulously, both in happiness and trepidation, then placed her hands on his shoulders. "Please Max, I need to be spanked. I need it so much I can't breathe..." The Masseur $4.00 M/F              
02832P-print-copy 02832-down-load Master John For some months now, you've been learning the fine art of being a Master. Tonight you will be witnessing and participating in the punishment of two of my slaveboys. Master Michael's Graduation $5.00       M/M        
02833P-print-copy 02833-down-load Bridget Striker The clinical term for Kristina was "fucked up", doing drugs, stealing, on the verge of being turned out as a prostitute, then her uncle showed he loved her enough to paddle her bare bottom as needed and deserved. And do it again and again until she woke up and cleaned up her act. My Way $10.00 M/F              
02834P-print-copy 02834-down-load Alexia Karen had a number of personae she put on for their mutual pleasure, there was the happy homemaker, the eager slave, the naughty girl, and more. But there has to be a first time for each of them, tonight Jon would have to deal with the Sullen Slave. A New Mask $5.00 M/F               
02835P-print-copy 02835-down-load Felicity From the moment I dressed up in my old school uniform and allowed my first boyfriend to spank me, all I've wanted is to lay across somebody's knee and to hear them call me a ‘Naughty Girl.' So every morning as I dress up like a sweet little schoolgirl and put my hair up in a pair of cute pigtails, I giggle with excitement and can't wait for my first ‘Uncle,' ‘Auntie' or ‘Teacher' to arrive. Paying the Bills $4.00 M/F F/F            
02836P-print-copy 02836-down-load Edward Majors Sue's boyfriend has been flirting with others. A friend tells her of this and advises her that what he needs is a pants downer. A Pants Downer $3.00     F/M          
02837P-print-copy 02837-down-load Ed Finn There is certainly no girl more deserving of being turned over her mother's knee for a lengthy, bare bottom spanking with a hard hairbrush than Nellie Olsen. Finally, she is going to receive her just deserts. A Prairie Spanking $10.00   F/F            
02838P-print-copy 02838-down-load A.B. The two Carlson daughters and their cousin triple date for the prom. When they get home hours late they triple date again. this time with their dad's hairbrush. Prom Night $7.00 M/F              
02839P-print-copy 02839-down-load Felicity Standing holding their skirts up with their knickers around their knees, Jessica, Ruth, and Philippa were about to learn a valuable, if painful lesson about underage drinking, taught by the pub landlady's hand and belt. Proof of Age $4.00   F/F            
02840P-print-copy 02840-down-load Jason Marla was a severe disciplinarian who never hesitated to lift skirts and lower panties for a deserved over the knee spanking as Deena, Hayley, and her own two daughters could testify. But she felt she needed to experience again how it felt to be bare bottomed and on the receiving end. The Receiving End $10.00 M/F F/F            
02841P-print-copy 02841-down-load Victoria Dennis had spanked Maggie for mistakes at work. Now he was at her apartment and her sister was there and they were going to spank his bare ass for his mistakes. The Reserves $4.00     F/M          
02842P-print-copy 02842-down-load Alexia It was the contemplation, the knowledge that inside that house I was once again going to be taught obedience and propriety and submission, and those lessons were going to be horrid and shameful, and curiously satisfying all at once. Seb and Karen $7.00 M/F              
02843P-print-copy 02843-down-load Gregory Babcock "Did she spank you, for instance? Spank you a lot? Spank you severely? Spank you often?" "Uh ... well ... uh ... yes." "Often? She spanked you often? And hard?" "Yes, Ma'am." "Up till when? How old were you ... the last time she spanked you?" "Uh ... well ... uh ... seventeen ..." Shore Leave $10.00     F/M   E      
02844P-print-copy 02844-down-load Don Barton When Allison asks Richard to keep an eye on her daughter Becky while she is away, Richard receives permission to take Becky's panties down for a sound spanking, as her father did when he was alive. Becky's behavior improves immensely. Starting Over $10.00 M/F              
02845P-print-copy 02845-down-load A.B. "Only one kind of punishment is appropriate for a foolish child like you. It is what you Americans call a spanking. ‘A good, sound spanking,' I believe your expression is." Strict Accounting $10.00 M/F              
02846P-print-copy 02846-down-load Courtney A spanking? Justine's bottom was starting to burn under Marcus' heavy hand, and she wiggled and twisted on his lap like a flailing fish fighting the line. But in truth, she was firing on all burners! Marcus? Spanking her? After all the stupid things she'd pulled over the years; after all the risky stunts and riskier people she'd been attracted to... Now he was spanking her? Terror So Sweet $6.00 M/F              
02847P-print-copy 02847-down-load Jack Kennedy Going to court for a traffic ticket, Nikki sees a mother spanking her daughter. It turns out that the assistant DA who is trying her case is her neighbor. All of which leads to him giving her a sound spanking, both for her ticket and to show her that she can't cute her way out of responsibility. Views of a Spanking $6.00 M/F F/F            
02848P-print-copy 02848-down-load Edward Majors Pastor Tom Hicks is worried. He thinks the men in his congregation should be more assertive and the women more submissive. His wife, remembering their own experiences, suggests he preach on the need to spank wives when needed. Pastor Tom does so, with predictable results. A Word of Wisdom $3.00 M/F              
02900P-print-copy 02900-down-load DLYNN She was a nice girl, did well in school, never got in trouble, and would go on to college in the fall, but this was the summer she would let loose and get herself well and truly spanked. The Toughest Boyfriend $8.00 M/F              
02901P-print-copy 02901-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Her parents were out for the evening and they were alone in the house. He hoped for sex, what he got was Anita spanking his bare bottom, hard. It was even better than sex. Anita Leads $4.00     F/M         X
02902P-print-copy 02902-down-load Bonnie Johanson Bonnie's months seemed longer than her checks, until her daughter's boyfriend agreed to help her with her finances. However, his help came with a reminder in the form of a long hard spanking over his knee, first on her panties, then with her bottom bare. Bonnie's Financial Reminder $9.00 M/F              
02903P-print-copy 02903-down-load Sarah Briggs "But I'm still going to be punished." "Yes. You are still going to be punished. You are still going to be spanked. But it won't ever change what I feel about you." Alisa cringed at the thought of being over her mate's knees... and perhaps even bent over, if he deemed her crimes severe enough. Burning Times $10.00 M/F F/F            
02904P-print-copy 02904-down-load Trevor There are women who have been spanked, those who think they will be spanked, those who hate it, those who love it, those who are curious about it. All seem compelled to write about it. Assorted Letters $4.00 M/F F/F            
02905P-print-copy 02905-down-load Rachel Heath Ruta caught Charles cheating on her. To persuade her not to divorce him, Charles agrees to bring her the hard wooden hairbrush, bare his bottom, and bend over for a sound spanking. Charles Cheated $4.00     F/M          
02906P-print-copy 02906-down-load Jennifer 18 year old Jennifer had made some bad decisions regarding a boy, a car, and a possible rape. Now her parents offered her another choice. How hard would it be, would her panties come down, do 18 year olds really get spanked? Hard, down, and yes, but she is sure she made the right choice. The Choice $4.00 M/F              
02907P-print-copy 02907-down-load Kenneth Harding Mrs. Corrigan rented rooms to coeds. She was mildly surprised when Nancy's mother visited every three weeks or so. She was shocked when she watched Nancy lift her skirts, lower her pantyhose, and go over her mother's knees for a severe hairbrush spanking. The Curious Landlady $4.00   F/F            
02908P-print-copy 02908-down-load Robin Andrews What will the spanking party of the future be like? Come with Robin and see virtual reality enabling party goers not only to imagine but to feel what it is like to give Shirley Temple a bare bottom spanking or to go over Geena Davis' knee for a well-earned punishment. Cyberspace Fun 2030 $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02909P-print-copy 02909-down-load Ceejay Blais She buried her face in her arms, desperately wishing she could be anywhere else but laying bare assed in front of her boyfriend, waiting for her father to begin her spanking. Daddy and the Boyfriend $9.00 M/F              
02910P-print-copy 02910-down-load Jane Fairweather Mrs. Miles kept the old cane her parents had used on her. Her daughter still tasted it when appropriate, and now two women friends would discover what the cane felt like on a lightly covered or bare bottom. A Day in the Life $7.00   F/F            
02911P-print-copy 02911-down-load James Sondance It was a peculiar situation. We were talking back and forth like two people on a date, but this lovely lady was talking about spanking me! Diane $6.00     F/M          
02912P-print-copy 02912-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. She had come to this quiet, stately old home to be beaten, whipped, spanked, dominated, call it what you will. Juanita would come alive tonight as she never had in all her fleeting twenty years. Every Step of the Way $7.00   F/F            
02913P-print-copy 02913-down-load GRM "Young lady," she began, "In exactly one hour, in our den, your father will turn you over his knee, your dress will be raised above your waist and your panties will be lowered to your knees and this hairbrush will proceed to blister that haughty bottom of yours." The Hairbrush, Jennie, and Mother $7.00 M/F              
02914P-print-copy 02914-down-load Barbie Ivy knew and accepted Matt's tutoring method. Every mistake meant she forfeited one item of clothing. When she was naked, mistakes meant spanks. It had happened before, but never in front of the Dean and other guests. Ivy Walls and Hickory Sticks $7.00 M/F             X
02915P-print-copy 02915-down-load MaryJane When Jennifer got in trouble at school, her father would spank her. Of course, Jennifer would never tell anybody that an eleventh grader still got bare bottom spankings, so when the school board adopted a new policy, the principal thought he was the only one who took down her panties and gave her a well-deserved spanking. Jennifer at School $3.00 M/F              
02916P-print-copy 02916-down-load Kessily Stephanie made a big mistake six years ago when she jilted her man for not being dominant enough. Now they're giving it another try but not before he punishes her for all her mistakes. Every night he suffered over her is going to come out of her ass. He'll use spanking, paddling, buttplugs, ginger root, and more to prove to her that he can be the man she needs. Justice Delayed $10.00 M/F             X
02917P-print-copy 02917-down-load Marina Martin In which not controlling their dogs' barking is the proximate cause for two young ladies to have their bare bottoms soundly spanked. The Justice of Barking Dogs $3.00 M/F              
02918P-print-copy 02918-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Kitty had married her son and been an excellent daughter-in-law. Now they were divorced, but there was no need to end the relationship with her mother-in-law. In fact they moved on to a relationship built upon motherly, ok so more lustful than maternal, spankings for Kitty. Kitty's New Way $5.00   F/F            
02919P-print-copy 02919-down-load Kristianna Kris is still Kris, serving Derek a special "tea" brewed with tabasco and tobacco. Derek is still Derek and repeats her earlier lesson with her over his knee, her dress up, her pantalets around her knees, and her bottom warmed hotter than the tabasco. Kristianna's Lessons -2 $8.00 M/F              
02920P-print-copy 02920-down-load Kristianna Kris has married Derek and is on her way to becoming a well-behaved wife. But her willfulness is not completely gone. When Derek forbids her to accompany him on a trading expedition, she disguises herself and sneaks on board. Derek discovers this,and delivers a well-deserved spanking with his razor strap. When they arrive in Algiers, she manages to insult the Pasha with talk of women's rights. Now, to save their lives, David must take a leather whip to her bare bottom in front of the entire court. Kristianna's Lessons -3 $4.00 M/F              
02921P-print-copy 02921-down-load Kessily Danny considered himself fairly progressive for a man of the early '60s. He liked an independent woman with fire but he finds the only way to deal with his argumentative wife is to put her over his knee for a good spanking. When her twin sister moves in he feels overwhelmed and outnumbered until he decides it's what's good for one twin is good for the other. The Long Dispute $10.00 M/F           S  
02922P-print-copy 02922-down-load Robin With that said, he carried her squirming body through the open door. There she saw a middle-aged woman bent over the back of a chair. Her dress was bunched up at her waist and her panties and pantyhose were pulled down to her ankles. Robin noted that Martha's naked bottom was bright red all over. The Long Weekend with Arthur $7.00 M/F             X
02923P-print-copy 02923-down-load Marina Martin Carole had been married off as a mail order bride. Although not happy at first, she came to love her new husband. What she didn't love was his habit of dealing with her transgressions by turning her over his knee, lifting her skirts, lowering her bloomers, and spanking her red. The Mixed Up Mail Order Bride $10.00 M/F              
02924P-print-copy 02924-down-load Marina Martin With that he lifted her tattered pink lightly floral patterned dress up to her back, just like Freemason, and following in suit, grabbed hold of the gray panties and lowered them to her knees. New Phoenix $10.00 M/F              
02925P-print-copy 02925-down-load Sarah Briggs Come to the future, where humans live in space, afraid to return to earth. Where clone slaves are created, but occasionally they create a god by mistake. It's not every young women who gets her bare bottoms spanked by a god. Protector $10.00 M/F              
02926P-print-copy 02926-down-load Ceejay Blais "Really? Carrie gets spanked?" Katie exclaimed, looking over at Carrie. "You're kidding, right?" "He's not kidding, Katie." Carrie blushed. "I get spanked and spanked hard...and I'm probably going to get spanked tonight." Rendezvous with Big Tex $6.00 M/F              
02927P-print-copy 02927-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. She set the timer for three minutes. Either he made himself come in that time or she would cane him. He won, he got the caning. Roxanne Complete $5.00     F/M         X
02928P-print-copy 02928-down-load B.C. and Wife Mimi was rich and very spoiled. When the two of them were cast away for six months on a deserted island, Dick treated this condition with hard bare bottom spankings as required. Mimi learned better behavior and she also learned that some spankings could be quite pleasant and erotic. Shipwrecked $8.00 M/F             X
02929P-print-copy 02929-down-load Gregory Babcock Clare and his wife Susan were having one of their usual arguments, this time at Dennys, when Clare's former supervisor intervened, explaining that Clare needed his bare butt spanked. Under her supervision, Susan did just that, along with giving him a hot, soapy enema, taking his temperature rectally, and shoving a dildo up him. Should Old Acquaintance $10.00     F/M   E R S X
02930P-print-copy 02930-down-load Ceejay Blais Lying to your husband is never a good idea. Lying to him by claiming to have stopped smoking, while keeping a hidden stash of cigarettes for secret smoking, can definitely endanger your bottom. Bridget's husband used his hand, bath brush, and belt on her bare bottom to persuade her just how bad an idea secret smoking and lying was. htt Smoke Enders $3.00 M/F              
02931P-print-copy 02931-down-load B. Keating Spanking and sex, sex and spanking, what could be better. Oh yes, throw in a bit of spouse swapping! Spanked Housewives - 3 $9.00 M/F             X
02932P-print-copy 02932-down-load B. Keating The wives are introduced to anal sex, breast whippings, and they are repeatedly satisfied in many ways. Spanked Housewives - 4 $8.00 M/F             X
02933P-print-copy 02933-down-load C.J. West Cliff was a therapist whose surpassingly successful clinical method included turning grown women over his knee, lifting and lowering until the patient was bare bottomed and then delivering a sound spanking to convince her to act like the grown up she was. The Spanking Whisperer $10.00 M/F              
02934P-print-copy 02934-down-load Danielle Smith It's hard to survive as a stand-up comic, so Rose and her friend created a phone sex service. Inevitably some of the customers were into spanking. Rose didn't think much of it until one of her regulars suggested that they might meet in real life and deal with some of the problems she had mentioned during their sessions. Rose wasn't sure how she felt about this, but she decided to try one real panties-down spanking. It was just right. Stand-Up Woman $9.00 M/F              
02935P-print-copy 02935-down-load Rachel Heath After years of keeping it a secret, Zowie tells his wife of his fantasy of being a woman's slave and being subjected to hard, bare bottom spankings. She adjusts quite well and Zowie gets used to doing the housework, catering to her sexual desires, and dropping his pants for hard bare bottom spankings when he doesn't. The Story of a Slave Named Zowie $10.00     F/M   E     X
02936P-print-copy 02936-down-load Sarah Briggs Visiting your boyfriend's family for the first time is always a slightly nervewracking experience, but this does not include finding out that he is going home for a bare-bottom session in the woodshed. Iris is really upset when she finds the visit will involve her own panties down time over her potential father-in-law's knee. Taken to the Woodshed $10.00 M/F F/F            
02937P-print-copy 02937-down-load Marina Martin & Abbygale Atwater They were twins in the west during the civil war. When one runs away and the other covers for her it is time for their Pa to bring out the switch and strap and uncover their bottoms for the inevitable sound lickings. A Tale of Two Pioneers $9.00 M/F              
02938P-print-copy 02938-down-load Caroline It's an old story, a coed messes up an assignment, the professor gives her a choice of a low grade or a spanking, she is horrified when he instructs her to lift her skirt, then more so when he lowers her panties, then she cries as she finds out how much spankings hurt. It's an old story but a new twist. Teacher's Pet $6.00 M/F              
02939P-print-copy 02939-down-load A.B. Time passes and Parker Bradshaw retires from Wonnatunket's most important civil post, beadle. The man charged with spanking tourists who run afoul of the town's numerous ordinances as well as teenagers and wives who need a more formal chastisement than is available at home. Fortunately, Tony Oliveira is persuaded to take the post, and shows his prowess on the teenage bare bottoms of Jeannie and Mercy who have been caught experimenting with cannabis. The Third Beadle - Part 1 $10.00 M/F              
02940P-print-copy 02940-down-load A.B. At 53, Meg Harriman was a formidable woman with a tongue that could raise blisters at a hundred yards. Eventually she is brought before the court and sentenced to a severe spanking. Tony carries it out, raising her dress, lowering her old-fashioned underpants, and using a strap until she gives in and says she is sorry, even if she doesn't mean it. The Third Beadle - Part 2 $10.00 M/F              
02941P-print-copy 02941-down-load Kristianna Abigail had been transported across a century to her great grandmother's body. She had some difficulty adjusting to the restrictive rules on women of the time and the domineering ways of the men. When she endangers herself, her future great grandfather turns her over his knee, bares her bottom and spanks some sense into her. She realizes what it is to be loved and protected. Time Travel $3.00 M/F              
02942P-print-copy 02942-down-load Kessily She'd always been submissive in her relationships, but the new man in her life is inspiring some very interesting fantasies. Now she's going to try it from the other side. She enjoys spanking him, making him cry out. Denying him pleasure while forcing him to pleasure her. She goes farther than she ever thought she could...and she loves it! Topping from Below $10.00     F/M         X
02943P-print-copy 02943-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. "I have been doing research on how to dominate a man," "And?" "I think we are going to start with a good old fashioned spanking," she began walking around the back of me, "you seemed to respond to that so well the last time." The Training Neighbors Come To $9.00     F/M         X
02944P-print-copy 02944-down-load Jan Jan had been forced to put on panties, and now they were being taken down. Not so unusual, it was a spanking party, but Jan just assumed that he would be doing the spanking, not getting his butt burned. Tricked? $4.00     F/M          
02945P-print-copy 02945-down-load B.C. and Wife The spanks really stung, but the eyes of the public watching her chastisement was the biggest turn on of all. And then there was the coming belting that would surely follow. The Way She Likes It Best $4.00 M/F             X
02946P-print-copy 02946-down-load Sarah Briggs For generations the women in Dawn's family had been cursed to serve as whipping girls for the royal princess and now it was Dawn's turn to be the one to be turned over a royal knee and have her bottom bared and spanked for the sins of another. The Whipping Girl $10.00 M/F   F/M          
02947P-print-copy 02947-down-load Joyce Lee Evergood Was he the one? He spanked her, had her strip, used a white scarf to collar her, sucked her breasts, fingered her clit. Surely he must be the one. The White Scarf $5.00 M/F             X
02948P-print-copy 02948-down-load Rachel Heath "And shouldn't true submission mean relaxing your ass cheek muscles so each swat will sting just as much as it should?" she inquired. "Yes, Mistress Tania," he said. "Good," Tania said, bestowing a loving and wet kiss on his left shoulder. "I want every swat to sting - sting good!" She brought the paddle down on Ed's bare buttocks with all the might that she possessed. A Woman's Arrested Gaze and its Consequences $10.00     F/M         X
02949P-print-copy 02949-down-load Brian Thomas Trying to spank a misbehaving cat is a fool's errand, they have no spankable bottom to speak of and they certainly have no panties to pull down. However, a girlfriend who does not discipline her cat is another story, she comes equipped with sexy panties to lower and a beautiful bottom to spank. The Cat $8.00 M/F              
02950P-print-copy 02950-down-load Kessily Micha struggled against having to take spankings and paddlings from his new wife Megan, even though he'd always known it would be like that. In an alternate universe where the natural order of things is for women to be in charge, men sometimes have a difficult time accepting their place on the bottom, but as the gentler sex they need a firm hand to guide them through life. The Agenda of 'Women in Charge' $10.00     F/M          
03000P-print-copy 03000-down-load Mark Stiles In 1954, girls, even girls who thought they were grown up were still eligible for serious punishment. Sarah was about to be reminded of that, a good old-fashioned hairbrush spanking with her skirts raised and her panties down while she cried her eyes out over her mother's knees. "1954" $8.00   F/F            
03001P-print-copy 03001-down-load Dr Dlaniger Ted Harris was a tough, undisciplined kid, at least so he thought until Ms. Alverez put him over her knee, took down his pants, and spanked him thoroughly as a preparation for a session with her paddle. The high school became a much more civilized place. After Class $5.00     F/M          
03002P-print-copy 03002-down-load SFG "Alison is a naughty girl, little girl who, who masturbates, masturbates during, during the day, wasting company time and, and she should be punished, punished by spanking for doing this. Alison should be spanked and spanked very hard for being a masturbator and slacker. Alison would like to have her spanking now, Mrs. Manner." Again, Alison Beckwith is in Trouble $10.00   F/F            
03003P-print-copy 03003-down-load Rod Birch "Well, woman, if you want to keep what you have, your job, your pension, your home, you'll agree to submit to a good, thorough switching of your cute bare bottom. By me." "Submit to a switching! On my bare bottom? It'd be too painful. And degrading, humiliating. I'm sixty-one, for Christ's sake, going on sixty-two, a mature, adult woman." "I know you are, hussy. But that'll just make it all the more entertaining." Alienation and Conversation $10.00M/F F/F            
03004P-print-copy 03004-down-load Alexia They were his little sister and his wife. And they both needed to be punished, pants down, panties down, bottoms turned red from the application of a leather strap. Allen Teaches a Lesson $5.00M/F              
03005P-print-copy 03005-down-load Alexia Cheating is a bad idea, especially if you get caught by a professor who believes in the effectiveness of having a cheater lower her pants and panties and turn over his knee for a sound spanking. Angela and the Professor $5.00M/F              
03006P-print-copy 03006-down-load Ricardo Anna has had it with Richard's late nights and general irresponsibility. If they were going to stay married, he was going to have to sign a contract giving her the right to order his pants down for severe bare bottom discipline as she saw fit. Anna $3.00     F/M          
03007P-print-copy 03007-down-load Gregory Babcock Jeanette kept teasing for Anne to strop me. It took her about six weeks for her to get her wish. However, my session with the razor strop, while exceptionally painful, couldn't compare to that paddling--the first one Ray and Jeanette witnessed. I don't know if I finally got to where I could adapt--and accept--the kiss of the leather or, if I found myself less mortified at taking a licking on the bare rump in front of an audience. Anne and Greg $5.00     F/M          
03008P-print-copy 03008-down-load Jack 22 year old Tracey wants to be a dentist like her father, so even at her age she knows that he is acting in her interests when he has her take down her pants for a severe spanking. The Application of Pain $4.00M/F              
03009P-print-copy 03009-down-load Victoria Will finally admits his fantasy to his beautiful therapist. Imagine his shock when she decides that the best way to get to the bottom of his problem is to take down his pants and bare his bottom. Applied Psychology $8.00     F/M          
03010P-print-copy 03010-down-load Ed Finn Melanie figures that a few swats on her skid by her father is a good trade for a long grounding. But her new step-mother knows how to give a proper spanking, skirts up, panties down, and with a hairbrush. Ask and Ye Shall Receive $10.00   F/F            
03011P-print-copy 03011-down-load Frankie Kasey, with a new doctorate in archaeology, tells how she met two stern men, Archy and the doctor, and how they both assumed the right to bare her bottom and spank it red when they felt it necessary. Archy, the Doctor, and Me - Vol. One: Me $10.00 M/F              
03012P-print-copy 03012-down-load Frankie The doctor tells how he has fallen in love with Kasey, how he feels the responsibility to spank her when she deserves it, how he dislikes to cause her pain, and how he enjoys the baring of her bottom. Archy, the Doctor, and Me - Vol. Two: The Doctor $10.00 M/F              
03013P-print-copy 03013-down-load SMT Alice simply was not a well behaved young lady. Her father knew it, her own maid knew it, the butler, the housekeeper, and the rest of the staff knew it, and finally Alice herself knew it, and agreed with the rest that she must learn discipline. She volunteers for a trip to Mrs. Brocklehurst’s establishment for the discipline of young ladies where she must strip herself of her clothes, bend over for a severe birching, and schedule reminder visits. Alice, Her Papa, and Mrs. Brocklehurst $9.00   F/F            
03014P-print-copy 03014-down-load Randi "I want to put you over my knee," he whispered to her. "I want to touch your bottom, and spank you, and make you squirm." He caressed her hip lightly, and she didn't stop him. "I want to lift your skirt," he murmured, sliding his hand up under the leather. It was like a fairy tale. Ashley (A Fairy Tale) $9.00   F/F            
03015P-print-copy 03015-down-load Helier Young reporter, Charli, is sent under cover to report on a new kind of girls' correction center. Astonished, she sees a string of beautiful girls stripped and thrashed by the very severe principal, Miss Devon. She can't help getting involved but can she avoid getting spanked on her bare bottom for it? The Assignment $10.00   F/F            
03016P-print-copy 03016-down-load Thomas Bruns Thomas was excited by hearing his aunt talking about caning girls at her school. It was less exciting when he had to drop his pants and briefs for a severe caning from her. And his mother was now convinced to reinstitute bare bottom paddlings for him. Aunt Dee $7.00     F/M          
03017P-print-copy 03017-down-load Jason Investigate any houses you may buy. Be certain that they aren't inhabited by the ghost a dominatrix who died 70 years ago, but who knows your misdeeds and is willing to materialize to put you over her knee and spank your bare bottom until you repent. The Basement $8.00     F/M          
03018P-print-copy 03018-down-load Ilsa Laslow We all know of the enchanted prince who must await the kiss of a beautiful maiden to escape her from his frog shape, but what about the enchanted prince who must await a spanking from a beautiful maiden to resume his human shape? Beauty and the Beast $4.00     F/M          
03019P-print-copy 03019-down-load Kama Sutra It seemed that whenever Denny got in trouble, there was somebody, his father, his grandfather, or his girlfriend's father, ordering him to drop his pants and bend over for a spanking. The Bees have their Revenge $10.00       M/M        
03020P-print-copy 03020-down-load Jack It was going to be Bev's first paddling at school. As she waited all the questions flooded her mind, how hard, with what, over what clothing? It was harder than even she had imagined. Beverly's Turn $8.00 M/F              
03021P-print-copy 03021-down-load ZZ Melody felt like an outsider in her new family, especially with her father in Afghanistan. Her solution was to volunteer to be subject to panties down spankings from her mother, just like her new sisters. Blended Family $10.00   F/F            
03022P-print-copy 03022-down-load Thomas Bruns Brian thought he was too old, but his grandmother didn't, so she took down his pants and underpants, turned him over her knee, and treated him to the hardest spanking of his life, first with her hand and then, worse, with the hairbrush. Brian and his Grandmother $4.00     F/M          
03023P-print-copy 03023-down-load Mike Homburg No longer still kids, quite, but both interested in spankings and Pete has never been spanked. Soon remedied, and the success of the remedy leads to the establishment of a chain of franchises offering bare bottom spankings in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Buttbusters $7.00       M/M        
03024P-print-copy 03024-down-load Ceejay Blais Claire had a wonderful time on a camping trip with her uncle and aunt. Except when she misbehaved. Then it was pants and panties down and bend over uncle's knee or the bed for a sound spanking which left her promising to be good for ever, or until the next time. Camp Fire Tails $7.00 M/F              
03025P-print-copy 03025-down-load Anonymous The more she thought about spanking Bob the better the idea sounded. She could just imagine stripping away his trousers and underwear, having him lie over her knees, and applying a good, old-fashioned, SOUND, spanking to his bare cheeks so delightfully displayed. Bobbie Meets Hand, Brush, and Paddles $10.00     F/M          
03026P-print-copy 03026-down-load Bridget Striker Gina was nervous meeting her new stepmother and that made her rude. Her father soon put a stop to that, showing that both girls were going to be subject to bare bottom discipline as earned. Other punishments include writing lines, diapers, and a bar of soap. Bringing Them Together $10.00 M/F           S  
03027P-print-copy 03027-down-load Gregory Babcock "I peeked in," she informed me — not, at all, attempting to hide that insipid ear-to-ear grin. "And there you were! Over Mrs. Ramsay's lap! And with your pants down! You were getting the spanking ... the spanking, of your life! Getting it — right on your bare bum! Oh, Billy! It was so beautiful! Just beautiful! She was really giving it to you!" Caregiver of the Year $10.00     F/M          
03028P-print-copy 03028-down-load Gregory Babcock He had a landlady who made him drop his pants and lie on the bed for spankings as she thought needed. When he got married, she showed his new wife how to go about managing a husband. The Caretaker $10.00     F/M          
03029P-print-copy 03029-down-load James Fox Angelina had refused her husband's requests to spank her, but eagerly spanked herself at the order of an internet master. Tonight she was to graduate to the real thing, an unseen spanker acting on the instructions of her internet master would thrash her backside and leave her dripping. Caught on the Net $4.00M/F              
03030P-print-copy 03030-down-load Alexia "If anyone makes the effort to look in this window, all they'll see is a naughty young lady getting her bottom warmed for acting like a strumpet. Now if you know what's good for you, you'll get that skirt up to your waist!" Tentatively she raised the pleated skirt behind her. "Pull down your panties. Down to your knees. Your bare backside is going to feel this spanking." Cindy's Lesson $3.00 M/F              
03031P-print-copy 03031-down-load Frank Tenaya "The first meeting of the American Society of Adolescent and Adult Spanked Girls will come to order," she announced. Alice allowed her mind to wander back to the events that resulted in the formation of the unique group she now addressed. A Club of Their Own $8.00   F/F            
03032P-print-copy 03032-down-load Ed Finn Crystal has always enjoyed spying on Betsy and her sisters getting spanked. She finds it much less enjoyable when her own bare bottom is turned up first over Betsy's father's knees and then over her mother's, with a promise of more to come as needed. Crystal Clear $10.00 M/F F/F            
03033P-print-copy 03033-down-load C.Flint His mother had spanked his bare bottom as needed, even when he was grown. Then she passed the torch (and the hairbrush, and the cane) to his wife who also follows his mother's practice of spanking him in front of whoever may be around, housekeeper, stepdaughter, or friend. Cynthia $10.00     F/M          
03034P-print-copy 03034-down-load Bruce Darla wanted her friends to admire her maturity, so she had a party and provided wine. However, she was underage and when her father found out, her maturity vanished as he bared her bottom and spanked her in front of all those girls she had wanted to impress. Darla's Semester Break $10.00 M/F              
03035P-print-copy 03035-down-load Bruce There's more, Darla's father wants to know where she bought the wine and Darla must rat out her friend, whose father spanks her in front of Darla and her Dad, and then there is the matter of Darla's bad grades. Another session over her father's knees with her panties at her knees in front of various people. Darla's Semester Break — 2 $10.00 M/F              
03036P-print-copy 03036-down-load ZZ Three cheerleaders get in trouble and two must endure the principal’s paddle. The third finds a technicality, but peer pressure forces her to volunteer for a paddling. She gets it, but an irate principal makes her pay with a longer paddling and one with her pants and panties lowered, baring her for her paddling. Cheerleaders' Prank $10.00 M/F              
03037P-print-copy 03037-down-load Bridget Striker Cammie was a new bride and a brat. When she walks out and returns home, her father demonstrates for her husband how a hard hairbrush and a bare bottom can treat brattiness. Then for a good measure, he also demonstrates on her mother. He lets them discover the erotic benefits for themselves. Daughter Learns, Wife is Reminded $10.00 M/F              
03038P-print-copy 03038-down-load Ida When Dana's husband catches her reading her old diary, including her teenage spankings, he decides that spanking her was a good idea. After the spanking, he finds mention of some misbehavior that got by her father and reports it to him. Dana once experiences a bare bottom spanking over her father's knees, this time in front of her husband. Dear Diary $10.00 M/F              
03039P-print-copy 03039-down-load Megan "Let me leave my pants on, just this time, please." Neil sighs as if I'm the obtuse one. "Are your pants in trouble?" he asks solemnly. Decisions and Choices $5.00 M/F              
03040P-print-copy 03040-down-load Allegro Publications Norman is taking too long to pull out of the fourth parking slot from the mall. Lorinda takes him to task. She wants the slot, despite the fact that spot five is open. Norman asks, "What're you gonna do? Spank me?" Lorinda advises him that she, indeed, will spank him! He follows her home. She leads him to her second floor dungeon and gives him a ruthless hairbrushing. Next day, they head back to the mall. Lorinda buys him a complete woman's wardrobe. After a two-hour lesson in applying makeup, learning how to walk on the "stilts," and donning the falsie-filled bra, garter belt, stockings, dress and wig, s/he was beautiful! Converted to Cross-dressing $15.00     F/M   E     X
03041P-print-copy 03041-down-load The Sergeant David Holton believed life is hard and he prepared his children by having contests between them, the winner getting to cane the loser, hard, bare, and in front of a witness. Now it is time for one last competition. Competition $6.00 M/F   F/M          
03042P-print-copy 03042-down-load Ida When Dave walks in on his brother-in-law spanking his sister he is shocked, but after a little discussion he realizes that this is just the treatment his own wife needs. He calls her over and two bare bottoms are soundly spanked, followed by two hard-working men enjoying oral favors from their spanked wives. Diana and Jane $7.00 M/F             X
03043P-print-copy 03043-down-load Bridget Striker Cassie must go live with her aunt who has markedly different ideas than her mother on raising a proper young lady. After her aunt canes her, in front of others, it is a relief to get back to her grandfather, even if he does paddle her and her cousin soundly, and for the first time, taking Cassie's panties down to do it. Different Strokes $10.00 M/F F/F            
03044P-print-copy 03044-down-load SFG [TEXT]"Ur friends Natalie & Gretchen disobeyed Crfew violation. Both getting spanked!!! (bare bttm with hbrush. Vry painful. Vry memorable.Call them and ask tonite." [SEND] The Digital Age $10.00   F/F            
03045P-print-copy 03045-down-load Rod Birch Mary Louise was snobbish and stand-offish, so it was no wonder her fellow teachers disliked her and no wonder that, finding material to blackmail her with, three of them had her strip for a humiliating punishment with switches. Digmity, Above All, Dignity $10.00   F/F            
03046P-print-copy 03046-down-load ZZ While she is going to college, Susannah stays in her Aunt's house and is astonished to find that when her 24-year-old cousin violates her aunt's rules, she must fetch the paddle, lower her panties, and submit to a very sound spanking. Then Susannah finds that the rules apply to her too. Discipline at Aunt May's House $10.00   F/F            
03047P-print-copy 03047-down-load Dr. Sage Nudist camps are about freedom, but freedom demands discipline. When anarchy reigns, Johnson is asked to intervene and spank the offending, already bare, bottoms hard enough all will strive to follow the rules. Discipline Comes to the Nudist Camp $10.00 M/F F/F   M/M        
03048P-print-copy 03048-down-load Dr. Dlaniger When Veronica's behavior causes her husband to threaten to take her panties down and spank her, she wonders if this is just him, or if it is a cultural thing with white men. She learns from her friends that they too are subject to corporal discipline, she also learns not only that her husband will spank, but that it can be a turn on as well as a punishment. Do All White Men Spank? - 1 $10.00 M/F             X
03049P-print-copy 03049-down-load Dr. Dlaniger Veronica discovers that spankings are not always done in private and l.earns the hard way that the husbands in the neighborhood have given each other permission to spank the naughty bare bottom of any wife they catch in serious misbehavior. Do All White Men Spank? -2 $10.00 M/F              
03050P-print-copy 03050-down-load Gregory Babcock As a mildly delinquent teen, Alec had had his bottom spanked on several occasions by Dr. Kaleta, now ten years later, he discovered that not only did the good Dr. still like spanking naked bottoms, but his son, also Dr. Kaleta, had inherited the same interest. Fortunately Alec still enjoyed being spanked. Doctor Emeritus $10.00       M/M        
03051P-print-copy 03051-down-load Steve Ivy Lisa needed to go to confession and she needed a good penance to account for all of her sins, but did she need to go to Father Compton who believed that the best penance involved a wooden paddle and a bare bottom? An Effective Penance $4.00 M/F              
03052P-print-copy 03052-down-load Victoria Dick was in trouble at school. Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Jennings would fix it by having him lower his pants and underpants for the hickory stick and paddle, and having his mouth washed out with a bar of soap. English, History, but what about Math? $7.00     F/M       S  
03053P-print-copy 03053-down-load Bruce Change comes to all. The Kensington Military Academy was to be sexually integrated. Of course this meant the female cadets would have to accept the academy's tradition of bare bottom punishment. It was not long before panties came down and bare bottoms were paddled or (special for girls) hairbrushed. Equality in the Ranks $10.00 M/F       E      
03054P-print-copy 03054-down-load Rachel Heath Ernie's arrogance has caused him to lose his job, again. Having to don pink panties, and receive spankings from his psychologist, wife, and new boss, along with having them run a dildo up his backside pretty well ends his arrogant behavior. Ernie Baker's Lessons in Humility $10.00     F/M M/M        
03055P-print-copy 03055-down-load Caroline Professor Jones lifted her skirt, then lowered her panties, then, without warning, he again pressed one hand down on the, small of her back, and began to spank his naughty student. Evangeline and the Professor $6.00 M/F              
03056P-print-copy 03056-down-load William It is always horrible to be spanked over your father's knees. It's much worse when you are 17, the spanking is on the bare, and your brother and sister get to watch. Then there is standing in the corner afterwards, with your pants still down. An Evening of Fatherly Discipline $10.00       M/M        
03057P-print-copy 03057-down-load Thomas Bruns When Lance gets in trouble with his two cousins, his aunt spanks them. But he has to work to convince her that, old as he is, he too deserves to have her take down his pants and give him the first spanking of his life. He does and she does, and it's everything he dreamed of. Fantasy Turned Reality $7.00     F/M          
03058P-print-copy 03058-down-load Rachel Heath What could The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women want more than his strict mistress Cathy? Two other mistresses to spank his bare backside and require sexual services. Fella Back with Cathy, Lydia, and Sarah $10.00     F/M          
03059P-print-copy 03059-down-load Dr. Dlaniger How could a girl so beautiful and so cultured spank so hard? He was no weakling by any stretch and he was bigger and stronger than Courtney. Yet she was handling him like his was a baby, spanking him in a public park…with his pants down. First Date - First Lesson $10.00     F/M          
03060P-print-copy 03060-down-load Caroline It was their first date and it would be her first spanking. She talked him into leaving her skimpy panties in place, but they both knew there would be many more dates and many more spankings and panties would come down. First Date $3.00 M/F              
03061P-print-copy 03061-down-load SMT The new school was a success, based on high academic standards and corporal punishment as needed. But not only the students, but the teachers as well would have to drop their panties and bend over for spankings as earned. The First Teacher to be Punished $10.00   F/F            
03062P-print-copy 03062-down-load Miss Lee Heather enjoyed flaming the spanking newsgroup. Her husband, Ted, just enjoyed reading it. When he discovers what she is up to, he decides that it is time they had some practical experience. Heather discovers that having her bottom flamed is much better and sexier than writing flames. The Flamethrower $10.00 M/F             X
03063P-print-copy 03063-down-load The Sergeant We have all read stories of women who agree to get spanked if they fail to lose weight. The Sergeant tells the tale of a wife who offers her husband the opportunity to spank her if he loses weight. The Football Wife $10.00 M/F              
03064P-print-copy 03064-down-load Mark Stiles After her divorce Fran moves in with her new friend Emma. Fran finds that Emma believes in love and discipline and she gives Fran plenty of both. Fran and Emma $6.00   F/F            
03065P-print-copy 03065-down-load C. Allen Now you might wonder what I mean by discipline. Well I like to be spanked like the naughty brat I am. And if my discipline should involve a smidgen of humiliation then so much the better. The Fruits of Our Bratting $7.00 M/F              
03066P-print-copy 03066-down-load Victoria Diapers, enemas, sexual humiliation and, of course, sound spankings. Victoria used them all. He had it all. Getting in the Cracks $8.00     F/M   E     X
03067P-print-copy 03067-down-load A.B. "What about your other clerk-typists?" Orville wanted to know. "Do you spank them all?" "Not all at once," the captain chuckled. "But yes, they've all accepted the system, the ones who stay, that is. Getting to Delores $4.00 M/F              
03068P-print-copy 03068-down-load Helier Melissa has to write a report on one of her favourite subjects - corporal punishment of women in uniform. She has collected eye-witness accounts of the pants down spanking of military personnel, schoolgirls, and gymnasts. Can she manage to read them while keeping her fingers out of her pussy? The Girls in Uniform Report $10.00   F/F            
03069P-print-copy 03069-down-load ZZ Ellen was amused to watch Geraldine drop her pants and go over her mother's knee. She found it much less amusing when her own parents catch her working in a topless club and it's her panties down and her father officiating. Godiva $9.00 M/F F/F            
03070P-print-copy 03070-down-load Mike Homburg In which a young man rises, through pluck, ingenuity, and bare ass spankings, given and received, to wealth and respect during the Yukon gold rush. Gold Rush Fever $6.00       M/M       X
03071P-print-copy 03071-down-load Alice Liddell Living in England was new to Alice. Even though she was 17 she would have to get used to corporal punishment at school, and an uncle who was going to turn her over his knee and spank her bare bottom as needed. Guiding Alice - 1 $10.00 M/F              
03072P-print-copy 03072-down-load Alice Liddell Alice was late, but she said it was only 15 minutes. After taking her panties down for a very sound spanking, her guardian teaches her just how long 15 minutes can be when you are trying to hold a punishment enema. Guiding Alice -2 $10.00 M/F       E      
03073P-print-copy 03073-down-load Alice Liddell When her uncle finds out that underage Alice has been drinking in a bar, she is sentenced to a month of spankings. Every Saturday she must report to his study, lift her skirts, lower her own panties and bend over his knee Guiding Alice -3 $10.00 M/F              
03074P-print-copy 03074-down-load Alice Liddell When Uncle Chris takes her temperature, rectally of course, Alice is revealed to have lied about being sick to avoid a math test. There is no question that this earns her a sound, bare bottom spanking. Meanwhile, Uncle Chris discusses with his lady friend the necessity of discipline in their relationship. She finally agrees and learns over his knee just what she has agreed to. Guiding Alice - 4 $10.00 M/F         R    
03075P-print-copy 03075-down-load ZZ Pulling his daughter into the living room he put a cushion in the center of the couch. He then told Frankie to pull down her cheerleader shorts and panties and lie on the couch with the cushion under her tummy. Realizing what was about to happen Frankie said, "Dad, you can't spank me! I'm nineteen years old and a sophomore in college. I'm way too old to spank." Heaven Can Wait $9.00 M/F              
03076P-print-copy 03076-down-load Chuck Some men collect stamps, some climb mountains, Kari's boyfriend likes to spank bare female bottoms. Her Boyfriend's Hobby $4.00 M/F              
03077P-print-copy 03077-down-load Miss Lee Linda had gotten a hard spanking from her boyfriend before she left. Now, as she squirmed in her seat, her seatmate knew she had been spanked and schemed to repeat it. Her Presentation $9.00 M/F              
03078P-print-copy 03078-down-load Victor The city had no gangs because the judge handed out paddlings - first in the court room and later at probation report time. Sore butts = healthy city. Here Come de Judge $10.00       M/M        
03079P-print-copy 03079-down-load Alexia Becca needs help to get her to do her housekeeping, she gets it from Mark in the form of sound spankings on her bare bottom. When Lisa comes in from shopping, she gets to watch. But Becca finds out that Lisa has a shopping problem and has hit upon the same solution, she also gets spanked by Mark. Hired Help $7.00 M/F              
03080P-print-copy 03080-down-load Victoria Al gets home late and tries to put off decorating the tree. Big mistake. His glowing bottom shines bright as he rethinks his position. Home for the Holidays $10.00     F/M          
03081P-print-copy 03081-down-load Victoria Dick wasn't living up to his potential, but Mrs. Corning and Mrs. Jennings would fix that with a hickory stick on his bare bottom. Home Tutoring $6.00     F/M          
03082P-print-copy 03082-down-load Kama Sutra When Denny tries shoplifting, he earns himself a session in the woodshed with his grandfather and his razor strop and without his pants. He learns painfully that he is loved. Hot Seat to the Woodshed $10.00       M/M        
03083P-print-copy 03083-down-load A.L. Purvis Amelia and Janet never learn. This time when they are caught arguing in the bathroom, they must bend over the tub with their towels raised, so their bare bottoms can get the full benefit of a hard toilet brush. The House Call $4.00 M/F              
03084P-print-copy 03084-down-load A.L. Purvis 16 year old Amelia is still not too old for her mother to spank with a hairbrush, when her Arnold comes to visit, her mother finds out that 36 year olds are also not too old for panties down spankings. The House Guest $5.00   F/F F/M          
03085P-print-copy 03085-down-load A.L. Purvis Janet and Amelia agree not to fight. When they do, Arnold shows them what a hardwood paddle applied to the bare bottom feels like. The House Mate $5.00 M/F              
03086P-print-copy 03086-down-load Kristianna Lisa objected to every house they looked at, giving a perfect rendition of the spoiled brat she was. Finally, Tom found the perfect house and the perfect treatment for Lisa, It's amazing what a sound spanking will do to help a girl grow up. House Warming $4.00 M/F              
03087P-print-copy 03087-down-load A.L. Purvis When Amelia and Janet get drunk and drive home, Arnold introduces them to the belt and the idea that he will marry Janet and stick around as their disciplinarian forever. The House Holder $9.00 M/F              
03088P-print-copy 03088-down-load Rachel Heath A chill ran up and down his spine and he shivered as he anticipated the pain of the multi holed paddle. In no previous relationship - never in his entire life - had be been spanked with a paddle that had holes in it. "Kiss it, Louis." Louis kissed it. How Louis van Tongeren Served His Lady $10.00     F/M          
03089P-print-copy 03089-down-load Rachel Heath Faith had a simple, but effective way to make Mac do the practice necessary to bring out his talent, slacking meant he had to drop his pants and briefs and go over her knee for a long, painful spanking with her large wooden hairbrush. How Mac Duchaine Learned the Accordion $10.00     F/M          
03090P-print-copy 03090-down-load C. Flint Several years after "Spanking Vanessa," the man and Vanessa are married and he is spanking her on a regular basis. After he sees Vanessa spanking her teen-aged daughter, he lets her daughter watch when he gives Vanessa a hard switching. Humiliating Vanessa $10.00 M/F F/F            
03091P-print-copy 03091-down-load Dr. Dlaniger Her boyfriend's boss used to be her older sister's roommate in college. Both, at different times, took down her panties and spanked her. Now it was her boyfriend's turn to go over a feminine knee for much needed bare bottom discipline. Ms Mulholland was going to spank his bare bottom. He was going to cry. Loudly In Ms Mulholland's Office $10.00 M/F   F/M          
03092P-print-copy 03092-down-load Rachel Striker 32 years of naughtiness, 32 years of yearning, and now it was going to happen, Linda was going to get spanked. And not on her skirt, not even over her panties, but a real bare bottom spanking, from a man she met for the first time, one that stings and left her crying real tears. In Real Life $6.00 M/F              
03093P-print-copy 03093-down-load C.J. West Sheila was 17 when her parents decided that spanking, over the knee and with her panties down, was the best form of punishment. Now she is 35 and knows she is still can get it, in public if necessary. It Looks Like Sheila Needs a Spanking $10.00 M/F F/F            
03094P-print-copy 03094-down-load Pete How one couple keeps spice in their marriage with a set of scenarios in which the husband is spanked by the wife. Despite the title, the spankings are for real. It's Just Fun and Games $8.00     F/M          
03095P-print-copy 03095-down-load Megan Jamie was surprised when her 15 year old daughter chose a paddling instead of grounding as punishment, but she did a good job, over the knee, panties down, and hard spanks. This works so well, she tries it on a subordinate at work, which earns her a spanking of her own from her handsome boss. Jamie's Untypical Day $9.00 M/F F/F            
03096P-print-copy 03096-down-load Ida Caught shoplifting, eighteen year old Janet is fortunate to be put in the Delinquent Alternative Program rather than be sent to jail. However, in her case the Alternative involves a sound spanking with her pants down by the store owner, in front of the DAP board and her father. Janet Learns a Lesson $4.00 M/F              
03097P-print-copy 03097-down-load Jason Jason had been a submissive all his life. When Mistress Donna sends him Linda who wants to be spanked by a man, Jason is as new and timid as she is, but he soon figures out that he needs to be in charge, her panties need to come down, and the spanking must be long, hard and humiliating. He can do that. Jason's First Client $9.00 M/F              
03098P-print-copy 03098-down-load Jack It has been several years since ma'am had made Jennifer drop her panties and stand in the corner to await a sound spanking for her misdeeds, now she was doing it again. Jennifer Ann's Visitors $10.00 M/F F/F            
03099P-print-copy 03099-down-load Pete Judy is invited to watch her friend Penny use a hairbrush on her husband's bare backside. Judy Takes a Peek $3.00     F/M          
03100P-print-copy 03100-down-load Pete Having watched her friend Penny chastise her husband, Judy borrows Penny's hairbrush to use on her own husband. He reluctantly accepts the idea and even buys her an appropriate hairbrush of her own. Judy Tries Her Hand $4.00     F/M          
03101P-print-copy 03101-down-load Jason Good boys get a spanking, an enema, a butt plug, and more spanking. On their way home, Carla told her husband, that he had been a very good boy. Just What He Deserved $5.00     F/M   E      
03102P-print-copy 03102-down-load James Fox "Will you - I mean, not whip me, I don't think I could stand that, but will you - will you, oh Christ - how am I supposed to say this? Will you spank me for what I've done? Please..." Justice for Jennifer $4.00 M/F              
03103P-print-copy 03103-down-load Bill James Bill and Anne used spanking to discipline each other, so when their bratty college junior niece came to stay, it was only natural that she should also have to lower her panties for spankings and discipline enemas. But Bill and Anne also used spanking for sex and Kate was into that too. Kate, Anne, and Me - 1 $10.00 M/F F/F F/M   E     X
03104P-print-copy 03104-down-load Bill James Kate, Anne, and our hero find a fourth for their "spank and be spanked" games. Enemas lend a bit of spice to their activities. Kate, Anne, and Me -2 $10.00 M/F F/F F/M   E     X
03105P-print-copy 03105-down-load Tess It is not clear which is worse for a teenage shoplifter, for her mother to turn her over her knee in front of the store owner, or for the store owner to switch her bare bottom. Kelly had a chance to compare. Kelly Disgraced $10.00 M/F F/F            
03106P-print-copy 03106-down-load A.B. There was no question Kerry had shown very bad judgment, paying attention to her boyfriend while she should have been watching the children she was babysitting, and there was no question that she was to be punished for it over her mother's knee, with her panties down and the big wooden hairbrush teaching her a lesson she would never forget. Kerry's Last Spanking $10.00   F/F            
03107P-print-copy 03107-down-load The Sergeant Twice in her life Kit had to drop her panties and wait in the corner for her father to spank her. Now her daughter Kat was standing in the same corner, waiting. Kit, Kat, and the Leather Belt $8.00 M/F F/F            
03108P-print-copy 03108-down-load Chuck Three girls on the basketball team take revenge on the coach who spanks them, but when her boyfriend walks in on them spanking the coach, it is their bare bottoms in jeopardy. Lady Cagers Spanked $5.00 M/F F/F            
03109P-print-copy 03109-down-load Rachel Heath Louis had made a mistake while washing his mistress's panties. Such a thing couldn't go unpunished, so Louis had to fetch the paddle and drop his pants for a painful lesson in taking care. Laundry Days for Louis $9.00     F/M          
03110P-print-copy 03110-down-load C. Flint Laura is in trouble at work, the only way she can keep her job is to report to Dr. Steadman for a painful, humiliating spanking across his lap with her panties down. She knew that, but she didn't know about keeping the bar of soap in her mouth, nor the horrible enema which would be included in her visit. Laura $10.00 M/F       E   S  
03111P-print-copy 03111-down-load C. Allen In which a married sister writes her husband of the caning her soon-to-be-married sibling earns from their mother. Despite the fashion of the day, many petticoats and the like, Deidre gleefully describes her sister's most thorough bared bottom chastisement. Letters from the Past $4.00   F/F            
03112P-print-copy 03112-down-load Rod Birch "Anyway, from what my mother told me - and she should know, having been born and raised in Britain - it became accepted practice in Britain for arrogant males to find themselves receiving a good thorough thrashing on their bare buttocks from women they had offended. And believe you me, dear, the ladies loved it." Little Idiosyncrasies $10.00     F/M          
03113P-print-copy 03113-down-load B.C. and Wife He and his wife had an agreement, do something very wrong and you got a good spanking. So far he had managed to avoid deserving one, but his luck had just run out, another speeding ticket meant a session with his wife, the paddle, and his bare butt. The Long Drive Home $5.00     F/M          
03114P-print-copy 03114-down-load Susan Thomas She took a year off between school and college to wander Europe, ending up at a festival in an Eastern European town, featuring spanking. Somehow she became a part of it, the first night a light spanking over her clothes, the next a harder one on her panties, the third night harder and on the bare. A Long Journey $9.00 M/F              
03115P-print-copy 03115-down-load Rachel Heath She paddled his bare ass, with two paddles, she slippered him, made him take an enema, sodomized him with a dildo up his backside. What more could a boy ask for? Louis Does Errands $10.00     F/M   E      
03116P-print-copy 03116-down-load Barbie It is some months later, and Don is in love with Amanda but still doesn't believe the twin story. When it is proven, he turns Susan over his knee and gives her the hard, bare bottom spanking she had earned and Mandy had gotten. For Mandy there is a love spanking and a proposal. Love at First Spank $10.00 M/F              
03117P-print-copy 03117-down-load James Fox Their new house came with a shed in back. The shed came with a cane. Apparently Bernice was not the only wife who enjoyed a painful, embarrassing punishment by her husband/master. The Love Nest $4.00 M/F              
03118P-print-copy 03118-down-load Steve Ivy When Joshua finds his brother spanking Joshua's wife on the bare bottom, he wants some answers. When he gets them, he takes over the job of spanking his wife and gives a spanking to his brother's wife for good measure. Loving Means Learning New Tricks $8.00 M/F              
03119P-print-copy 03119-down-load Sonny Boy Jacobsen Each Sunday he had to masturbate under her direction. Mistakes were punished with a severe switching and other humiliations. It was horrible, he loved it! Ma'am Part One - For My Disobedience $7.00     F/M          
03120P-print-copy 03120-down-load Sonny Boy Jacobsen Mistress Mona wishes to introduce her friend, Lady Denise, into the various ways a slave can be disciplined and humiliated. Sonny Boy is her chosen model. Ma'am Part Two - Another Afternoon $5.00     F/M          
03121P-print-copy 03121-down-load Sonny Boy Jacobsen Sonny needs an exemplary punishment, so Mistress Irina sends him out to cut fresh willow switches for his whipping and bend over the porch rail for all to see his sorry whipped bottom. Ma'am Part Three - Mistress Irena $5.00     F/M          
03122P-print-copy 03122-down-load Sonny Boy Jacobsen Sonny is bored shopping with his mistress and plays a practical joke on her. She is not amused, and Sonny pays with bare bottom strappings from her and her friends. In addition she puts him in panties and then makes sure that he displays them in public. Ma'am Part Four - Mistress Favorite Skirt $10.00     F/M          
03123P-print-copy 03123-down-load Rachel Heath "Yes, madam, he said. Louis felt a twinge of fear in the pit of his belly even as his penis began to stir with the beginnings of arousal. Madalyn was the strictest Mistress he had ever had and her spankings the hardest. She required that he take every swat with a perfectly relaxed ass or she would make him take it over again. Madalyn's Manservant $4.00     F/M          
03124P-print-copy 03124-down-load Megan Mandy is a spanked wife, she hates it but that doesn't do her any good when her husband starts unbuckling his belt and commands her to drop her pants and panties and get over his knee for a long, painful session. Mandy's World $4.00 M/F              
03125P-print-copy 03125-down-load Mark Stiles Marge was a strong, independent woman, but every once in a while she wanted to have her panties lowered and go over her husband's knee for a good spanking. A little teasing and Mark was not at all averse to giving her what she wanted and some great sex as well. Marge's Sexy Submission $4.00 M/F             X
03126P-print-copy 03126-down-load Rachel Heath The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women tries hard, but Lady Lake has high standards in servants and thus he must spend a fair amount of time dropping his pants and bending over for lessons with the belt in meeting standards. Meeting the Standards of Lady Lake $10.00     F/M          
0312P-print-copy 03127-down-load Susan Thomas Melissa was 26, but she needed to confess to her old school head a disruptive prank when she was a pupil, knowing that this meant he would give her a bare bottom caning. But there was also her father's rule, a spanking at school meant a spanking at home, this time with a belt. Melissa Takes Responsibility $9.00 M/F              
03128P-print-copy 03128-down-load Ida It was their fourth anniversary. This meant beautiful new earrings and dinner at a splendid restaurant followed by an evening of love. Unfortunately for Melissa, it also meant having Jeremy take her panties down for her annual prevention spanking. And then there was the strapping in the parking lot for making them late for dinner. Melissa's Anniversary $5.00 M/F              
03129P-print-copy 03129-down-load Victoria His thoughts were on the dildo that he had placed on the table near the spanking chair. The jar of Vaseline. The hairbrush. The tawse. His punishment was going to be severe. A Memoir $7.00     F/M          
03130P-print-copy 03130-down-load Elsinore Karen Hamlet Going to live with her uncle while her father was off fighting in the second world war required Karen to make some adjustments. Probably the biggest was discovering that her misbehavior would result in her being turned over her uncle's knee for a good spanking. But the worst, was that her panties would be taken down so he could spank her bare bottom and fighting this indignity only meant more and harder spanking. Memoirs of a Properly Punished Woman $8.00 M/F              
03131P-print-copy 03131-down-load Elsinore Karen Hamlet Not surprisingly, when Karen leaves home, she searches for a replacement spanker. Her college boyfriend and a professor prove inept or unwilling, so she makes do with a spanking sorority. Finally she finds a boss who believes that what she needs is a good old-fashioned pants down spanking. He is so right. Memoirs of a Properly Punished Woman - Part 2 $10.00 M/F F/F            
03132P-print-copy 03132-down-load Rod Birch Helen was desperate, so she tried blackmail. She learns she shouldn't have when subjected naked to eight hard strokes of the switch and 12 with a hard wooden hairbrush. Mexican Standoff $10.00 M/F              
03133P-print-copy 03133-down-load Jason Mike knew that his wife was going to spank him for his birthday. What he didn't know was she had invited his three older sisters to help spank his bare bottom, wash his mouth out with soap, give him an enema, and dress him in panties Mike's Birthday Surprise $10.00     F/M   E   S  
03134P-print-copy 03134-down-load Gregory Babcock "Well," he replied, "of course, there was Mister Waslewski the head of the unit, when I was working in my first movie. The one with Miss Colbert. He took me - twice - off the set, and he really laid into me! Took down my pants! Took 'em right down! My underwear too! In front of most of the actors and actresses as well as all the technical people. And, I mean, he really gave it to me! Bare fanny!" The Mime $10.00       M/M        
03135P-print-copy 03135-down-load ZZ The nervous girl walked over to her and unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Without being told she also pushed her panties down to her knees. Reaching up Violet pulled the unresisting girl over her lap. Lorissa stared at this tableau with unbelieving eyes. Miss Pitt's Boarding House for Young Ladies $10.00   F/F            
03136P-print-copy 03136-down-load Jason Why, she asked herself for the hundredth time, couldn't Darryl be satisfied with turning her over his knees, pulling down whatever panties she happened to be wearing, and spanking her bare bottom until she was crying and begging him to stop? Why did he have to add the humiliation of that horrible name and make her wear red panties? Miss Redpants $8.00 M/F              
03137P-print-copy 03137-down-load Susan Thomas In the near future, Britain has reinstituted spanking in the home, workplace, and for minor crimes. Zooey has come from America to write about this phenomenon, bringing with her the idea that anything not American must be funny, quaint, or wrong headed. That is, until session over her host's knee introduces her to the real merits of old fashioned, skirts and panties off spankings. Mission Accomplished $9.00 M/F              
03138P-print-copy 03138-down-load Gregory Babcock "You heard me," insisted Mr. Conrad. "You were playing for the usual stakes. Usual stakes means that the loser gets his ass paddled." "His bare ass," augmented Vickie. His completely bare ass! Now, take 'em down, Glenn! Your pants and your drivvies!" Mister Conrad $10.00       M/M        
03139P-print-copy 03139-down-load Frank Tenaya Joanne had never really grown up. It was time for her 18 year old daughter to take down her pants and give her the hard, bare bottom spanking she needed if she was finally to grow up. Modern Immaturity $10.00   F/F            
03140P-print-copy 03140-down-load James Sondance Our heroine discovers, after her children leave home, that her husband can benefit from the type of discipline that she had handed out to the kids. And women who flirt with her husband can also benefit from bare bottom spankings. Mother Again $6.00   F/F F/M          
03141P-print-copy 03141-down-load James Sondance When his favorite Dom leaves him, James goes to a new young woman, He is somewhat nervous about her proficiency, but with aid from her mother, James gets more than he bargained for. Mother Knows Best $6.00     F/M          
03142P-print-copy 03142-down-load Gregory Babcock "Yep. Just like her mother. It was born in her. Like me, she came bursting out of the womb - looking for male fannies to whip! From the time she was - I dunno - five or six. Even at that young age, I'd sometimes let her sit in on a strapping or six. Strappings that I'd lay on her stepfather." Mrs. Fournier $10.00     F/M          
03143P-print-copy 03143-down-load Gregory Babcock Madge assumed a position — to the right of my starboard, bared, buttock -- and Gladys wound up abaft the port cheek Each of these lovelies was — by then — brandishing a thick wooden paddle. My Favorite Barber $10.00     F/M          
03144P-print-copy 03144-down-load Gregory Babcock "Now, I'm not going to play the game of 'What did you do to deserve this spanking?'. Quite frankly, I really don't care how good - or how bad - you've been. I'm going to spank you! Spank you good and hard! Right on your bare bum! I'm going to spank your bum - simply because I want to!" My Retirement $10.00     F/M          
03145P-print-copy 03145-down-load Helier A young girl spends several weeks with an English artist whose chief passion, apart from art, is spanking young girls like her. She watches longingly as Amelia, Petra and Florence all get it on their bare bottoms with the strap and the cane. How long before her turn? My Summer with Sir Stephen $10.00 M/F              
0314P-print-copy 03146-down-load Ricardo Richard had been drinking and playing around. Now his wife's lawyer gave him an ultimatum, either a divorce or he could drop his pants and bend over for a hard strapping from her, and then one from his wife whenever she thought it desirable. My Wife Martha and her Lawyer, Samantha $4.00     F/M          
03147P-print-copy 03147-down-load Ricardo Gradually Richard's behavior had become unacceptable, flirting, drinking too much, and the like. Fortunately his wife decided she was not going to put up with this behavior. After an ultimatum, Richard agrees to lower his pants and bend over for correction with a rubber strap. Natalie $3.00     F/M          
03148P-print-copy 03148-down-load Miss Lee Ah, the joys of the great outdoors. You can dress to tease him, there are switches to be cut, nettles to be embedded in your bottom, nobody but him to see your bared bottom and sex or to hear your screams, and some pleasures of civilization such as a battery operated vibrator. Nature Gal $6.00 M/F              
03149P-print-copy 03149-down-load Bruce "For your information, young lady, how other parents raise their children is up to them. YOU, however, are NOT too old to be spanked and you will NEVER be too old to spank, at least not while you still live under this roof! And I really don't care whether you are 28 and have a job. If you deserve it, you WILL be spanked!" You're Never Too Old to be Spanked - 1 $10.00   F/F            
03150P-print-copy 03150-down-load Bruce "Well, Officer Thomas, I believe I asked you a question. Would it be against any law or would it offend you or anyone else out there if I were to haul my niece across my lap, take her pants down and blister the blue blazes out of her bare behind?" You're Never Too Old to be Spanked - 2 $10.00   F/F            
0315P-print-copy 03151-down-load Bruce Priscilla is in trouble. Four times she is spanked on her way home, to the big one with the razor strop, not that these are minor. Each with her dress up and her girdle and panties down, over the knee of her aunt, with lots of people listening and knowing exactly what is happening to the 28 year old naughty girl. You're Never Too Old to be Spanked - 3 $10.00   F/F            
03152P-print-copy 03152-down-load Susan Thomas It was a mixed marriage, he spanked his daughters as needed, Amelia's mum had never spanked her. To be fair, Amelia probably provided less cause for punishment in general. But the new family would be run by his rules, and all the girls would go over his knee and present their bare bottoms for sound spankings when they transgressed the rules. Amelia was the first. New Family, New Ways $9.00 M/F              
03153P-print-copy 03153-down-load ZZ It was Mary Jo's first job. It was a traditional area and she found the best part of it was her responsibility as a phys ed teacher to paddle misbehaving high school girls. She was less enthused when traditional ways dictated that she had to go over her landlord's knees with her panties around her knees to be spanked herself for missing his curfew. The New PE Teacher $10.00 M/F F/F     E R    
03154P-print-copy 03154-down-load Susan Thomas She didn't know where the desire came from, but she desperately wanted to be spanked, over the knees, bare bottom, no stopping until he said so, but she had taken it slowly until now. But now she told him she had lied about her age, and they were clearly going to move on to a new level, no panties, no control. No Safe Word $7.00 M/F              
03155P-print-copy 03155-down-load Megan Megan hadn't really cheated on Noah, she had just let another man spank her bottom. He didn't see it that way and was now appreciating the virtues of spanking her bare and luscious backside. Noah's Awakening $8.00 M/F              
03156P-print-copy 03156-down-load Rod Birch Maura smiled. "But I'd get $75 a session. I'd dress up in a nun's habit, and the customers - mostly males but a few females, too-loved the idea of a bare bottom spanking by a former nun. Today the going rate's anywhere from $200 to $300 a session. Nun's Fun $10.00     F/M          
03157P-print-copy 03157-down-load Steve Ivy Since Sondra moved back home, she has been subject to spankings from her parents. Now she finds that the regimen has expanded to work where she must atone for her shortcomings by stripping naked and bending over a desk to be spanked by each of her coworkers. Office Justice $10.00 M/F F/F            
03158P-print-copy 03158-down-load Rod Birch "So now here you are about to stand mother naked in front of a woman who is personally going to see to it you get what you asked for. And paid five hundred dollars for. Anyhow, for your information, you insulting, cheeky fellow, you are in for a good old-fashioned bare bottom thrashing. From a woman. But it won't be me who whips your bare butt." Oh, I Couldn't Do That! $10.00     F/M          
03159P-print-copy 03159-down-load C.J. West You might think that five young women, age 22 to 35 had outgrown the possibility of having Dad regulate their behavior with skirts up, panties down sessions of oldfashioned bare bottom spanking. Yeah, you might think so. Old Enough to Vote, Not Too Old for a Spanking $10.00 M/F              
03160P-print-copy 03160-down-load Felicity "Other women always spank me. I'm not really sure why, but they just can't seem to control themselves. It happens almost every day and it's been going on for as long as I can remember. Or at least, it's been happening since the day that I turned twenty-one." One of Those Rumps? $6.00   F/F            
03161P-print-copy 03161-down-load Anonymous Jay has never been spanked when, as a college freshman, he boards at Jimmy's house. Jimmy's aunt rectifies this situation, subjecting Jay to the bare bottom spankings she gives Jimmy and his sisters. Over the Knee at Jimmy's House $10.00   F/F F/M          
03162P-print-copy 03162-down-load Anonymous Jimmy's sisters think it is great fun to watch Jay get spanked and to tease him about it, They think it is less fun when they also have their own bare bottoms publicly paddled. Over the Knee at Jimmy's House - 2 $10.00   F/F F/M          
03163P-print-copy 03163-down-load Thomas Bruns Tom was fixing Nancy's computer when he peeked in and saw her spanking the papergirl. This led to them both fulfilling their fantasies as Nancy pulled down his pants and gave Tom his first ever adult spanking. It was more exciting than he expected. Paddling Instead of Paying $8.00   F/F F/M          
03164P-print-copy 03164-down-load The Crimson Kid The rules were a bit complicated, but the results were not. There were 15 naked male butts (attached to 15 husbands) in the pool and 15 wives anxious and able to turn them red with paddles and other implements. And the fun never stops. Paddling Pool Party $10.00     F/M          
03165P-print-copy 03165-down-load Gregory Babcock During my youth, I'd done my best to get virtually every babysitter I'd ever encountered to take down my pants, and give me a good, solid, spanking. Pain in the Fanny $10.00     F/M          
03166P-print-copy 03166-down-load Ed Finn Craig was surprised when Kristine's father threatened to send her to her room. He was more surprised when he watched his 22 year old fiancée get her bare bottom spanked by her father after being ordered to her room. A Painful Reminder $10.00 M/F              
03167P-print-copy 03167-down-load Nigel McParr Nan had long wanted to spank Rob as his mother did, now she would be put in charge of him while he learned dress making, authorized to not only bare and spank his bottom but to torment him sexually as she pleased. Paradise Bound - 1 $10.00     F/M         X
03168P-print-copy 03168-down-load Nigel McParr Mrs. Winslow has raised five boys. She is a patient, loving woman, but if you dare to test her limits, you will quickly learn she knows how to spank and paddle a young man's backside. Paradise Bound -2 $10.00   F/F F/M          
03169P-print-copy 03169-down-load Nigel McParr "I'm truly sorry Miss Hild had to cane you, Robbie, but you cannot deny you were a very naughty boy, and you desperately needed a darn good whipping, which is what we mothers and mistresses do when our charges forget their place in this home." She began to unbutton her bodice. Paradise Bound -3 $10.00   F/F F/M          
03170P-print-copy 03170-down-load SFG When a special bequest allows Winthrop College to set up special dorms with rules more appropriate to the early '50s than 1974, it is not surprising that the girls' dorm is inhabited by coeds whose parents believe in strict discipline, including a few who feel that college age is no barrier to hard, panties down spankings for errant daughters. It is also not surprising that the idea spreads. Parsons House - I $10.00   F/F            
03171P-print-copy 03171-down-load SFG The practice of spanking discipline was expanding family by family as the Dean's letters went out to the families of the girls living in Parsons House and one set of parents after another learned that other families were now using this old-fashioned and time-honored form of discipline on their college-age daughters. Parsons House - II $10.00   F/F            
03172P-print-copy 03172-down-load SFG I had Samantha stand in front of me as I was seated with the hairbrush residing on my lap. As she quietly pleaded with me, I ignored her and continued to unbutton her pants, unzip them, and then pull her pants and panties down all the way to her knees. Parsons House - III $10.00   F/F            
03173P-print-copy 03173-down-load SFG Mother meets Jessica at the train station and is quite pleased to see her naughty daughter wearing the special sign around her neck. Even from 20 feet away the large red letters SPANKING REPORT are clearly visible. Parsons House - IV $10.00   F/F            
03174P-print-copy 03174-down-load SFG Parker reported herself for masturbation in hopes of being sent home for a spanking from her mother. Miss Stanton adds a recommendation that the spanking be given with her pants and panties down. It hurts horribly, but it is even more exciting than she hoped. Parsons House - V $10.00   F/F            
03175P-print-copy 03175-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. I had lots to be thankful for in what Bruce and I had found here and the fact that, despite the thirty odd years between us (probably 'because' of them in many ways) this specific need we both had-for me to spank a bare hard young male ass and for him to have an older woman redden his cheeks while he cried, wiggled and occasionally came across her knee-was being met almost two times a week now. Patty's After Care $6.00     F/M          
03176P-print-copy 03176-down-load Don Barton Paulette was 19 and too old, her parents had decided, to spank. But when she defies them, they rethink the effect that a sound, panties down paddling may have on her behavior. What to do with Paulette $10.00 M/F              
03177P-print-copy 03177-down-load James Fox Perkins hated it when Lady Thompson and her friend caned the serving maids for their pleasure, but times change and the butler came into some money and with the assistance of an incriminating letter, he persuades the Ladies to bare their bottoms and go over his knees for a spanking followed by bending over for a well deserved dose of the cane. Perkins' Pleasure $6.00 M/F F/F            
03178P-print-copy 03178-down-load Alexia Mark Sutton was trainer to the stars, but Colene did not expect his methods. What was she doing following his instructions to drop her pants and bend over with her hands on the sofa while he lowered her panties to spank her? Personal Trainer $4.00 M/F              
03179P-print-copy 03179-down-load Susan Thomas Six women, each with her own load of guilt, check into Pine Lodge for a week of guilt erasure. Each must drop her knickers and bend over for the paddle or strap a number of times, climaxing with a birching according to her fault. Pine Lodge $10.00   F/F            
03180P-print-copy 03180-down-load Ceejay Blais In order to gain insight into the life, 25 year old Anna agrees to live as a daughter in an Amish household. It works. Just like the younger children she must pay for her misdeeds with a spanking from her "father" and his strap or paddle with her dress raised and panties lowered for correction. Plain and Simple - I $10.00 M/F              
03181P-print-copy 03181-down-load Ceejay Blais In which Anna realizes that not only does she love the Amish way of life, but she loves Isaac too. She finds the feeling is mutual, but before the happy couple can get married, Anna must pay for a serious misbehavior with a series of strappings from Isaac. And she must learn that she can no longer be Rachel's big sister, but must become a maternal authority figure. Plain and Simple - II $10.00 M/F F/F            
03182P-print-copy 03182-down-load Bill James Two people, having first met over the internet then in person, get together FOR an afternoon of spanking, ass play, and enema fun. Playing Together $5.00 M/F       E      
03183P-print-copy 03183-down-load Allegro Publications Owen Hoover, in his mid-twenties, and eight of his contemporaries, decide to make an Xrated video tape. Owen and his onetime girlfriend, Claudia Perry, are to be the stars. Their coupling was to be merely "simulated" -- no actual penetration! However, rascally ol' Owen manages more realism When the camera is finally shut off, Claudia, of course, is furious! She threatens to withhold her approval for release of the "epic" -- unless she's allowed to give Owen a Godawful strapping, to be included as part of the tape package! Owen consents. The fearsome strapping -- Claudia and Owen are both still naked -- becomes the high point of the video! Checks for $1700 -- for each of the nine -- partners "inspires' the group to do another tape! Exclusively a spanking "masterpiece"! And another! (Dildoing) Porn Flick $15.00 M/F   F/M         X
03184P-print-copy 03184-down-load Steve Richardson She had never been spanked, and she resisted the idea. But the spanking had come, and it was embarrassing and painful, nobody likes to have her panties lowered, be turned over a knee, and be spanked, but she had to admit that she was pretty in pink. Pretty in Pink $3.00 M/F              
03185P-print-copy 03185-down-load Felicity The wives in the neighborhood all knew that misbehavior would result in a session over Mrs Collins' knee with their dresses raised and their panties down while her hairbrush taught them a lesson in proper wifely behavior. But it was almost worth it for the comfort and cuddling from their husbands. Pretty Pink or Burning Crimson $5.00   F/F            
03186P-print-copy 03186-down-load Jason Discipline night at the Woman's Prison. Three inmates stripped bare from the waist down and forced to bend over so three sadistic guards can whip their asses for prison misdemeanors. It would make a great video. What, you say it already has? Prison Discipline Night $7.00   F/F            
03187P-print-copy 03187-down-load Frank Tenaya Nikki Squires was one of those talk show hosts who insults her callers and everybody else. However, when she insults her sponsor, her audience gets to listen to the sponsor's wife wash her mouth out with soap and then spank her bare bottom. Radio Nights $8.00   F/F         S  
03188P-print-copy 03188-down-load A.B. Young women colonial spies were a problem during the revolution. They gathered information injurious to the crown, but you couldn't really shoot them. But you could thrash them, more specifically you could turn them over your knee, lift their skirts and petticoats and soundly spank their bare bottoms. Redcoats and Red Bottoms $10.00 M/F              
03189P-print-copy 03189-down-load Caroline Reggie is a young, aggressive lawyer. She lets her aggressiveness get the better of her and contempt of court by a young lawyer is punished with a hard paddling. Reggie Meets the Judge $8.00 M/F              
03190P-print-copy 03190-down-load Rod Birch Mary Sara had a scheme to blackmail Brad into stripping naked to be spanked in front of five young lady. Instead, she found herself removing her dress, bra, and pantyhose and bending over for a switching by each of the other women. Registered $10.00   F/F            
03191P-print-copy 03191-down-load Jason Roger returns to the basement of his old house, where the ghost of a professional dominatrix makes him wear panties and spanks, straps, and canes his bare bottom to teach him to treat his ex-wife better. Return to the Basement $8.00     F/M          
03192P-print-copy 03192-down-load Kristianna Andrea was having trouble getting motivated. Her big brother helped out. It is amazing how motivated you can be after a bare bottom spanking followed by a bare bottomed strapping. Reunion $4.00 M/F              
03193P-print-copy 03193-down-load Mike Burke The Cowens were rich, but determined their daughter would not be spoiled. To this end (and hers) they dedicated the STINGER, a paddle made just for spanking the spoiledness out of a growing, or grown, girl. Today she must lower her pants, pantyhose, and panties and assume the position for her mother to apply the Stinger, then go over her father's lap for him to spank her on her already sore bottom with work hardened hands. A Rich Girl Pays the Price $9.00 M/F F/F            
03194P-print-copy 03194-down-load Mike Burke When her girlfriends see The Stinger hanging on her bedroom wall, she tries to tell them it doesn't really hurt. Unfortunately her mother overhears and decides that more severity is called for. For her next paddling, Roxanne must undress completely and she is sure both her mother and father are spanking harder. A Rich Girl Pays the Price -2 $9.00 M/F F/F            
03195P-print-copy 03195-down-load Rachel Heath Lydia was bored and her husband didn't want her to get a job. She found purpose in life by supervising the servants, starting with Norman, the butler. With a list of his mistakes, she had him drop his pants and briefs and bend over for 40 hard spanks with a solid hairbrush. A Rich Housewife is a Servant Supervisor $5.00     F/M          
03196P-print-copy 03196-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. They were such old friends that they could share a bed with nothing sexual. Until, it became sexually arousing and she found that spanking him would get his mind on other things. As time passed the spanking became very sexual indeed. Risa's Visit $9.00     F/M         X
03197P-print-copy 03197-down-load Jason "I enjoy having men under my thumb in Room 211, making them do things they probably wouldn't do in their everyday lives; wearing panties, taking enemas, getting spanked. I'm also a bit of a sadist" Thus spake Mistress Darla. Jason was in for all he could handle. Room 211-down-load $10.00     F/M   E      
03198P-print-copy 03198-down-load Rod Birch "Oh, shut up," snapped his wife. Then she chuckled. "Personally, I think it's a lovely idea. There's nothing I'd like better than to have a couple of women see you dancing naked, while this lady here whips your bare butt." Safe Word $10.00     F/M          
0319P-print-copy 03199-down-load Susan Thomas After retiring from the army, Sergeant Mawvers took a position as instructor at a girls' college. With his military experience, it was not surprising that he took on responsibility for discipline of the staff, students, and faculty. Many a naughty young lady found herself over his knee, or bent over a chair with her knickers down for a needed taste of his hand, belt, cane, or in extreme cases, the birch. Saint Breaca's College $10.00 M/F              
03200P-print-copy 03200-down-load Victoria Victoria feels she should teach Doug a lesson in deportment. Her educational materials are a ruler, paddle, and hairbrush. Her teaching location is Doug's bottom after she has lowered his pants and briefs and turned it up over her knee. A Sample of Victoria's Style $4.00     F/M          
03201P-print-copy 03201-down-load Barbie Natalie had been a very naughty girl, and as happens, Santa had dealt with this by turning her over his knee, pulling down her panties, and paddling her red. Then he made her give the paddle to her fiancé, but Santa and Roy were the same person -- or were they? Santa Looks Just Like ... $9.00 M/F              
03202P-print-copy 03202-down-load Victor Vic was a high school football hero, but when he did something stupid the coach turned him over his knee and spanked him bareass in front of the team. Worse, the coach offered to be a surrogate disciplinarian when he got to be too much for his mother to handle. Say, Coach $9.00       M/M        
03203P-print-copy 03203-down-load Randi She would get the part of a lifetime, even if preparing for it meant spending time in a special school where women were taught the arts of love and the ways of discipline. Screen Test $10.00 M/F              
03204P-print-copy 03204-down-load Kama Sutra They had been caught and now the judge had decreed that she would publically spank them. When they don't take their strappings well, the crop comes out and the pants come down. Seat of Justice $5.00     F/M          
03205P-print-copy 03205-down-load Susan Thomas "I must ask you to raise your dress, lower your knickers and then bend over and touch your toes." Amanda, her face burning with shame and desperate to show the headmistress the extent of her repentance carried out the instructions properly. The Second-hand Books $10.00 M/F F/F            
03206P-print-copy 03206-down-load SFG Greater love hath no sister. Knowing her younger sister is fooling with drugs, Steph arranges for a police officer to catch them with pot and turn them over to their stepmother who turns each over her knee and spanks her bare bottom with the family paddle, in front of the officer. Seeking Help from a Friend $10.00   F/F            
03207P-print-copy 03207-down-load Rachel Heath The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women has found the perfect situation as a house servant for Mistress Tatania. She demands perfection, spanks him severely when she doesn't get it, regulates his sexuality, and makes sure her sexual needs come first. Serving Mistress Tatiana $10.00     F/M         X
03208P-print-copy 03208-down-load C. Allen There was serious vandalism and three students were held responsible. Rather than expulsion, their mothers agreed each would get paddled on her panties by the head mistress. But the evidence against one wasn't strong and her mother seized up that to force the head mistress to take a punishment of her own. Sex, Lies, and Chutzpah $7.00   F/F            
03209P-print-copy 03209-down-load C. Flint "Please, sir," she said haltingly, "Please take these switches and teach me not to steal." "Very well," he said. And took the switches from her. He stood and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. One by one he slashed the switches through the air, keeping the whippiest and dropping the other onto the chair. "Turn around," he said. "Keep your dress up and bend over." Shoe Leather $7.00 M/F              
03210P-print-copy 03210-down-load Jane Fairweather 18 year old Jane’s guardian decides to send her to a boarding school in the hopes her academic performance will improve. It does, as Jane learns the cane can have its pleasures as well as terrors. And this being an English boarding school, she also is introduced to the joys of lesbian sex. The Seat of Learning $7.00   F/F           X
03211P-print-copy 03211-down-load Mike Burke "Before you move into position, I want you roll up your skirt and don't you dare drop it," the mother commanded. That news brought a wail from the intended victim who had never had to go into such detailed preparation before. In fact, unbeknownst to Penny, this was going to be her first spanking on her bare bottom. "Stop your whining," the girl's mother ordered. "You are a big girl now and big girls get big girl punishments." A Smoking Bottom $9.00   F/F            
03212P-print-copy 03212-down-load Rod Birch "And I'm sure those lady friends of yours would all find it terribly amusing, you know, entertaining, positively entertaining no end. Think about it. Think how they'd relish watching you capering and prancing, naked and begging, while a small woman like me thrashes your bare buttocks and thighs. In public at that." Smyth with a "Y" $10.00     F/M          
03213P-print-copy 03213-down-load Felicity Karen had answered an ad and found the perfect aunt, one who would give her the bare bottom spankings that she craved. Then Becky found out about it and told everybody in the company. But Becky finds that she too can have her panties lowered and be soundly spanked with everybody told. Sorry Auntie $9.00   F/F            
03214P-print-copy 03214-down-load Anonymous Martin was late for dinner, late with his rent, late with his credit card payments, you get the idea. So does his girlfriend who watches eagerly as the landlady's daughter takes him over her knee, pulls down his pants, and spanks his bare bottom a bright red. Spanked in Front of His Girlfriend $10.00     F/M          
03215P-print-copy 03215-down-load William "I believe my exact words were that 'I was going to take it out of your hide'," the father pointed out. "Is that it?" "Yes-yes-yes sir. Something like that," Bobby noted. "Very well then. Take off those clothes," the father ordered matter of factly. The young man gasped. It just wasn't his day. Spanking in a Small Town $10.00       M/M        
03216P-print-copy 03216-down-load C. Allen The town didn't have a woman's jail, so when a woman got in trouble for something less than armed robbery, it was the sheriff's duty to administer justice with a paddle, strop, or other implement as he deemed fit. When he spanks Laura's bloomers for her voting demonstration, it is the first move in their romance. Summary Justice Love $10.00 M/F              
03217P-print-copy 03217-down-load C. Flint When, on a whim, a man turns a one night stand over his knee he discovers what she really wants - a good spanking. Spanking Vanessa $9.00 M/F              
03218P-print-copy 03218-down-load Mr. Mike Curtis' father had run away years ago and his mother didn't believe in spanking. When he came to stay with his uncle, he learned the horrible feeling of being put over his uncle's knees with his pants down for a good spanking or bending over bare-butt for a session with the switch or belt. He hated it, but he learned. A Summer at Uncle Buster's $10.00       M/M        
03219P-print-copy 03219-down-load Randi Being a decoy required her to let him strip her, molest her, paddle her, and cane her. And those were only some of the benefits of the job. Spy Games $10.00 M/F             X
03220P-print-copy 03220-down-load Susan Thomas Amanda could hear her stepfather spanking her mother for not keeping a good enough eye on her and her sister Ann. Thus it really wasn't a surprise when he spanked Amanda herself on her knickers. After the marriage, she and Ann joined their mother in being subject to bare bottom spankings from him and his parents. Stepdaughters $10.00 M/F F/F            
03221P-print-copy 03221-down-load Don Barton At the age of 13, Stephanie had managed to convince her parents that she was too old to be spanked. Now, at 18, a number of incidents of vandalism result in her having to drop her panties for spankings from the judge, her parents, and the merchants she vandalized. Stephanie and the Spanking Judge $10.00 M/F F/F            
03222P-print-copy 03222-down-load Miss Lee When Mary Sue discovers that her father spanks her mother whenever she does, and more than that, although her mother kicks and screams just like Mary Sue does, her mother approves of the spankings, she reaches the only possible conclusion, grownups are crazy. Sins of the Daughter $6.00 M/F F/F            
03223P-print-copy 03223-down-load Rachel Heath The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women has found the perfect mistress. Any mistake in his housekeeping duties earns him the instructions to drop his pants and bend over for a scorching reminder. Of course, the sex is great, if a bit humiliating, as well. The Strictest Mistress $10.00     F/M         X
03224P-print-copy 03224-down-load Kristianna MaryKay well remembered when she and Kris, her sorority little sister, had been summoned to the dean to lower their panties and take a paddling for cheating. Now Kris needed another paddling and it was up to MK to provide it. Summer School $6.00   F/F            
03225P-print-copy 03225-down-load C. Flint "I wanted you to have a proper pair of stockings but I just don't have time to teach you how to use a garter belt." "But I can't go out in public like that. I'll be humiliated." "Gee, that's just how I felt after I found out about your affair. I learned to live with it. You will learn exactly how I felt." "Just until we get out of town, can't I…" I saw the look in her eye and stopped. "Out of bed," she ordered. "Drop those panties and bend over." Summer School: Prelude to a Painful Summer $5.00     F/M          
03226P-print-copy 03226-down-load SFG Aunt Sally calls Paula's mother, Alice, to explain that she has been introduced to spankings for misbehavior. Alice finds this interesting and decides to try it out in her family. 21 year old Hannah is the first to have to lower her pants and panties and go over her mother's knees for a serious spanking for serious misbehavior. Surprising Changes in the Stance Household - 1 $10.00   F/F            
03227P-print-copy 03227-down-load SFG Hannah is caught smoking. This time she must go over a specially made restraining table to present her bare bottom for her mother to teach her a lesson with an inch-thick strap. Surprising Changes in the Stance Household -2 $10.00   F/F            
0322P-print-copy 03228-down-load SFG With the good results Alice is obtaining spanking her naughty daughters, it is no wonder that other mothers in the neighborhood also decide that sound, bare bottom spankings will be good for their daughters as well. Surprising Changes Near the Stance Household -3 $10.00   F/F            
0322P-print-copy 03229-down-load Steve Ivy Even though 18-year-old Lori is a college freshman, she still must lower her panties and go over her mother's knees for sound spankings. New levels of embarrassment are reached when she is spanked in front of 3three girl friends and also watches her mother spank one of them soundly. Susan's Summer School $8.00   F/F            
03230P-print-copy 03230-down-load Victoria He came over to borrow a cup of sugar. What he got was the order to drop his pants and accept a sound spanking from Victoria in front of Lily. As Sweet as Sugar $5.00     F/M          
03231P-print-copy 03231-down-load Bill James A married couple gives us an insight to a weekend of spanking, enemas, oral sex, and switching with each other. As the saying goes, "the couple that spanks together …" The System $5.00 M/F   F/M   E     X
03232P-print-copy 03232-down-load C.J. West We finally got it! A TV network of our own. Spanking game shows, bare bottom spankings on Who's The Boss, General Hospital, and more, spanking news, it's all on The Spanking Network. The Spanking Network - 1 $10.00 M/F              
03233P-print-copy 03233-down-load B.C. and Wife From the first time her daddy took down her panties for a spanking, through her boyfriend who spanked her bare for the joy of it, through the times now he is her husband and spanks her for real - Spankings Remembered. Spankings Remembered $10.00 M/F              
03234P-print-copy 03234-down-load Steve Richardson Susie had just been paddled by the principal for an argument with her teacher, and she knew she had another spanking, this one with her panties down, coming from her Daddy when she got home. But she was still much more cheerful about the whole thing when she happened to hear the principal spanking the teacher for the argument, with her panties down. Susie, the Principal, and the Teacher $2.00 M/F              
03235P-print-copy 03235-down-load Jason Gina loved him, but she was tired of Jerry's boorish macho behavior. Her hairbrush on his bare bottom and other training would assure he was taken down a few notches. Taken Down a Few Notches $10.00     F/M          
03236P-print-copy 03236-down-load ZZ Jaime's parents were at their wits' end. Jamie was disobedient, not doing well in school, and just home from a court date for possession of pot and ecstasy. Mrs. Harrington was the solution, a combination of a tutor and nanny, she was quite prepared to spank the bare bottoms of even big girls. The Taming of Jaime $10.00   F/F            
03237P-print-copy 03237-down-load Tess Dana had the first question. "You mean," she began, "that if you spank us, you won't tell our parents anything about this?" And yes, it would be bare and it would be hard, but their parents wouldn't need to be told about their misbehavior. The Tanning of Two Trespassers $10.00 M/F              
03239P-print-copy 03239-down-load Dr. Dlaniger "Now I want you to be a good boy and drop your jeans, take down your little briefs, and get across my lap." It's not a real good idea to insult a police officer or even to laugh when your buddy does. Teaching Them to Respect an Officer of the Law $7.00       M/M        
03240P-print-copy 03240-down-load Helier When beautiful young research student, Natalie, comes to Vellumons Classical High School looking for volunteers to help in her project by taking a harsh spanking on the bare, Petra cannot resist the impulse to take part. Plenty of other girls do the same but, in the end, it is Natalie who has to bend over in front of them and take the worst spanking of all. Thesis $10.00   F/F            
03241P-print-copy 03241-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. "I just want you to say it out loud, that's all baby, it's easy." "No mommy, please-" WHACK, Amy landed another high arching belt slice dead center across Gerald's just shaved buns. "Just say it, baby, and it'll all be over." WACK, SLIPTA, WHACK the petite blonde landed two more cuts across her boyfriend's suffering taut ass. This Particular Weekend for Gerald and Amy $8.00     F/M          
03242P-print-copy 03242-down-load B.C. and Wife "When my boss talks, I jump. If I don't, she takes out her wooden paddle and spanks my bare ass right across her lap. And she spanks hard, too." Three Men Tell of the Bosses Who Spank Them $9.00     F/M          
03243P-print-copy 03243-down-load B.C. and Wife As teenagers, each of them had to lower their pants and briefs and bend over an older woman's knees for a hard paddling on their bare bottoms when they did wrong. An English teacher, a piano teacher, a big sister, each feels that grown men can also benefit from long, hard, pants-down spankings. Three Old Men Tell of the Women Who Still Spank Them $9.00     F/M          
03244P-print-copy 03244-down-load Ricardo In one world, 16 year old Richard must empty his pockets and bend over for the principal's paddle, in another, he must lower his pants and go over the knees of a neighbor lady, in a third Richard goes across the town Clerk's knees for a hairbrush spanking on the bare. But he is an adult now, and the spanking can be followed by adult activities. Three Spanking Scenes $6.00     F/M          
03245P-print-copy 03245-down-load C.J. West Janet and Chrissy are having a good, if rowdy, time at a restaurant when Chrissy's minister father happens in and demonstrates his displeasure by taking each of them over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and then repeating the process twice more. Three's Company $10.00 M/F              
03246P-print-copy 03246-down-load Miss Lee If you reveal too much personal information on a spanking internet group, a coworker may be able to identify you, meet you after work, take down your pants and panties for a hard spanking followed by making you strip for the strap, followed by wild sex. What is the downside? Tina and Adam, a Love Story $9.00 M/F             X
03247P-print-copy 03247-down-load Ed Finn Four girls are caught swimming in the nude. Delivered home by the deputy, each is spanked. There are some differences, in two cases the spanker is the father, in two the mother, three of the girls receive their spankings over the knee, hand, hairbrush, paddle, and strap are used. There are some similarities, each girl receives her spanking with her panties down, and each learns she is not too old to be spanked. Too Old to be Spanked? $10.00 M/F F/F            
03248P-print-copy 03248-down-load Kama Sutra Denny thought he was cool, sneaking into the club with a false ID. It wasn't so cool when the bouncer took down his pants and strapped him in front of everybody. And he still had his father to face. Trapped, Slapped, and Sorry $5.00       M/M        
03249P-print-copy 03249-down-load The Sergeant 9 Sallee asked her grandmother what her father meant when he sentenced her to a trip to the barn. She was not really surprised to find out that it meant she was going to have to lower her panties and bend over to receive a sound spanking with a paddle. A Trip to the Barn $9.00 M/F              
03250P-print-copy 03250-down-load C. Allen Robert has a new, beautiful step-mother, only a few years older than he. Is it any wonder he goes exploring in her underwear drawer? It is not even surprising that she catches him and decrees that he will receive a caning while clad in her panties. Trophy Stepmother - 1 $5.00     F/M          
03251P-print-copy 03251-down-load C. Allen Robert's fascination with his step mother's underwear continues, as do her bare bottom spankings of him. Now that he is 18, sex is added. Trophy Stepmother -2 $10.00     F/M         X
03252P-print-copy 03252-down-load C. Allen Robert continues to be spanked and dressed in women's clothes. It is panties which he now must lower for his spankings. Now his stepmother takes him to a corsetiere to fit him with a complete set of proper undergarments. Trophy Stepmother -3 $10.00     F/M          
03253P-print-copy 03253-down-load Barbie Susan loved Don's lovemaking, but hated the spankings, even when deserved. But her twin sister, Mandy, had always fantasized about being spanked. What could be better than to let Mandy take Susan's spanking? See how she really felt about having her jeans and panties taken down and her bottom warmed with his hard hand, paddle, and belt. Mandy found she hated spankings, but loved them. Twin Cheeks $10.00 M/F              
03254P-print-copy 03254-down-load Steve Harden Spying on your boss and your supervisor making love is not recommended, and being caught spying is even worse as Sue and Elena learn. The lesson by means of a sound bare bottom spanking for each of them and the promise of more for each mistake they make at work. Two Tellers - 1 $9.00 M/F   F/M          
03255P-print-copy 03255-down-load Steve Harden Sue and Elena must report for a second time to Cal and Mary Ellen to lower their panties and accept hard spankings for misbehavior at work. The spankings hurt and are effective, but all four of them are turned on and they pair off for sexual fun. Two Tellers -2 $10.00 M/F F/F           X
03256P-print-copy 03256-down-load Steve Harden And before that last hot kiss, hadn't Mary Ellen spanked her, and touched her, and stroked her until Sue had literally melted into the floor, too weak to even get up without help. And hadn't it been the most exciting experience in Sue's life. Two Tellers -3 $5.00   F/F            
03257P-print-copy 03257-down-load Bluebeard Two sisters, a total of six children and a shared belief in the indispensable role of spanking in child-rearing, ranging from the hand over pants to the hairbrush on the bare bottom. Only one little disagreement about the value of apprehension while waiting with the bottom bared, and that is settled when one sister spanks the other. Two Progressive Sisters - 1 $3.00   F/F F/M          
03258P-print-copy 03258-down-load Bluebeard In which our heroine has her very own bare bottom subjected to a well deserved and very hard hairbrush spanking from her husband. Two Progressive Sisters - 2 $3.00 M/F              
0325P-print-copy 03259-down-load Bluebeard Time passes and Kenny is 18, old enough not to go over the knee, though still eligible for sound spankings on the bare. Also now old enough to participate in his mother's birthday spanking. Two Progressive Sisters -3 $7.00     F/M          
03260P-print-copy 03260-down-load C. Flint The first time he saw her he knew he was destined to go over her knee. Now he was removing his trouser, folding them neatly, removing his jockey shorts and putting himself over her lap to fulfill his date with destiny and a large, black hairbrush. With luck it wouldn't be the only time. Une Belle Dame Sans Merci $7.00     F/M          
03261P-print-copy 03261-down-load Susan Thomas When Lucy was ten, family problems made her spend two years with her uncle and aunt. They provided a loving environment but one in which misbehavior was punished with spankings. Now she is 22, once again living with them, and shocked when misbehavior again results in her pants down for a good spanking. Unbelievable $8.00 M/F F/F            
03262P-print-copy 03262-down-load Mr. Mike Uncle Buster starts a summer camp for delinquent young men. For trying to vandalize it, Frank has the honor of being the first to have his pants taken down and have Uncle Buster demonstrate that a sound spanking can reduce him to tears, then he got the strap. Uncle Buster's Camp of Discipline $9.00       M/M        
03263P-print-copy 03263-down-load B.C. and Wife A wife who gets mad enough at her husband to break a ski which doesn't want to break, should consider how that ski will feel applied to her bare bottom. The Unbreakabble Ski $7.00 M/F              
03264P-print-copy 03264-down-load Dr. Dlaniger Troy and Clara weren't juvenile delinquents - quite, but they were in enough trouble to be sentenced to five weeks community service in Mrs. Updale's thrift shop with Mrs. Updale's bare bottom spankings to encourage good behavior. Unexpected Spankings: Mrs. Ellen Updale $6.00   F/F F/M          
03265P-print-copy 03265-down-load Tess Chris was getting out of hand, so she was sent to stay with her Aunt Grace who believed in the positive value of good spankings for misbehaving youngsters, even girls who felt they were much too old to be spanked, much less be spanked in public. But "misbehave in front of others, get spanked in front of others." The Variety Store $9.00   F/F            
03266P-print-copy 03266-down-load Rachel Heath Vito had promised his young wife he wouldn't smoke, when he breaks the promise, he pays for it by dropping his pants and briefs and laying over the bed for a very painful lesson taught by her with the paddle and cane. Vito Gets Smoked Out $4.00     F/M          
03267P-print-copy 03267-down-load Tess Lying over his knee, skirt up, panties down, hairbrush at the ready. It is sheer torture, it makes you wish the spanking would begin already. Waiting $3.00 M/F              
03268P-print-copy 03268-down-load Chuck Julie's father had believed in spankings for raising her brother but not for girls. Until she had called him names and walked out. When she returns, she is faced with panties down spankings over his knee, as indicated. A Warm Return $3.00 M/F              
03269P-print-copy 03269-down-load Jason "You've undoubtedly guessed that my method of persuasion involves this hairbrush. I'm going to put you face down over my lap, raise that skirt, lower your panties, and spank your bare bottom long and hard enough to make you change your mind about tomorrow night." Was it a Dream? $7.00 M/F   F/M          
03270P-print-copy 03270-down-load Dr. Sage He was newly wed, young and arrogant. His mother-in-law decided to take him in hand and teach him to be a good husband. Her favored method of teaching involved him dropping his pants and bending over for a spanking with her black, wooden hairbrush along with a bit of sexual humiliation. What Happens to an Arrogant New Son-in-law - 1 $8.00     F/M          
03271P-print-copy 03271-down-load Dr. Sage Now it is time for him to take over the housework from his wife and mother-in-law. He learns rapidly, guided by his mother-in-law's switch and, of course, her trusty hairbrush applied with a will to his bare bottom. What Happens to an Arrogant New Son-in-law -2 $3.00     F/M          
03272P-print-copy 03272-down-load Dr. Sage Our hero dreams of revenge on his mother-in-law aided by her maid. He is soon brought back to reality, but now the reality includes the maid taking total control of him, his wife, and his mother-in-law and subjecting them all to a regime of spankings, enemas, mouth washings, and other humiliations. What Happens to an Arrogant New Son-in-law -3 $10.00   F/F F/M   E   S  
03273P-print-copy 03273-down-load Alexia Melissa has been naughty, she is going to be spanked and she is going to be spanked in front of her friend Tami. Tami is horrified and embarrassed for her. Then she learns that she is next. What I Saw at Melissa's $3.00 M/F              
03274P-print-copy 03274-down-load Don Barton 16 year old Laura knew what she needed, a good sound bare bottom spanking of the kind Cathy's father gave. Now/ would she have enough courage to confess her misdeeds and ask him for the spanking she deserved? What Laura Needs-1 $10.00 M/F              
03275P-print-copy 03275-down-load Don Barton Laura finally has convinced her parents that a teenage girl needs guidance in the form of long, hard, bare bottom spankings when she misbehaves. Now she is to benefit from this. What Laura Needs -2 $10.00 M/F              
0327P-print-copy 03276-down-load C. Flint Her dreams about Larry were different. She dreamed that she was lying across his lap, her bare bottom pointing at the stars while she looked at his ankles and waited for the first slap of a spanking. It was an odd and disturbing dream made even more disturbing by the fact that she seemed so comfortable in that humiliating position. What You Want $9.00 M/F              
03277P-print-copy 03277-down-load Barbie How do you punish a misbehaving wife who gets turned on by spanking? First a spanking to turn her on, then bring her to a tremendous orgasm with an anal vibrator, then you have a non-sexual miscreant who will feel every spank as the punishment she deserves. When I'm Bad $5.00 M/F             X
03278P-print-copy 03278-down-load B.C. and Wife Girls in Spankingland learn to behave. If they don't they may go through two days like 16 year old Stephanie's She manages to get spanked by her mother, her father, twice by a policewoman, by her father again, by her mother again, by her father again, by the principal, and, after having her mouth washed out with soap, by her father again. All but one spanking on her bare bottom. Why There Is No Grafitti In Spankingland $10.00 M/F F/F         S  
03279P-print-copy 03279-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. The terms were clear, if he was going to fuck her, he had to let her paddle his bare ass, hard. It didn't require that he like it. But he did. Winning Jenny $5.00     F/M          
03280P-print-copy 03280-down-load Ilsa Laslow Robert was acting like a child and his wife had had enough. Sure he was bigger and stronger, but when she turns him over her knee he recognizes the justice and lies there while she bares him and spanks him as he deserves. Yard Work $5.00     F/M          
03281P-print-copy 03281-down-load Frank Tenaya Stacey and her gang of female executives are costing the company money and jobs. When the men get fed up, she has her panties paddled good with one of the factory's own products. You Wood-n't Dare! $7.00 M/F              
03282P-print-copy 03282-down-load The Crimson Kid The Joan of Arc Academy for young women believed in bare bottom canings in front of the class. The non-traditional part was that it was the male instructors who had to drop their pants to receive punishment from the headmistress. Young Ladies of Privilege $9.00     F/M          
03283P-print-copy 03283-down-load Gregory Babcock Two or three times, the spanker looked up from the task at hand (well, the task at butt) — and studied me! The final time, she pointed the paddle directly at me — and muttered (loudly enough for me to hear, of course), "You're next"! Your Intrepid Reporter $10.00     F/M          
0328P-print-copy 03284-down-load Rich They had been married for close to ten years. After he spanks her for the first time, she writes a disciplinary code for them both, bringing not only needed discipline to their marriage, but spicing up their sex life as well. The Ten Year Swat Plan $3.00 M/F   F/M         X
03285P-print-copy 03285-down-load Susan Thomas Abby had long been fascinated by the idea of spankings to keep her on the straight and narrow. Now that she was in college, living with an old-fashioned landlord and landlady, it seemed the time to find out if spankings actually worked and if they were actually as exciting as she thought. She found that the pain and embarrassment of old fashioned spankings with her bottom bared were a great motivator. The jury is still out on the excitement. Abigail and Her Hosts $10.00 M/F              
03286P-print-copy 03286-down-load e.m. downing Abbie had the usual experiences at the Academy, spanking, caning, a humiliating medical exam including having her temperature taken rectally. But it was all a clerical error. Academy of Motivation for Young Ladies $10.00 M/F F/F       R    
03287P-print-copy 03287-down-load Victoria John had screwed up and tried to blame it on his secretary. Harriet discovered his fault and spanked him thoroughly with a thick hairbrush on his bare bottom, then she had his secretary do the same thing for blaming her. But Marcy, too, needed some quality time over Harriet's knees for her part in the scheme. After Hours $7.00   F/F F/M          
03288P-print-copy 03288-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Just because your ex-girlfriend invites you over for an evening, doesn't mean you can presume on sex. Frank is taught this lesson by means of a spanking. Of course, that leads to sex. And the Coffee $10.00     F/M         X
03289P-print-copy 03289-down-load SFG 19 year old Dawn's 31 year old stepmother believed in "real" spankings, by which she meant corner time before and after, a hard hairbrush or paddle or a thick strap, a bare bottom, the culprit across her knees, and an announcement of the punishment to anybody in the area. She often told Dawn this was how she had been punished herself. She didn't tell Dawn about still being subject to the same treatment. Across a Half Generation $10.00   F/F            
03290P-print-copy 03290-down-load Rachel Heath “Bare your bottom, boy,” Mistress Might commanded. Andrew obediently took down his pants and jockey shorts at the same time. He exposed a circumcised flaccid penis that was average size under regular circumstances but tiny and shriveled because of his fear. He was ashamed, terribly ashamed, but it was a shame that was spiced with a strange sliver of pride. Andrew Lives to Serve $10.00     F/M          
03291P-print-copy 03291-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. Ostensibly, Spank Anon is a support group for those suffering from spanking obsessions. Anita finds it a happy hunting ground for bottoms of both sexes that she can turn over her knee and spank. Anita Finds Some Willing Bottoms $10.00   F/F F/M           
03292P-print-copy 03292-down-load Steve Richardson Penny knew what it meant to be waiting outside the preacher's study with a note from her mother. She knew she was in for a sound bare bottom spanking, she also knew that she deserved it, and she knew that she wouldn't leave until her bottom was hot and stinging. Another Girl Meets the Preacher's Paddle $3.00 M/F              
03293P-print-copy 03293-down-load Kessily Eva had suffered under his tender mercies years ago, and it had improved her life. Now she wants her little sister, Leah, to get the same treatment, but Leah's never been spanked and doesn't think it's anything to worry about. Not until she's over his knee does she realize how very wrong she was! Another Lost Cause $10.00 M/F              
03294P-print-copy 03294-down-load Kessily Albert is a perfectly rational man...but when neighbors outrage his sense of good taste with their tacky lawn ornamentation, he has no choice but to destroy the offending pieces in a daring midnight attack. The punishment his stern British wife doles out will be worth it. However, he never expects her to invite the neighbors over to watch, and assist in his punishment, a long hard spanking, with a good dose of old fashioned British slippering to make sure he learns his lesson. Appeasing the Joneses $10.00     F/M          
03295P-print-copy 03295-down-load DS Ashley is angry when her boyfriend takes down her panties and spanks her for smoking. It is her first spanking ever. Then she finds out that her mother was also spanked by her father when they were dating and she still must submit to his discipline when deserved. Ashley arranges another spanking, but is shocked when her boyfriend delivers in front of her parents. But she realizes it is an expression of love and concern. Like mother, like daughter. Ashley's Introduction to Spanking $5.00 M/F              
03296P-print-copy 03296-down-load Ms. Sadie Now, considering that not only had she just whipped him within an inch of his life, but also given him an impromptu prostate exam, you would think that he couldn't possibly be more humiliated. But oh, you'd be wrong. At Her Feet $10.00     F/M          
03297P-print-copy 03297-down-load Chuck Julie was 19 and away from home and spankings. But she knew she still needed them to keep her on the straight and narrow, so she visits Dr. Gladys Simmons for therapy in the form of an old-fashioned spanking. This works so well that she returns home to live and be subjected to going over her mother's knee with her panties down for the hand and hairbrush. Then there is her boyfriend who agrees that spankings are just what she needs. Attending to Julie's Needs $10.00 M/F F/F       R    
03298P-print-copy 03298-down-load Kessily When eighteen year old Gen's lifelong goal of joining the army seems to be beyond her grasp, she enlists the help of her childhood friend to 'motivate' her to get in shape. But his special brand of motivation includes long hard spankings. The fact that she is turned on by spanking causes him to add in some additional codicils which include masturbation so that she doesn't enjoy it too much. Back to Basics $10.00 M/F              
03299P-print-copy 03299-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. She then turned, bent forward and spread her legs. I took the cue and lifted the back of her medium long skirt up her legs and off a thong-backed perfect tanned ass that looked just about like it had when I last left it two decades ago. The Balance $8.00 M/F             X
03300P-print-copy 03300-down-load Anonymous When their parents die, the two eldest must become surrogate parents. And in that family, this includes wielding the strap as required. Now Jake has let two underage but cute girls into the family bar, endangering its license and Serena must put aside her love and sympathy for him and make him drop his pants and underpants for a good lesson with the razor strop on his exposed backside. Bar None $10.00     F/M          
03301P-print-copy 03301-down-load Ralph Greco, Jr. It was unbelievably painful and erotic when Becky mercilessly whipped his bare ass with one of the switches he regularly prepared for her, now she introduced sex into their play, but sex in which she controlled every step. It is horrible- and wonderful. Becky Introduces Something New $10.00     F/M         X
03302P-print-copy 03302-down-load Anonymous Vivien had found her first spanking to be exciting, and she couldn't wait to get another, this time "on the bare". But Mr. Varley took his responsibilities seriously, and 60 hard spanks later Vivien was sobbing and all erotic thoughts were driven from her head, along with any idea that spankings could be fun. Behind Closed Doors - Vivien's Second Visit $10.00 M/F              
03303P-print-copy 03303-down-load Kessily Serial gambling addict Tim finally learns a hard lesson when he gambles away his paycheck and his pregnant wife sends him to a very special kind of gambling addiction meeting. Accepting discipline from his wife doesn't prepare him for the severity of the public punishment he receives there. Betting Your Ass! $10.00     F/M          
03304P-print-copy 03304-down-load Barbie Betty gets more than she bargained for when she asks her husband to move beyond playful spankings into disciplinary ones. She didn’t realize how much a real spanking hurt, or how embarrassing it was to have to completely undress for one, nor did she realize how turned on she would be by them. Betty's Obedience $10.00 M/F             X
03305P-print-copy 03305-down-load Marina Martin & Haley Brimley She hung her head and slowly pulled the sweats down and off and self-consciously walked over to the only corner that was even partially free of bins and boxes. She knelt with her hands clasped behind her back, her tight, black cotton panties with fluorescent blue, pink and yellow stars facing out to the others. The embarrassment would have been rather mild normally, used as she was to it… but this was her college room, and it was unbearable. Christy in College - The Big Move $10.00   F/F            
03306P-print-copy 03306-down-load Kessily Be careful what you wish for. Genny had always been fascinated by spanking and her secret birthday wish was that her husband would be more assertive and spank her when she deserved it. She didn’t realize how much spankings hurt and how embarrassing it was to be put over a knee like a little girl, and now it was too late. The Birthday Wish $10.00 M/F              
03307P-print-copy 03307-down-load HB "It's your birthday. You can cry if you want to." She smiled and rubbed my crotch with her free hand. "Now drop your trousers and your shorts and bend over and be quick about it, young man." A Birthday with Patti $4.00     F/M         X
03308P-print-copy 03308-down-load Rachel Heath “Go get me one of your slippers,” Martha ordered. “Take your pants down so I can spank you bare bottom,” Martha ordered. Oh, God, he was embarrassed. To be a grown up man and be treated like a naughty child – it was humiliating! But he pulled his pants down. Then he pulled his briefs down. Breaking Brendan's Bad Habits $10.00     F/M         X
03309P-print-copy 03309-down-load Ceejay Blais When the sisters get in trouble, they are relieved that their father had not brought his strap on the vacation, however their mother and her hairbrush was not noticeably easier on bared bottoms. Brush Fire $4.00   F/F            
03310P-print-copy 03310-down-load Bruce Louella's father has died. Isn't it fortunate that her mother has a friend who is willing to order Louella to lift her skirts and lower her panties so he can blister her 25 year old bottom? Bus Trip to a Blistering $10.00 M/F F/F            
03311P-print-copy 03311-down-load Ceejay Blais Carrie has graduated from high school but not from spankings. After some particularly stupid behavior, she and her best friend Lacey have their bottoms bared in the backyard for a good spanking from Lacey’s father. The spankings are interrupted when not quite finished, but they resume a couple of days later when Lacey’s brother, Carrie’s boyfriend, lends a hand. But, it's Vacation! $7.00 M/F              
03312P-print-copy 03312-down-load Kessily Sam had an Internet addiction and a weekend in the woods was not conducive to that. When he lies and sneaks around to access his beloved social media...he gets himself in a huge heap of trouble. Joanna decides to teach him a few lessons about honesty and what better place. It was a good thing she'd packed her hairbrush and paddle...and of course there were always plenty of switches. Camping in the Woods $10.00     F/M          
03313P-print-copy 03313-down-load Kessily Tammi Jean was in trouble. This was one too many accidents, and then there was the drinking beforehand. If her father found out, not only would her 24 year-old bottom be upturned bare for a painful spanking, but he would take away her car. Her only hope was the boyfriend she had dumped before going to college. But she finds this doesn't save her bottom a single spank. Car Repairs $10.00 M/F              
03314P-print-copy 03314-down-load Rachel Heath When Josh walks in on Cathy making love to another man, the only thing that will save their relationship is if she lifts her nightgown, crawls over his knee, and submits to a good spanking. Catching Cathy Lee $10.00 M/F             X
03315P-print-copy 03315-down-load Casey Parker CeeCee had been a very naughty girl and she paid for it with a good, over the knee spanking with her bottom bared. But was it really Santa Claus who performed the requisite ceremony? In any case, it was her boyfriend who had given her the paddle and who promised more as necessary. Ceecee's Christmas Present $5.00 M/F              
03316P-print-copy 03316-down-load e.m. downing Often when children get older it means an end to spanking. Kelley has never been spanked but now that she is 15 her father decides that serious discipline is needed for an older girl. For the first time in her life, misbehavior means Kelley will go over her father’s knees with her panties down for a sound spanking on her bare bottom. A Change in Discipline for Baby GIrl $10.00 M/F              
03317P-print-copy 03317-down-load Anonymous When Charlotte began teaching, she did not spank. When the headmaster sets her on the correct course, she overdoes it. Finally she goes over his knee with her panties down for some hands (slipper) on instruction in proper spanking technique. Charlotte, the Cane, and the Slipper $7.00 M/F              
03318P-print-copy 03318-down-load C.J. West In which Cheryl gets spanked by her mother, her father, and the instructor of her dance group. He also spanks Antoinette and Terri. Of course, all spankings are hard and given on the bare bottom. Cheryl #2 - Getting Tanned in Florida $10.00 M/F F/F            
03319P-print-copy 03319-down-load C.J. West Cheryl thinks that she has graduated both from high school and from having her father take down her underpants and spank her bottom. She finds she is right only about the first. She does feel a bit better when she finds another college girl with similar experiences. Cheryl #4 - Cheryl in College $10.00 M/F F/F            
03320P-print-copy 03320-down-load Marina Martin Do you want a spanking? Remember when you were young and spanking was the most exciting thing you could think of, and the most secret? Meet Theresa Mary Cripe and learn some of her voyage from a young spanking fanatic to a mature spanked woman. The Child Who Wanted a Spanking $4.00   F/F            
03321P-print-copy 03321-down-load B.C. and Wife The problem with using stories of Santa switching bad little girls to encourage your daughter to behave is that your husband may overhear and decide to use the reality of switching to encourage bad wives to behave, and switchings hurt! A Christmas Tail $3.00 M/F              
03322P-print-copy 03322-down-load Susan Thomas Linda will tell you that going over someone's knee to be spanked, is not merely embarrassing, but also uncomfortable. When Jeb started to raise her skirt she cried out but he ignored her and pulled her skirt right over her back. Worse was to follow for then she felt his hand tugging at the waistband of her 'panties' as they called them. "Jeb, please don't," she called but was ignored. The Church - Part 4 $10.00 M/F              
03323P-print-copy 03323-down-load Susan Thomas For a young career woman to bare and bend and stay bent for a man to use a belt on her was very hard, but Linda so much wanted to integrate into the community that she kept her position, more or less. The Church - Part 5 $10.00 M/F F/F            
03324P-print-copy 03324-down-load Susan Thomas Soon they were bent over on opposite sides of the kitchen table with their skirts up and their panties pulled up high exposing their bottom cheeks; the modesty only a very small solace in an awful situation. Joe Lewis stood behind Emily Popplewell and Steve Popplewell behind Ashley Lewis. Two straps flew through the air and cracked down on two very young and already much bruised bottoms. The Church - Part 6 $10.00 M/F             X
03325P-print-copy 03325-down-load Susan Thomas Although she really wasn’t at fault, it was bound to happen sooner or later. So Susan was bent over in the public square, her skirt raised, nothing but thong to protect the remnants of her modesty, and she received 18 strokes of the heavy strap. The Church - Part 7 $10.00   F/F            
03326P-print-copy 03326-down-load Susan Thomas "What about you, Sammy; do you think you should be spanked too?" "Yes daddy because I should have known better and I let myself get carried away. Well we all did really; it was silly and stupid and if we'd gone out dressed in those clothes..." "Good, Sammy; now please let those shorts down and your panties." The Church - Part 8 $10.00 M/F F/F            
03327P-print-copy 03327-down-load Susan Thomas "You may expect a far more severe punishment if you do not show significant signs of improvement very quickly. Now, while I get my strap, please remove your skirt and underwear including any pantyhose you may be wearing." The Church - Part 9 $10.00 M/F F/F           X
    Marina Martin Kelly is still sick and still scheming to work before she is able. This time she feels the cane from Stan and then her boss makes her lower her panties and go over her knee for a sound hairbrush spanking SEA TURTLE IN LOVE - 3 $10.00 M/F              
    Marina Martin “Go ahead and remove your shoes and pants and panties, Christy. You’re eighteen years old now… Old enough to know better. So I think eighteen swats with this paddle with be a good reminder.” Christy whimpered as she got her first glimpse of the paddle. It was more like 9 inches long blade side; this was no over the knee paddle! CHRISTY IN COLLEGE - FORGETFUL CHAUFFEUR $10.00   F/F F/M          
    Jane Fairweather Sally was shocked to find out that her twin college age cousins were still paddled by their mother when she deemed it deserved. Shocked and a bit curious. Her cousins spank her half seriously, half in fun. Then a prank gone bad leads to all three of them having to bend over for a serious paddling A TOUCH OF PURPLE $10.00   F/F            
    B.C. and Wife At first glance, he thought how he would like to spank her. At first glance, she thought he might be the man to finally give her a spanking. She maneuvers a meeting then bets her ass that he won’t spank her, of course he does, first over her pants, then over her panties, then on her bare bottom. He takes ownership of her ass. Of course, they live happily ever after SUSIE MEETS THE SPANKER $4.00 M/F              
    Anonymous She was 35, married, and the mother of children, but when her father told her to go to her room, she knew it meant he was going to give her a bare bottom spanking in front of her husband. But she knew she deserved it, and even wanted it, even though it meant her husband would also be ordering her to her room when she deserved it A WEEKEND WITH THE INLAWS $10.00               X
    Ralph Greco, Jr. “The plan is, I’m gonna sit here for a couple more minutes, let the oil work in, then we strip you face down on this hammock, oil your ass, get it nice and hot, real hot, then I spank you with my stencil.” A RED HEART STATEGICALLY PLACED $5.00   F/F           X
    Kessily J.D. is a cowboy; rough and calloused from rodeo work, so he doesn't take kindly to being slapped by women. So it is no surprise that when Chantal slaps him, he immediately puts a hard hand to her ass, and he doesn't care who's watching. Her coming back for more the next day... that's a surprise ROUGH TRADE $10.00 M/F              
    Kessily Katherine, Rich, and Lisa had been online friends for months, playing out their spanking fantasies in chatrooms and talking about meeting in real life. Things had finally come together for them to spend a weekend in Vegas. Katherine would soon find out if all the things they'd played at, would actually come to pass, including the punishment Rich had promised her WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS $10.00 M/F F/F            
    JACKIE There are sore bottoms aplenty and even more orgasms as grown up Lesbians play at being girl guides A GUIDING HAND $4.00   F/F            
    April They were old friends and they flirted constantly. But now the time had come for them to move on to spankings, sex, blow jobs, and anal sex. What more could any girl ask for? THE POLICE CHIEF AND THE CIVILIAN $8.00               X
    A.G. GEIGER When McClintock’s niece comes to live on his ranch, she misbehaves in order to get attention. She gets all the attention she can handle, over his knee with his hard hand on the seat of her britches. And then she has to face the music at school McLINTOCK - COURTNEY’S COMEUPPANCE $6.00 M/F              
    MARIA Maria was 18 and thought herself too grown up to be spanked, but not too grownup to tease her younger sisters and cousins about their spankings. At last, her mother has had enough, and Maria learns painfully and embarrassingly that she is not too old to go over her mother’s knees for a skirts up, pants down bare bottom spanking in front of the whole family MY LAST SPANKING $3.00   F/F            
    BELLAROSES Suzi wanted attention. The principal was happy to give it to her. They both understood that in this case attention meant a hard wooden paddle applied to her chubby bottom after her panties had been lowered SUZY $3.00 M/F              
    CJ West Should-have-been-filmed scenes from The Rockford Files, The Dead Zone, Touch, and Braxton Family Values of young women who are reminded that they are they are not too old to go over a parental knee (or a private detective’s) and have their panties lowered for a good old-fashioned spanking THE SPANKING NETWORK - 27 $10.00   F/F F/M         X
    CJ West Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Hudgens, Serena Williams, Kaye Upton, Meg Pryor, and Kelly Bundy are the latest winners in the “who needs to go over a knee with her panties lowered for a good spanking” contest. MOST SPANKABLE CELEBRITIES $10.00   F/F F/M          
    JASON "Do your boyfriends spank you and do you spank each other on your bare bottoms?" "Always, sir" said Pam. "Over the laps, skirts raised and panties down with hands and hairbrushes. Long and hard, then we stand in corners, showing our red bottoms." TWICE AS NAUGHTY - TWICE AS NICE $7.00 M/F              
    ROBIN When they got married she had said she wanted children and to stay home to raise them. The time somehow was never right. Now it was, she still wasn’t certain, but a friendly bed and breakfast and the effect of a hard wooden paddle on her bared bottom and some friendly advice from another spanked wife combined to convince her that it really was time ROBIN’S LONG WEEKEND $6.00 M/F              
    ELIZABETH Elizabeth remembers the night her father gave her bare bottom well-deserved spanking and later an equally deserved switching. She learned her lesson, no more pranks for her, she was going to grow up PAPA AND THE PEACH TREE GROVE $8.00 M/F              
    Rosie Tails The fifties were a much more disciplined age. When two 22 year-olds are publicly drunk, rather than expelling them, the dean agrees that they should each suffer a sorority paddling, six swats with the paddle from the house mother and one lick from each of the other “sisters”. The culprits are shocked when they find out that their paddlings will be on the bare bottom with the dean watching A SORORITY PADDLING $5.00   F/F            
    JEWELS Eva’s in trouble again, this time disregarding Jonathan’s instructions and attending a suffragette rally. When a brawl breaks out, she ends up at the police station. Now she faces punishment, first his hand spanking her bared bottom, then she feels the hairbrush for a very painful spanking on her still bare bottom while she is over his knee THE PERILS OF DISOBEDIENCE $6.00 M/F              
    Victoria Nick’s hobby was photography and he hoped his wife Jenny would get him a camera for Christmas. But his secret obsession was being spanked by a woman. Jenny gets him a hard hairbrush for Christmas and demonstrates she knows how to use it on a bare bottom to make her bad boy cry and happy OPEN ME FIRST $10.00     F/M          
    Kessily He wanted a dominant woman, but he was too afraid of his co-workers finding out he was dabbling in the kinky life. Then the answer to his problems arrived...A kinky masquerade. A chance to try out the lifestyle without any danger of people recognizing him. He doesn't even intend to play but... when given the chance he revels in being spanked by an Amazon. THE MASQUERADE $10.00     F/M          
    Kessily Frank is far too old to act like a mischievous child, playing pranks on his wife and expecting her to clean up the messes he makes deliberately. The best solution seems to be hiring a dominant friend to be his nanny until he learns to behave like an adult. Mouth-soaping, corner time, and lots of spanking are just the key to helping him grow up a little NANNY COMES TO STAY $10.00     F/M       S  
    Kessily It is a good idea not to masturbate while washing your mistress’s dainties, unless you want a highly erotic but highly painful punishment THE PANTY WASHER $3.00     F/M         X
    Ralph Greco, Jr. Even though she was older than he, Andrew had lusted after Melissa for years. When she finally consents to see him, Andrew finds that their meetings are more about his bare ass being spankid than vanilla sex. And it is even more exciting than he had imagined. SO, FINALLY MELISSA $9.00     F/M         X
    Ralph Greco, Jr. They had been platonic best friends forever. Kim knew of his submissive fantasies, but had never shown particular interest. Until today, when he entered her bedroom and found her, as promised, wearing her best bra and panty set, and holding a large wooden spoon VISITING WITH COUSIN KIM $6.00     F/M         X
    JASON Things will be different in the future. There will be androids and holograms, and bears, oh my. But a good spanking will still leave a sore red bottom, and naughty males can still feel the humiliation of having to wear panties, and both sexes can still feel the humiliation and trepidation of having those panties lowered for a sound spanking. SPANKWORLD $10.00   F/F F/M          
    Sarah Briggs In a short period of time Laura had her neighbor over her knee, skirt up and knickers down for a good spanking, then she lowered her boyfriend Callum’s pants and briefs for a similar spanking, then she was upended over Callum’s knee for her own bottom warming. How did this come about? You see there was this Egyptian tomb and this team of archaeologists who defied warnings to open it THE MUMMY’S CURSE $10.00   F/F F/M          
    Rachel Heath When Makiah catches Rick cheating on her, she gives him a choice: a spanking or a divorce, he chooses the former and she delivers with a hard hairbrush on a bare behind. Then she cheats on him, no extra credit for guessing the outcome LOCAL COLOR AND COLORING BEHINDS $10.00   F/F F/M          
    Victoria Ted and Betty come home late from a date and Ted finds out what Betty knew, that Victoria punishes such behavior with bare bottom spankings. But even Betty didn’t know that Ted too was going to have to drop his pants and go over Victoria’s knee for a sound spanking VICTORIA’S LETTER TO TED $3.00   F/F F/M          
    SMT Charlotte and her widowed mother had been getting along pretty well, but Charlotte felt there was something missing. When her mother remarries, a man who spanks, Charlotte agrees she should be subject to the same. Although it is hard to bend over his knee with her knickers down for a good spanking with his hard hand or a hairbrush, Charlotte finds that rules and punishments were just what had been missing in her life MISSING $10.00 M/F              
    BREANNA “And then he made me stand up and pull down my pants and panties. And then he spanked me over his knee again with his hand, and then used the hairbrush, and then leaned me over the sofa and used his belt.” MORE CAROLINA $10.00 M/F              
    EILEEN "Well, let's proceed to the next stop, shall we?" She yanked the slip up, not slowly as she had done with the dress, but all at once, then immediately began bringing her palm down forcefully across the seat of Lola's sheer hose. Her bottom was clearly visible beneath the misty nylon, rising proudly NEWS BREAK $8.00   F/F            
    NANCY LEVY Nancy was a new teacher filled to the brim with modern ideas. She knew that the principal of the prestigious girls’ school which hired her had a hard wooden paddle which he used on misbehaving students, but she didn’t feel she could participate by sending problem student to him. She changed her mind when he demonstrated that the paddle could also be applied to the bared bottom of an arrogant young teacher felt she needn’t conform to school policies NANCY MEETS THE PRINCIPAL $4.00 M/F              
    MINDY All her life she had dreamed of being spanked by a woman. When she finally managed it, it was much more painful and much more exciting than she had imagined. And the sex was tremendous as well A NEW LIFE $4.00   F/F           X
    Barbie Barbie’s plan to be spanked by every man in Spankingland continues apace. The Third visits and keeps her bare bottom red and sore. It is more than she had bargained for, or was it? THE THIRD $8.00 M/F              
    T.M. O'MALLEY Prison is not supposed to be fun and for Nicki Carter it certainly isn’t. Solitary confinement, having her head shaved, and especially having a cane or heavy strap wielded on her bare ass make this very clear NICKI CARTER - 2 $7.00 M/F              
    Sarah Briggs "It's going to be hard... and there are going to be more spankings after this one."He undid the button on Jordan's jeans, pulling them down to just below her knees, clasping one hand over her right buttock and using the contact to push her closer towards him. Jordan, passed her right hand back, cringing as she felt him pin it against her back before yanking her knickers down. A HARD RETURN $10.00 M/F              
    Bridget Striker Cindy and her daughter Lisa were arguing long, loud, and profanely until Cindy’s father had enough. First he had Cindy take Lisa across her knee for a sound spanking, then he turned each of the girls over his knee for a sound spanking on her bare bottom, featuring both his hard hand and the wooden hairbrush OH, THOSE GIRLS $7.00   F/F            
    C. Flint Brandi took her niece to see Dr. Steadman because he was a spanking psychologist and she thought Brandi needed a good spanking or three. Dr. S agreed, but he decided it was not only the 18 year old niece whose panties should come down for a series of sound spankings but the 30 something aunt as well MONICA $10.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. I was determined not to have this girl come when I spanked her, even though I knew damn well that was what she was after most of all…and I couldn’t blame her really, my pussy was pretty much pounding the two times I had taken my hand to her ass JERRI’S REQUEST $6.00   F/F           X
    Rachel Heath There were several reasons Barbara got married, including saving on housing, better medical insurance, but not including love. The man she loves hears of this and she agrees she has earned a spanking, so lifting her dress and slip and lowering her panties and pantyhose, she bends over for a severe dose of the riding crop on her bare bottom BARBARA PERRINS’ BOYFRIEND WIELDS A RIDING CROP $5.00 M/F             X
    KRISTIANNA She was 18 and beautiful. This was her summer, living at the pool she could have any man or boy she wanted, except the lifeguard. Of course he was the only one she wanted. When she faked drowning to get his attention, she got instead a good spanking. The onlookers agreed it was well-deserved PADDLED BY THE LIFEGUARD $2.50 M/F              
    C.J. West In which C.J. West redirects some recent movies to the good old fashioned spankings of misbehaving young ladies which should have been their original focus OTK - THE MOVIE NETWORK - 4 $10.00   F/F F/M          
    C.J. West From reality shows, American Idol, the Waltons and others, C.J. West collects women who can use nothing so much as a panties down spanking session on the lap of a stern authority figure MOST SPANKABLE CELEBRITIES - 4 $10.00   F/F F/M         
    C.J. West The Spanking Network presents a series of stories in which 20-somes learn they are not too old to have their skirts lifted or their pants lowered, have their panties lowered, be turned over a disciplinary knee, and have their bottoms spanked red when they have deserved a spanking THE SPANKING NETWORK - HOTEL $10.00   F/F F/M          
    Kessily What she wanted to say was "Please spank me hard and then fuck me until I scream." but it was coming out all garbled. THE PIZZA MAN, HE DELIVERS $10.00 M/F             X
    CHUCK Sam and Cindy are having problems, when he looks to Cindy’s best friend, Laura, for help, she tells him how she and her boyfriend deal with similar issues. Shortly put, she goes over his knees for a sound spanking on the bare. It works for them, why not for Sam and Cindy? SPANKING IS THE ANSWER $10.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. I dropped the paddle, Frank spun and stood up off the couch (dropping the dildo as he did so) and I kissed him hard. Involuntarily he shucked his hips into me SILENCE $6.00     F/M         X
    C.J. West There apparently is no end to the list of television heroines who could benefit from having their panties lowered and their bottoms blistered over the knee oC.J. WESTf long suffering fathers, mothers, boyfriends, employers, and the greengrocer. THE SPANKING NETWORK - 26 $10.00   F/F F/M          
    SMT The girls wanted admission to the boys’ school, the instruction was better and the opportunities were better. The problem was that to be truly accepted by the other students, the girls not only had to agree to accept the schools traditional corporal punishments, but had to demonstrate that this was not just empty talk PUNISHED FOR THE GOOD OF ALL $10.00 M/F              
    B.C. and Wife Her dad had a pair of SLIPPERS. Not only did they keep his feet warm, but they kept warm the bottoms her and her seven sisters, at least thru the time they graduated college.
When two 18 year olds get their first apartment, there must be RULES and breaking the rules must bring punishment. What could be more effective than a hard wooden paddle applied to the rule breakers bare bottom by an angry roommate
TWO BY BC AND WIFE $3.00   F/F F/M          
    TREVOR Patricia thought she was lucky to have gotten off with a bare bottoms spanking from the school secretary instead of a paddling over her panties, but when the principal finds out, not only are both the secretary and Patricia paddled, but the secretary finds out what it is like to be otk for a bare bottom spanking PATRICIA’S CONSEQUENCES $4.00   F/F            
    Kessily Tammi Jean was in trouble. This was one too many accidents, and then there was the drinking beforehand. If her father found out, not only would her 24 year-old bottom be upturned bare for a painful spanking, but he would take away her car. Her only hope was the boyfriend she had dumped before going away to college. But she finds this doesn’t save her bottom a single spank CAR REPAIRS $10.00 M/F              
    LETTERS "Rose and the Thorn" was the leading source of fact and fiction about erotic spanking. This is the first collection of letters to the editor from those in the bonds of erotic spanking LETTERS TO ROSE AND THORN $10.00 M/F             X
    MARIE Despite attending a strict parochial school, Gillian had made it to her 18th birthday unspanked. However, when she is caught sneaking out to celebrate, Sister Mary Evangalista demonstrates clearly that Gillian is not too old to go over her knee for the spanking she has been needing for years THE NUN AND THE CLUB $4.00   F/F            
    Kessily Lucky Joe was a gamblin' man, who ends up over his head in debt to the wrong type of people. He has no choice but to bet his ass (literally) in one last game. If he wins he get all the money he needs and the cool blond will willingly submit herself to his every desire, but if he loses he will be hers for the month. As her personal pet he will be required to please her in all ways, and submit to her harsh punishments if he fails. But he can handle's just for one month...right? TRUSTING LADY LUCK $10.00     F/M          
    Rachel Heath When Sam comes back from a business trip, his wife Bettina finds a bra in his suitcase. He begs forgiveness but this breach of their marriage can only be healed by Sam dropping his pants and Bettina spanking his bare bottom long and hard with his own belt SAM SLOAN’S SUITCASE $4.00     F/M          
    Rachel Heath The paper was brilliant, unfortunately David had appropriated the work of a dead author. Golda discovers this and David must pay for his dishonesty with a spanking with Golda’s ruler THE PUNISHMENT OF A PLAGIARIST $4.00     F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. After 15 years of being his platonic best friend, Claire agrees to give him spankings. He loves it, and so does she THE REASON $6.00     F/M         X
    Kessily When he loses his job, she has no choice. Her dad arranges for Tansy to get a job with a friend, but he warned her to behave herself...she realllllly should have listened. When she makes a big mistake, she rashly promises to do anything to keep her dad from finding out and doling out a good old fashioned paddling. Unfortunately, anything turns out to mean a bare bottom spanking and paddling INTO THE DEEP END $10.00 M/F              
    Kessily 19 year old Dawn’s 31 year old stepmother believed in “real” spankings, by which she meant corner time before and after, a hard hairbrush or paddle or a thick strap, a bare bottom, the culprit across her knees, and an announcement of the punishment to anybody in the area. She often told Dawn this was how she had been punished herself. She didn’t tell Dawn about still being subject to the same treatment ACROSS A HALF GENERATION: TWO COEDS AND A STEPMOTHER LEARN A LESSON $10.00   F/F            
    Kessily “I need and want a spanking and everyone needs to know that I am punished 36 years old or not with spanking, childish panties down and skirt up draped over Steven’s knee spanked long and hard until I am a sorry, blubbering, sorry little girl with the backside of a thick wooden backed hairbrush! Everyone, the neighbors and my colleagues at work, should know: I get spanked as punishment. Everyone!” THE STEPFORD PILL $10.00 M/F             X
    Steve Richardson It was his first church and he had not been told that his duties included spanking the misbehaving teenage girls in his congregation. But he knew what a spanking entailed and Sandy learned he diid not hesitate to put her over his knee, lift her skirt, lower her panties and spank her bottom a bright red THE PREACHER AND HIS PADDLE $3.00 M/F              
    Marina Martin & Haley Brimley Her dorm mentor/new boyfriend is not at all shy about taking down her panties and spanking her bottom red when deserved. Although they both spank, and hard, Christy finds out that boyfriends are not dads CHRISTY IN COLLEGE - SO FAR SO CLOSE $10.00 M/F              
    Marina Martin When Kelly feels guilty, even though it wasn’t her fault, Jeff introduces her to the kind of “guilt relieving” spanking his mother used to give him. It hurt and it was bare bottom, but its aim was therapeutic. When she later really messes up, he introduces her to the kind of punishment spanking his mother used, bare bottom, long and hard with a hairbrush and belt SEA TURTLE LOVE $10.00 M/F              
    CHUCK It was a very tearful and sore-bottomed Alicia that crawled over Connie's lap once more, this time to have lotion applied to her flaming rear end. But she looked forward to bedtime with Connie when she knew her hurt would be made better SPANK-SPANK FOR GO-GO DANCER $4.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. Those young women or just one woman who could remain to suffer and enjoy, take the spanking to her very soul and make it part of her - for all intents and purposes become complete within the spanking - would be considered a woman to celebrate and announce THE OTK INITIATION $6.00   F/F            
    Victoria Tim stole money from his employer, worse he worked for the Salvation Army. Connie recognized that his motive was good, but she was sure his deed required corrective action. So Tim found himself face (and pants!) down over Connie’s lap for for a well-deserved bare-bottom hairbrush spanking SANTA’S SALVATION $6.00     F/M          
    Sarah Briggs In which old fashioned bare bottom spanking proves the answer to all problems from an abusive husband to a restless ghost who can’t move onto the afterlife carrying a load of guilt about betraying her beloved SEEKING THE TRUTH $10.00     F/M          
    Sarah Briggs Liana is a nurse, a bit battered by love but otherwise normal. Somehow she becomes entangled in a world of individuals with powers beyond human. However she finds that having your knickers (or shorts) lowered for a good spanking is as effective a method of keeping order among super humans as it is with the rest of USA NEW BREED $10.00     F/M          
    Barbie Alicia carelessly mentioned to her friend Kelly that her husband would spank her if she were late. Kelly then questioned Brad about it with the result that she witnessed, and filmed, Alicia going over Brad’s knee for a sound, bare bottom spanking. Both Brad and Alicia find the film very exciting and an inspiration for wild lovemaking MOVIE TIME $10.00 M/F              
    Barbie Instead of arresting Nancy for shoplifting, Vanessa takes down her panties and gives her a good spanking. But it is Nancy’s mother, Jan, who is the real culprit. And it is she that Vanessa must spank repeatedly. However, familiarity breeds sex and Jan learns of the joys of Lesbian sex from Vanessa MODERN LEGALITIES $6.00   F/F            
    C. Flint Laura is in trouble at work, the only way she can keep her job is to report to Dr. Steadman for a painful, humiliating spanking across his lap with her panties down. She knew that, but she didn’t know about keeping the bar of soap in her mouth, nor the horrible enema which would be included in her visit LAURA $10.00 M/F       E   S  
    e.m. downing A bit of ginger root inserted in her rectum, a sound hand spanking, then the headmaster’s well broken in leather strap on her bare bottom. She then watches her partner in crime submit to the same. It is horrible, so why is she dripping? NATURAL EXERCISE OF INTEREST $10.00 M/F              
    Kessily Deanna didn't want to be just another housewife, after all it was the 60s and women were getting liberated! The only problem one had told her husband. When his decisions cause a clash in the household, he makes it clear exactly who's in charge! With a hand to her bare backside, or a hairbrush to her tightly girdled rear-end, her husband makes sure she learns her lessons, but good! TILL DEATH DO US PART $10.00 M/F           S  
    Kessily Once they were privileged. Now they are the misfits, the embarrassments. His job is to turn them into proper young women by ANY means necessary. On an island in the middle of nowhere, adult women are forced to relive their school days, including classroom spankings, and trips to the Headmaster for more severe punishment. Birches, canes, paddles, even ginger root are all at his disposal ISLAND OF MISFITS $10.00 M/F              
    SMT It was just before graduation and Verily was in serious trouble. Once she could have accepted a school caning rather than expulsion, but the regulations were very clear and corporal punishment by the head was no longer permitted. However, there was a loophole, a former teacher who accepted girls in need of a sharp lesson. Shedding her clothes would be embarrassing, several canings would be painful, but she would return forgiven and eligible to graduate with her class TEACHING VERILY $10.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. She then turned, bent forward and spread her legs. I took the cue and lifted the back of her medium long skirt up her legs and off a thong-backed perfect tanned ass that looked just about like it had when I last left it two decades ago THE BALANCE $8.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. Fucking and blow jobs were still great, but getting a bit old, when Mark gives Amy a bare hand, bare bottom spanking. It is the most erotic experience either of them has ever had THE SIMPLE PLEASURES OF BARE BOTTOM OTK $9.00 M/F              
    JANE ANNE SNOW Things are different in the future, automated housework, robots, intergalactic travel but somethings are the same as Anondra must face the captain and his leather strap to atone for getting a parking ticket for her shuttle craft GALAXY 4 $4.00 M/F              
    Anonymous Kelly had given it everything on the field and now she had made the Olympic tryout team. All that remained was fo her to strip and bend over in front of the other girls for the initiation paddling from the coach and the captain PADDLE HELLFIRE $3.00   F/F            
    JOYLEE EVERGOOD She was a responsible adult, but within her there lived a naughty little girl who needed a daddy to love and protect her, and to take down her pants and spank her bare bottom TO PROTECT HER FROM HERSELF $4.00 M/F              
    CASEY PARKER It was difficult for him to concentrate on driving while playing the tape she made for him. When he gets home, he feigns anger at her, but still makes her ask three times before he will spank her. Then neither asks while they make love THE TAPE $4.00 M/F              
    CASEY PARKER Angela had made a clean sweep, her lack of responsibility had gotten her bare bottom spanked by her roommate, her roommates’s boyfriend, and finally by her own boyfriend in front of them. It would have been impossibly painful and embarrassing if she had not discovered that it turned her on TWO WOMEN AND A SHOE $5.00   F/F            
    ELIZABETH HAWTHORNE One might say that Nan was a bit scatterbrained, but only if you knew her. Fortunately Tom not only loved her, but loved the opportunities to turn her over his knee and spank her bare bottom NAN PAYS ATTENTION $7.00 M/F              
    COURTNEY "Naughty girls get spanked, sir. I-I have been very, very naughty. Will...will you please spank me? Please..." She smiled tremulously, both in happiness and trepidation, then placed her hands on his shoulders. "Please Max, I need to be spanked. I need it so much I can't breathe..." THE MASSEUR $4.00 M/F              
    C.J. West 20 year old Louisa had two boyfriends. It was fun leading them on, but it got less fun when her father found out what she was doing and invited both boyfriends over to see him turn Louisa over his knee, take down her jeans and panties and deliver a serious, no-nonsense spanking to his errant daughter MOST UNUSUAL SPANKINGS - 3 $10.00 M/F              
    C.J. West The intrepid C.J. West continues his examination of spankings which should have occurred in popular tv shows. This episode includes the upturned bare bottoms of naughty females of Sunset Beach and three Preacher’s Daughters who must learn the good old fashioned way how they are expected to behave THE OTK NETWORK - 24 $10.00   F/F            
    C.J. West Hanna Linden, a 38 year old attorney with Franklin and Bash decides to sue her father for the spankings he gave her, when deserved, up to age 27. The judge laughs the case out of court and suggests her father take her home, take her panties down, and give her a good spanking over his knee for wasting the court’s time. Of course he does as she must report back in open court. Also included are spankings from Are You Being Served and the Devious Maids THE OTK NETWORK - 25 10.00   F/F            
    Bruce While their father is overseas, Timmy, Billie, and their big sister Dorothy must live with their Aunt Harriet. And they must submit to her discipline which includes opening their mouths wide for thorough mouth soapings and dropping their pants for hard spankings. TOEING THE LINE - 1 $10.00     F/M       S  
    Bruce Smiling at them, she said, "This young lady, my niece, misbehaved very badly and now she's going to get a good sound spanking. Sure, she's a lot older than any of you but that makes no difference to me. She misbehaved and now she's going to have her mouth washed out with soap and then she's going to get her bare seat spanked until she's crying like a baby and so sore that she won't be able to sit down!" TOEING THE LINE - 2 $10.00   F/F            
    Victoria Forewarned is forearmed, but David knows that when he meets Victoria his pants and briefs are coming down for a long hard hand spanking, then she will use her hairbrush with his pants still down, then the belt, then her special paddle, pants still at his knees. In this case, forewarned is terrified AN OPEN LETTER TO DAVE $9.00     F/M          
    Victoria Of course little Johnny and the other students were really grown-ups, but that didn’t stop Victoria from subjecting his bare bottom to a series of painful spankings both by her and by the “little girls”, nor did it save him from various sexual humiliations in front of the class LITTLE JOHNNY $4.00     F/M          
    Victoria "Are you...really going to do this?" I sighed. "Well, Johnny-dear…what do you think I'm going to do with you, bare-assed over my knee, with a brush in my hand?" CAUGHT AND CORRECTED $6.00     F/M          
    Kessily In the future things have changed. Corporal Punishment for adults is the norm. Police, Deans, even employers can enforce their rules with good old fashion discipline For Mark, it's even worse as he discovers his new boss is a sadist who enjoys nothing more than having a man across her lap or over her desk, on any pretext OFFICE RULES $10.00     F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. It started as incidental foreplay, but it quickly became the center of their erotic life. Shea became his ‘mommy’, responsible for spanking his bare bottom hard and often. SHEA FINDS HERSELF A ‘MOMMY’ $6.00     F/M          
    TIMOTHY HAGAN Tim hoped to find happiness with Myra, but she would only spank him when she wanted something from him. Even tough she wanted a lot, it was no basis for a permanent relationship, and finally he throws her out. Serendipitously, his apartment walls are thin and his next door neighbor is looking for a man she can spank and dominate. THE WALLS ARE SO THIN $9.00     F/M          
    Rachel Heath He got up from the chair and began unbuckling his belt. His hands felt weak because of his fear and embarrassment. He pulled his jeans down. “Pull the briefs down, too,” she said. “The only really good spanking is a spanking on the bare bottom.” THE MAY-DECEMBER LOVE OF DAN AND DAPHNE $10.00     F/M          
    Rachel Heath “If you are really sorry for what you’ve done, you will let me give your naughty bottom a good, old-fashioned bare bottom spanking!” James DeSantos’ outraged wife exclaimed PUNISHING THE PECCADILLOES OF A POLITICIAN $10.00     F/M          
    Rachel Heath “You heard me,” Shoshona said. “Pull you pants down.” “Ohhhh ” Bert moaned as he cringed. Still, he put his hands on his drawstring pants and pulled the string from its tie. Then he very slowly pulled his pants down. “Pull the jockey shorts down as well,” Shoshona firmly ordered. “Do I have to do that?” Bert asked, horrified at the thought of showing his naked ass cheeks to his Aunt Shoshona. THE BUTTON GAME $10.00     F/M          
    Anonymous "When, Mother? When's the last time anyone ever took down your panties and spanked your fanny?" A most pertinent question from a daughter well acquainted with having her own panties taken down for a sound spanking UNIFORM AGREEMENT $9.00   F/F            
    Anonymous Sarah loved the idea of her pupils getting the cane or strap. Unfortunately she was not authorized to wield them, only the headmaster. When two girls get in trouble and ask her to cane them rather than report them, Sarah cannot resist and thus puts herself in the position of having her own panties lowered by the headmaster for a long, painful bout with the cane SARAH AND THE CANE $10.00 M/F              
    CHUCK Kevin was the quarterback and star of his team, but he was getting too full of himself. His mother treated the problem by spanking him bare bottomed in the locker room in front of the other team members, then continuing the treatment with at home with his pajama pants down and using a heavy hairbrush MOM ADDS THE EXTRA POINT $3.00     F/M          
    C.J. West It was an oldfashioned neighborhood, the kind in which a girl would be taken over the knee of whichever adult discovered her misbehaving, and spankings didn’t stop at the age of 18, naughty bottoms were bared for the earned spanking NEIGHBORHOODS $10.00   F/F F/M          
    ERNIE WINGATE He wanted to get his ass whipped, when no woman would do it, he found an elderly gentleman who wielded a mean paddle on his exposed butt. Then Patrice joined them and they got married and he lived sore-assed ever after, at least until she introduced him to the effects of the cane LIVING UNDER THE CANE $6.00     F/M          
    HB It was Sunday afternoon, so as usual, he was standing naked in the corner waiting for Pat to come in and make his bare ass pay for each and every misdeed of the preceding week SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH PAT $3.00     F/M          
    Marina Martin Jennifer was a good girl but had grown up without much in the way of parental discipline and was having trouble with the requirements of college. When she sees one of her professors promising her naughty daughter a spanking, Jennifer realizes that this is just what she needs to succeed in college. She soon reaches an agreement with Professors Martha and Steven Green to have them review her behavior. Panties down, over the knee punishment is to be administered as required THE UNEXPECTED SAGA OF THE DOCTORS GREENE $15.00     F/M          
    Kessily When Peter Kennedy’s wife falls ill, he “borrows” money from the company her works for. Of course his boss finds out and he's looking forward to prison...unless he agrees to accept her conditions. For four months he will be her unwilling toy, subject to any and every humiliating and painful punishment she can think of--but hey, it's better than jail...right? PAYING THE BILLS $10.00     F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. It was as much being propped-up on the two tented folded pillows under my pelvis as looking to my side and seeing Shannon literally bouncing while sitting behind me in her high latex panty and bra, raising her wooden-backed hair brush yet again over my quivering blushed ass that had me shucking my hips and moaning THE MANY SUBTLE SIDES OF SHANNON $5.00     F/M          
    Sarah Briggs Kelsey and Chelsea are 30 year old twins, but still subject to having their bottoms bared for a good spanking when their parents came to visit. The neighbor lady also got in on the fun, and Chelsea used the traditional family method of letting her twin know that riding without a seat belt is a spanking offense THE VISIT $10.00   F/F            
    SMT Being bored at a museum, 22 year old Mary allowed herself to be placed with a group of miscreants slated for the headmaster’s cane. Curiosity drives her to take the caning which she finds incredibly painful and incredibly on turning. When she reveals herself, a young instructor is detailed to drive her home, the hot sex was not part of his assignment but neither of them complained. SERENDIPITY $7.00 M/F              
    Victoria Let’s face it, boys misbehave and there are many men who act like boys. Fortunately there is also Victoria with her determination to punish male misbehavior. She takes down pants and spanks bare bottoms until they are red and their owners are determined to rectify their ways. Here are seven stories of Victoria introducing deserving males to the corrective benefits of a good spanking SPANKINGS BY VICTORIA $15.00     F/M          
    Barbie Janie wanted to be dominated in bed by her husband, but neither of them wanted to play with rape fantasies. Then they discovered that spanking contained just the right mixture of domination, pain, and humiliation to turn them both on TEASING $10.00 M/F              
    CHUCK Diana’s boyfriend gives her a choice, break up or go over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking whenever she smokes. She makes the wise choice and lives happily, if sorely, ever after SMOKED BUNS $6.00 M/F              
    CLASSIC REPRINTS "Office Discipline" relates the strict discipline maintained in the offices of Clafton & Co where Mrs. Hart spanks the bare bottoms of misbehaving office girls and the spankings many of these same girls face at home over the knee of their fathers and husbands. "A Man and 3 Maids" tells how three visiting girls find that their friend’s husband believes in spanking not only for her but, despite short acquaintance, is ready and willing to place them over his knee, lift their skirts, lower their panties and treat them to spankings more severe than they have received growing up. However, in a forerunner of women’s liberation, the three manage to turn the tables on him and force him to agree to a life of forced feminization, marked by frequent spankings and paddlings OFFICE DISCIPLINE and A MAN AND 3 MAIDS $15.00 M/F F/F F/M          
    Kessily Carla thought she was ready for the big city, but when she runs out of money to pay the rent she ends up being manipulated into a deal with her landlord. In return for living there rent free...he gets to do anything he wants to her...and he has a lot of ideas. Completely under his control, she has no choice but to accept the frequent spankings, the sex, and even bondage when he's in the mood. Unable to say no, unable to leave, she's trapped exactly where he wants her...for as long as he wants her THE SEEDY LANDLORD $10.00 M/F              
    LETTERS Travel with me back to the wondrous days of the late ‘50s when it was not unusual for a spanked daughter, wife, roomate, son, or husband to painfully pull her/his panties/underpants up over a sore red bottom and pen an epistle to everybody’s favorite romance magazine, Your Romance, discussing the reasons, methods and results of their righteous punishments, 60 pages of mid-century discipline LETTERS TO PATS AND PEEVES $15.00 M/F              
    Marina Martin It was more serious than the usual spat between a domme and a sub, and making it right again would require both women to bend overaccept a serious spanking with the heavy wooden paddle TO HELL AND BACK $10.00   F/F            
    Marina Martin & Haley Brimley Carly had both given and (as a child) received many of these, and she knew what made one bad enough that one remembered it forever! She applied the belt slowly and powerfully to Tina’s naked bottom TINA’S TURN $9.00   F/F         S  
    Marina Martin & Haley Brimley There was no question Christy deserved to be spanked, careless driving would always merit a trip across Haley’s knee. But when her panties come down, there will be no question that her boyfriend got there first. This would not minimize her punishment but might well increase it CHRISTY IN COLLEGE - SCHOOL AND HOME $10.00 M/F              
    Ralph Greco, Jr. “It’s a simple equation my dear Steven,” Miss Sam snickered holding the wooden spoon up to her sweet thin lips and peering over its wide flat ladle at me. If you stay erect I stay spanking you.” A SUMMER WITH MISS SAM $7.00     F/M         X
    ROSEY TALES A story of a family, a mirror, and spankings. Spankings with a cane and with a hand, spankings on the bottom and the hands, spankings with the miscreant clothed and bare, with a bit of supernatural thrown in THROUGH HER PAST DARKLY $10.00 M/F              
    Sarah Briggs Liana is a nurse, a bit battered by love but otherwise normal. Somehow she becomes entangled in a world of individuals with powers beyond human. However she finds that having your knickers (or shorts) lowered for a good spanking is as effective a method of keeping order among super humans as it is with the rest of us A NEW BREED $10.00     F/M          
    Sarah Briggs Mason enforces the law by putting female petty offenders across his knee, lowering their panties, and spanking them straight. His partner, Yolanda does the same for male crooks, and also takes down Mason’s pants and briefs when she feels he has earned a spanking. Then there is Tyler the magician... MAGICIAN’S DANGER $10.00     F/M          
    SFG There was no alternative, 19 year old Vicky had to ask her boss for assignments that could be done standing up. Upon questioning she had to tell him how she and her older sister had to pull down their pants and panties, and bend over their stepmother’s knees for hard hairbrush spankings and now were required to wear thick wool panties which made sitting down too painful to contemplate VICKY AND THE INTERNSHIP $10.00   F/F            
    Steve Richardson It is not only naughty daughters who can benefit from and old-fashioned spanking, sometimes their mothers need to do penance over the preacher’s knees THE PREACHER’S PADDLE AND NAUGHTY WIVES $3.00 M/F              
    A. PURVIS It was mostly an accident that Ralph developed his “field interrogation” methodology, turning a beautiful spy over his knee, lifting up and pulling down as necessary and delivering a sound spanking until she was ready to answer his questions. Once used however, he recognized its efficacy in a variety of situations with a variety of bare bottomed female spies THE CHARMING SPY $12.50 M/F              
    A.B. For well over 100 years, The Hamlin Academy has been providing has been providing an excellent education for the girls of Pleasantville. Of course, pedagogical methods have changed in that time, so have disciplinary methods. In recent years there have been headmistress’s alternating with headmasters and it has been skimpy panties rather than full bloomers which have been lowered, and it isn’t as easy to cut a switch these days, but girlish bottoms are just as sore as they’ve ever been, a paddle is just as effective as a switch, and it is just as embarrassing for a teenage girl to get spanked on her bare bottom ANNALS OF THE HAMLIN ACADEMY $15.00 M/F              
    A.B. A.B.’s wonderful story of a little known town, quite in New England, not quite not, which finds, to its delight, that laws permitting spanking for non-payment of fines are still on the books. A variety of tourist ladies, stubborn daughters, and shrewish wives find stripes laid on a bare bottom by the town spanker to be a wonderful inducement for better behavior in the future ANNALS OF WONNATUNKET $15.00 M/F              
    A.B. Somewhere off the coast of Massachusetts, or maybe it’s Maine, lies the charming tourist destination of Wonnatunket. But if you visit, you had best behave yourself as one of its charming customs is the imposition of stripes of chastisement on misbehaving visitors ANNALS OF WONNATUNKET - II $15.00 M/F              
    A.B. The saga of American spanking is a great story, and who better to tell of the raised skirts, lowered bloomers, and reddened bottoms which went into the making of America than the great historian A.B.? Now, published together for the first time are five episodes of deserved (ok, some not so deserved, but still exciting) spankings from the early days of our nations history. From the first puritan settlers, spanking daughters who dance, to the thundering guns and roaring cries of spanked revolutionary damsels, CF is proud to present THE SPANKING CAVALCADE OF AMERICA $15.00 M/F              
    ALEXIA Jess is the perfect guardian for a growing girl, strong, handsome, smart, loving, and strict. The combination makes for some uncomfortable moments for Alexia, over his knee with her pants down for a needed spanking, but they are needed. Oak Hill is the perfect boarding school for grown business women, academically demanding and strict. The students, as Alexia, experience some painful and embarrassing moments for their own good ALEXIA’S FANTASIES: JESS AND OAK HALL $15.00 M/F              
    ALEXIA Cammie still went to spanking get-togethers, but she didn’t play anymore. She didn’t want to play, she wanted the perfect man, one who would spank her and rule her. Her friends introduce her to Cash and she rediscovers the joys of and agony of having to obey or bare her bottom for sound spankings, and the special feeling of being spanked in front of friends and others FIRST WEEKEND $15.00 M/F              
    ANGELA The young nurses did not act professionally. The worst offender remarks that she really needs the beneficial effects of her parents’ paddlings. Angela recognizes a good idea and spanks her with her own clog, after scolding Liza, turning her over her knee and lowering panties and panty hose NURSING TAILS $3.00   F/F            
    Anonymous “…there was beautiful, tall, Susan, bent over John's knee like a small child, her round ass naked and pointed to the ceiling, balanced by her long, auburn hair trailing over his leg and across the carpet” A NANNY GETS A SPANKING $8.00 M/F              
    Anonymous After her divorce, Michelle goes to live with her brother. When she walks in on him masturbating with a picture of her, she finds out that he was fantasizing about spanking her. Since she had the same fantasy, it doesn’t take long before he has Michelle across his knee with her bottom bare and reddening ANYTHING FOR MY BROTHER $4.00 M/F              
    Anonymous As far as rules go, Sue I’m sure will answer any questions you have on that score because “Her rules, her boundaries are now yours. Break any of them and not have a darn good reason, not an excuse, and you’ll be treated the same way Sue is treated.” “Meaning?” Lisa said, none too happy. “Meaning Lisa that Brian will put you over his knee, pull your pants down and tan your butt.” Sue volunteered GIVING A HELPING HAND $10.00 M/F           S  
    Anonymous “Ignorant louse on a warthog's butt” is a creative use of the language, but perhaps not the best thing to say to a man who has a hairbrush and is not afraid to use it on a deserving bare bottom IGNORANT LOUSE $3.00 M/F              
    Barbie Barbie just wants to have fun. Stuffy old Uncle Grant wants her to behave properly. She has her fun, but must pay for it over Uncle Grant’s knees with her panties down for stinging spankings. But she is contagious and manages to share her spankings with her friends BARBIE AND UNCLE GRANT $15.00 M/F              
    Barbie Jenny went too far when she changed the lyrics of their new song without telling without telling Bob. He is upset and demonstrates it by spanking her thoroughly and then, in a gesture to his Apache heritage, scalping her. Of course it isn’t the hair on her head which gets removed... I’M GONNA SCALP YOU $9.00 M/F              
    Barbie When Barbie doesn’t follow instructions, her bottom is spanked the deep red of the panties she is wearing rather than the pink of the panties she was told to wear OBEDIENCE $10.00 M/F              
    B.C. and Wife When Naomi’s parents die, she must move in with her uncle. At first she thinks he will be a pushover, but then she finds out that he is a believer in long, hard spankings for a naughty teenager, always with her panties down. We follow Naomi’s spanking experiences, along with those of her girlfriends who all seem to have parents, teachers, lifeguards, and policemen who also believe in bare bottom spankings for deserving teenage girls BACHELOR FATHER $15.00 M/F              
    B.C. and Wife An evening of spanking and sex is wonderful, add a pool and a paddle and one can run out of superlatives THERE’S A PADDLE IN OUR POOL $5.00 M/F              
    BELLA ROSES Bella relates the life and times of a dominant woman, from her childhood fantasies of spanking her friend’s father, through her caning her first boss, to her becoming a full-time professional spanker. Her heroine tells of the many men who have had the pleasure of dropping their pants and bending over for a delicious, if sometimes strong, taste of her discipline TRUE CONFESSIONS $15.00 M/F              
    Bruce Denise was 18 and her aunt Julia 17 when she came to live with them and take over Denise’s discipline. The fact that she was slightly younger didn’t make any difference when Julia decided that Denise had earned a spanking. With her father’s full support, Julia didn’t hesitate to take her pants down and blister her bottom until she couldn’t sit, and she didn’t mind if anybody watched AUNT JULIA TAKES CHARGE $15.00 M/F              
    Bruce Shaking her head in dismay, Lorraine glared at her as she hissed, "No, young lady, you're NOT too old to be spanked and YES, you are going to be spanked on your bare behind whether you like it or not!” BETTER LATE THAN NEVER - 7 $10.00   F/F            
    Bruce With their fathers away in the armed forces during World War 2, teenage girls got used to relative freedom. With the end of the war and their fathers’ return, many girls once again had to adjust to what it was like to have their bare bottoms turned up for a well-earned spanking PAINFUL POST WAR ADJUSTMENTS $15.00 M/F              
    Bruce Terrie was looking forward to a pleasant summer visiting with her roommate’s family. She is shocked when she finds out that Norma Jean is still subject to parental punishments. She is even more shocked when she watches Norma have to hoist her skirts and drop her panties and go over her father’s knees for a long, hard spanking for bad grades. Imagine her shock when she finds out that she, like every other girl in this conservative small town, will be subject to the same treatment. Eventually she realizes that this discipline really is for her own good. Originally published as five stories, this epic is brought together here for the first time TERRIE’S LONG HOT SUMMER $15.00 M/F              
    C. ALLEN While she went to college, Nadia would stay with her aunt, who ran a boarding house for coeds. Nadia soon found out that her aunt enforced both the college’s and her own rules with sound, bare bottom spankings for offending young ladies. Nadia soon participated both as a donor and recipient of stern discipline. She found this horrible exciting GOOD GIRL BAD - 1 $15.00 M/F              
    C. ALLEN Lisa had always thought of herself as a small-town conventional girl, heterosexual, not into fetishes or sexual extremes, then she went to work, strictly clerical, for a spanking video company and found herself relishing the giving and getting spankings and other things beyond her imaginings VIDEO GIRL $15.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST 37 year old Tamron hosts a cable news program, 28 year old Tehmeena is a swimsuit model, 31 year old Raquel is a lawyer, 21 year old Yvonne is a college junior, 29 year old Meagan is an actress, and 22 year old Brooke is a cheerleader. What they have in common is they all are still subject to going over a knee and having their panties lowered for a good spanking when deserved GUESS WHO STILL GETS SPANKED $10.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST Not your usual spankings. When a burglar spanks Carla’s bare bottom while burglarizing her, her behavior is improved and she finds love and happily ever after. And this is only one of the spankings described here MOST UNUSUAL SPANKINGS - 2 $10.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST Whether they are still in high school, attending college, or working and married after college, Shannon, Kristen, and their girl friends keep discovering that they are not too old to go over paternal, or other adults’ knees, with their skirts up and their panties down for sound, bare bottom spankings when they misbehave SHANNON AND KRISTEN, THE SPANKINGS CONTINUE $15.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST Shannon and Kristen are two normal girls who can’t seem to help getting into trouble, along with their friends. For all of them, getting into trouble results in a session over parental knees, skirts up, panties down, and bottoms spanked long and hard. SHANNON AND KRISTEN: THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS $15.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST Our favorite channel is filled with deserving female characters having their panties lowered and their dresses raised for good old fashioned spankings on Rockford, Harry’s Law, and The Fringe THE SPANKING NETWORK 22 $10.00 M/F              
    C. J. WEST “I guess they don’t have to," her father said, "but they can. And, when a 23 year old gets her bare bottom spanked in front of witnesses, I’m sure she begins to understand how childishly she has behaved.” THE SPANKING NETWORK 23 $10.00 M/F              
    Ceejay Blais Growing up is always hard, it is harder if you are teenage girl with a penchant for trouble and a father who finds the best way to cope is to turn you over his knee, lift your skirts, lower your panties and treat you, and sometimes your best friend, to world class spankings BOTTOMS UP ... GROWING UP IN TEXAS $15.00 M/F              
    Ceejay Blais In the ‘40s and ‘50s, spanking was a normal parental tool in the struggle to raise responsible adults. Young adults weren’t exempt either. This is the story of one family, living in the southside of Boston, told by the middle daughter, highlighting the more memorable spankings given and received, painfully but lovingly GROWING UP IN SOUTHIE $12.50 M/F              
    Ceejay Blais Picture owning an island, and your own lighthouse, of dubious sovereignty where one can establish an academy for naughty grownup girls. The girls will pay good money to live and study in a strict boarding school where the slightest error will result in the command to come to the front of the class, bare your bottom, and bend over for strokes of the paddle, or for the fortunate ones, just to be turned over the teacher’s knee for an old-fashioned spanking, for extreme cases there is always the cane TROUBLE AT PISKATEAGUE LIGHT $15.00 M/F              
    Ceejay Blais Between getting ready to open the world’s first spanking school, Beth’s upcoming marriage to Mark, the visit of a world-renowned spanking expert, and, of course, the ladies’ need for constant bare bottom sessions over one knee or another, there is bound to be trouble. TROUBLE AT PISKATEAGUE LIGHT - 2 $15.00 M/F              
    classic Spankings were more common when your great grandmother was a girl. We are happy to reproduce this volume from the 1920s chock full of letters from spanked flappers and the parents and employers who spanked them. Even a flapper could be deeply embarrassed by having skirts raised and her scanties lowered for a spanking. And then there was the other thing, spankings just plain hurt CONFESSIONS $15.00 M/F              
    classic Lucille was raised like the other country girls, with frequent trips to the woodshed for healthy doses of the strap on her bare bottom, even when she thought she was grown up at 18. But her troubles are just beginning when her father essentially sells her to Mr. Raleigh, an artist who is interested in drawing her, but even more interested in spanking her. In The Spanker, Ted’s wife Jeanne claims to have never been spanked, peculiar since her twin sister, Janet grew up with frequent spankings, continued by her husband. At the suggestion of their mother, the twins swap husbands so that Ted can learn to spank and Jeanne can be reminded what a good spanking feels like. EXPERIENCES OF A BASHFUL COUNTRY GIRL AND THE SPANKER - 1 $12.50 M/F              
    classic Two stories, originally published in the 1930's bound together, giving insights into the spankings of our great grandmothers. Gone With The Whip tells of how Ella progresses from spanking games with her girlfriend, to bare bottom spankings across her father’s knees, to playful spankings from boyfriends to severe maternal whippings and how she finally decides it is her turn to give. In Straps, Babette relates her search for ever more painful and humiliating spankings GONE WITH THE WHIP and STRAPS $15.00 M/F              
    classic What did our grandparents do for spanking literature? This volume contains reprints of two spanking booklets, each more than 40 years old. KATE’S EXPERIENCES IN THE WOODSHED was first published in 1937 and relates the experiences of a teenager when her aunt marries a man who believes in old-fashioned, pants down spankings both for her and her aunt. Kate’s problems only increase when the family takes in a boarder. Originally published in the '50s, EXCERPTS FROM 26 SPANKING LETTERS contains just what the title says. KATE'S EXPERIENCE and EXCERPTS $12.50 M/F              
    classic The classic civil war novel, plantations and spankings, slaves and spankings, abolitionists and spankings. Lots of spankings and a bit of sex. MEMOIRS OF DOLLY MORTON $15.00 M/F             X;
    classic Bob Howard is on a train to Washington, in this 1935 story, when he spies on a mother spanking her college age daughter on her bare bottom. Bob follows the family home and wangles a job as chauffeur, which he is soon able to transform into a position of assistant spanker for the woman’s three beautiful daughters and her equally beautiful and naughty maid. Talk about your dream jobs! NAUGHTY HILDA $12.50 M/F F/F            
    classic John’s wife had always taken care of the discipline of their daughter, but now that Susan was 18, he thought it was time that he was in charge of turning her over his knee, lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties, and using a hard paddle to make her sorry she had misbehaved. And then he caught his son’s fiancee stealing from their company, it seems a disciplinarian’s work is never done. STERN DADDY $15.00 M/F              
    classic The Territory is a place with very little crime or juvenile delinquency. Female offenders against the law or against family rules must bare their bottoms and bend over for hard, stinging strokes from the cane, birch, or other instruments of corporal correction. Nobody enjoys such a punishment, but when Joanne visits her sister in the Territory, she finds there are compensations, and not just the politeness of teenagers. THE WHIPMASTERS $15.00 M/F              
    classic Tip Tyler tells the story of Mark Conden, a boy with a simple dream, to lift the skirts, lower the panties, and administer a good spanking to every cheating wife in the world. While the problem is overwhelming, he makes good progress until he meets Nancy Hart, a virtuous preacher’s daughter and Mark ends his career spanking other men’s wives to devote himself to spanking his own. WIFE WHIPPER $15.00 M/F              
    classic From the frozen land north of us comes another collection spanking letters. Although skirts come up and panties come down, never fear, the palm, paddle, and hairbrush keep exposed bottoms warm. LETTERS TO THE JUSTICE WEEKLY - 3 $15.00 M/F              
    CP ENGLISH It was two years since Carol graduated and left school, yet here she was, outside the principal’s office, waiting to be called in for the humiliation and pain of dropping her pants for a sound paddling on her panties EARLY FOR A PADDLING $5.00 M/F              
    DESIREE Margaret ran away because she despised the man her father wished her to marry, but she found a far worse fate, captured and subjected to spankings, whippings, and many enemas THE TAMING OF MARGARET $10.00 M/F       E      
    DRAWINGS - BRAD For a number of years now, the magazines of CF Publications have been ably illustrated by Brad. Now we are happy to present 40 of his best drawings of women and girls being spanked without the distraction of stories. BEST OF SPANKINGS BY BRAD $12.50 M/F              
    DRAWINGS - Kessily Page after page of Kessily’s drawings of women spanking women. Turned over a knee with her panties at her own knees for the hairbrush, hands on the table pants at her ankles while the strap does its work, holding her ankles while her bare bottom feels the kiss of the cane, they're all here, brought to life by an artist who draws what she loves. FEMMES PERSUASION $12.50   F/F            
    DRAWINGS - LYNDAL A collection of the best spanking drawings from Lyndal, CF’s premier spanking artist HOT STUFF $12.50 M/F              
    DRAWINGS - PAUL MICHAEL DAVIES And there are 40 great spanking drawings in Paul Michael Davies’ new book, 40 exciting pictures of deserving males getting their bare bottoms spanked, paddled, strapped, switched and caned by capable woman disciplinarians. NAUGHTY BOYS $12.50     F/M          
    DRAWINGS - PAUL MICHAEL DAVIES As Paul Michael Davies did for deserving males, so he does in depicting misbehaving members of the fair sex. NAUGHTY GIRLS $12.50 M/F              
    DRAWINGS - PAUL MICHAEL DAVIES 40 of the best spanking drawings from The Bottom Line, Spanking: Just Us Girls, and Spanking Good Stories. PAUL MICHAELS WIDE WORLD OF SPANKING $15.00 M/F F/F            
    DRAWINGS - ZZ More than 40 new drawings of deserving women and girls having their bare bottoms spanked. BLAZING BUMS $12.50 M/F              
    DRAWINGS - ZZ Over 40 great new spanking drawings featuring women and girls getting their just deserts on their bare bottoms by CF artist, ZZ. HOT TUSHIES $12.50 M/F              
    e.m. downing At 18, Rachel has aged out of the foster care system and now faces an uncertain future. Until Mr. Reynolds takes her under his wing and the future opens up. Of course she must submit to daily bare bottom spankings and rectal temps administered by Frau Schneider and when she messes up she must lift her skirts, lower her underpants, and present her bare bottom to Mr. Reynolds for a caning. GOVERNESS $10.00   F/F       R    
    FRANKIE Drexel’s life is upset when her mother dies and she must go and live with a father she thinks abandoned her. Most shocking, she must adjust to the differences between attending a sophisticated, progressive, California girls’ school to attending a small town midwestern high school where neither the school nor her father have forgotten the aid that a good, pants down spanking can help teenagers remember to act right. DREXEL AND HER FATHER $15.00 M/F              
    FRANKIE Drexel is still getting spanked by her father, the principal, her high school science teacher, her best friend’s brother, and her best friend’s father. She hates the spankings but grows to recognize them as a sign (albeit a most painful and embarrassing sign) of love and concern. THE SPANKINGS OF DREXEL $15.00 M/F              
    GENE HYATT Three generations of girls in the family are raised with misdeeds punished by going over Dad’s knees with their dresses lifted and panties taken down for sound spankings. As they get bigger, Daddy’s punishments continue but are supplemented by those of boyfriends and then husbands, and even sons-in-law in Gene Hyatt’s epic story of misbehavior and deserved punishment. NEVER TOO OLD $15.00 M/F              
    GREGORY BABCOCK Four stories of men who are lucky enough to find women who will make them drop their trousers and briefs and bend over for deserved spankings on their exposed backsides, all “for their own good.” FOUR DOMINANT LADIES AND FOUR LUCKY MEN $15.00     F/M          
    JAMES SONDANCE James Sondance was one of the best writers of stories of women who would make their men drop their pants and bend over for some serious maternal style discipline, sometimes accompanied by some most unmaternal eroticism. We are pleased to announce a new publication containing six of James’ best stories. Long out of print, these stories are available again in a single publication. STERN WOMEN $15.00     F/M          
    JASON Michelle spanks James often, bare bottom and hard, she puts him in panties, she washes his mouth out with soap. Could any marriage be happier? EDUCATING JAMES $15.00     F/M       S  
    JEAN MARIE Can’t find money to pay the pizza delivery man? He’ll pay you with an old-fashioned, bare bottom spanking over his knee. Then you can pay him with some wild sex. Then he can spend the week thinking up your next fantasy. DELIVERED HOT $3.00 M/F             X
    JIM SQUIRES Eddington is a girls’ school with strong academic standards, a rich tradition, and canes, paddles, and hairbrushes for teachers to use to enforce the first two on the bare bottoms of the girls. EDDINGTON $15.00   F/F            
    JIM SQUIRES Janet and Betty were raised with lots of love and lots of spankings. In fact, their mother was a sort of neighborhood expert on spanking naughty girls and didn’t hesitate to use her daughters as models for spanking technique and as examples of the good that can be done for a growing girl by a discipline minded mother. GIRLS AND SPANKINGS $15.00   F/F            
    JOHN BENSON John Benson doesn’t live in the same world as most of us. His world is filled with magic, willing sluts, would-be sluts and, most of all, spankings. Alas, we cannot move to John’s world, but we can read of it. This volume brings together 22 of his best short stories SEX, SPELLS, AND SPANKINGS $15.00 M/F              
    KEITH AND JEAN MARIE Jay had an active fantasy life, students and faculty begging/needing him to spank them. Reality was much less exciting, at least until a penpal shows up after his 40th birthday party and begs him to spank her. MANY HAPPY RETURNS $3.00 M/F              
    Kessily He wasn't the type to slap a girl, but he sure knew how to react when one slapped him. Harvey Price could put up with a lot from the actresses on his stage, but there was a line and she'd crossed it...It wasn't the first time he'd pulled a spoiled star over his lap and spanked her until her ass was rosy, and he knew exactly the kind of leverage he needed to protect himself. After that she had no choice but to behave herself or face even more humiliating punishments at his hands EVERYONE’S A CRITIC $10.00 M/F              
    Kessily Feisty Latina Maribel inherits an old west ghost town, and with it a problem. Spoiled and over-indulged, her new partner is a lot more trouble than he's worth. Before long he pushes her just a little too far and she decides to take matters into her own hands. She knows exactly what he needs and is ready and willing to provide the strict discipline he richly deserves. HOW THE WEST WAS WON $10.00     F/M          
    Kessily Beverly was looking forward to an empty nest, and a chance to regain her life. Instead all three of her grown-up sons end up back at home under her roof. She realizes that it's time for some strict rules and discipline if she's going to keep her sanity...and they soon learn that no boy is ever too old for a good old-fashioned pants-down spanking from mom MY THREE SONS $10.00     F/M          
    Kessily The annual Dominant Women's Garden Party was an event that Tim always dreaded, but his wife Avery loved it. The only flowers anyone saw at this particular garden party were the bright red roses blooming on the bare backsides of the poor suffering men as they were led to one party game after another. All of which had just one spank, paddle, cane, or whip the husbands as they competed to win! Once he got home he knew he'd have one last spanking to look forward to before his ordeal was over for another year, but it would be the worst punishment yet THE ANNUAL GARDEN PARTY $10.00     F/M          
    Kessily If you're going to crash a wedding, it's probably better if you don't crash one filled with people who like to spank! Cherry, owner of the local spanking club, is not pleased when she realizes that her dearest friend's wedding has been invaded by the impulsive young Jeremy. He quickly learns a whole new appreciation for discipline when she makes her displeasure painfully clear! But after a session with the hairbrush, Cherry decides to make use of him in other ways THE WEDDING CRASHER $10.00     F/M          
    letters Spanking is illegal in Sweden now, but it was not always thus. Aga has collected letters to various Scandinavian magazines from young ladies who had their dresses lifted and their panties pulled down for merited spankings and similar letters from parents and authority figures who did the lifting, pulling, and spankings SECOND BOOK OF SPANKING LETTERS FROM SCANDINAVIA $15.00 M/F              
    letters In the ’50s and ’60s, The Justice Weekly, a newspaper published in Canada provided our parents and grandparents with letters devoted to a wide variety of spanking activities. Now, CF has collected 55 never before reprinted letters for those of us who want to know what spankos read before the internet SELECTED SPANKING LETTERS FROM THE JUSTICE WEEKLY - 1 $15.00 M/F              
    letters Sticking with a winner, CF presents a second volume of spanking letters from ’50s thru the ’70s from the Canadian publication, The Justice Weekly SELECTED SPANKING LETTERS FROM THE JUSTICE WEEKLY - 2 $15.00 M/F              
    letters Remember the 60's? Spankers were tasked to raise dresses, slips, and petticoats before dealing with girdles and panty girdles, the first pantyhose, and, as always, panties. But they soldiered on and bottoms were bared for well-earned punishment. And although spankings tended to take place behind closed doors, fortunately for the young spanko, Mr Magazine began its decades long task of publishing letters from spankers and spankees of both sexes recording the contemporary history of spanking. CF Publications now publishes the first in a series of collections of letters from this estimable publication SPANKING FROM MR MAGAZINE - THE ‘60S $15.00 M/F              
    letters In the spirit of Your Romance and MR Magazine, CF presents letters of complaint (and occasionally commendation) from girls and women who know what it is to go over a paternal, husbandly, employer’s, or other knee for an old-fashioned spanking SPANKING LETTERS - 1 $15.00 M/F              
    letters Just found, a number of copies of SPANKING LETTERS -2 featuring wives and daughters who got spanked and wrote various newspapers and magazines complaining about it, or admitting that naughty girls and women may benefit from having their panties taken down for a good, old-fashioned spanking. For sale as long as the supply lasts SPANKING LETTERS - 2 $15.00 M/F              
    letters Then there was the legendary paperback featuring different spanking letters compiled by the editors of MR SPANKING LETTERS COMPILED BY EDITORS OF MR MAGAZINE $20.00 M/F              
    letters More classic spanking letters from Mr Magazine. These are from the 1970's, men and women recall their spankings while growing up ones they receive while grown. Skirts are raised, panties, briefs, and pants lowered and deserving bottoms are reddened. SPANKING LETTERS FROM MR MAGAZINE - THE ’70S $15.00 M/F              
    letters Sure, spanking is illegal in Sweden, but it wasn’t always. Aga, our intrepid Viking spanking detective has found Swedish and Danish teenage girls magazines where girls tell how their bare bottoms have paid the price of girlish misbehavior, teachers and parents weigh in with their views on the subject SPANKING LETTERS FROM SCANDINAVIA $15.00 M/F              
    Marina Martin I don’t believe you are bad people but you have made some really poor decisions. I am going to flip up your skirts, pull down your panties and spank your bare bottoms to teach you a good lesson THOSE LITTLE SHITS $10.00 M/F              
    MISS LEE Mr. Dewitt was in charge of discipline at the high school. He took his job seriously and students knew that having to bend and bare for Mr. Dewitt guaranteed a sore, bruised backside and serious consideration before breaking another rule. Lisa was out of high school but found herself fascinated by the idea of having her bare bottom paddled by the handsome school teacher. One thing led to another DEWITT’S DELIGHT $15.00 M/F              
    MISS LEE Lucy picked a small rural town to teach in because she liked the old-fashioned atmosphere. When she falls in love, she is shocked but not all that put out by the old-fashioned custom of husbands spanking their wives’ bare bottoms as needed, beginning immediately after the wedding ceremony LUCY $15.00 M/F              
    MISS LEE A collection of Miss Lee’s stories featuring women who are spanked by the men they love. MISS LEE’S FIVE OF A KIND $12.50 M/F              
    MISS SAUCY She must have gestured toward me in the comer where I stood half-naked. I heard the intake of breath from my two friends. I could only imagine what went through the mind of the novices at the sight of such a punished bottom. My humiliation was complete TO SMOKE OR NOT TO SMOKE $5.00   F/F            
    MS. SADIE By having a forbidden beer, he had earned a spanking. By pleading on the way home, he earned the command to pull over climb into the backseat and drop his pants for a spanking by the side of the road ONE TOO MANY $3.00     F/M          
    MS. SADIE “But, I wasn't even about to consider letting him off the hook....he definitely deserved a spanking, and I was going to give him one to remember” YES MA’AM $8.00     F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. But really, in the end, Claire often came to wrestle with what good her spanking and swatting of pert beautiful young backsides, discussion of manners and often times long late night faux therapy session accomplished if anything at all AFTERBOARD $7.00   F/F            
    Ralph Greco, Jr. The only thing better for Clyde and Betty than strapping each other’s bare backsides and fucking each other, was to do so under Mary’s commands and subject to her strap MARY, CLYDE AND BETTY $5.00   F/F F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. They were such old friends that they could share a bed with nothing sexual. Until, it became sexually arousing and she found that spanking him would get his mind on other things. As time passed the spanking became very sexual RITA’S VISIT $9.00     F/M          
    Ralph Greco, Jr. It started with a bit of casual teasing between a 48 year old man and the 19 year old daughter of a neighbor, then a casual threat to spank. The next thing either of them knew, she had dropped her pants and climbed over his knee ready for a good spanking. And it was a good spanking he gave her THE IMPOSSIBLE OCCURRED $5.00 M/F              
    ROBIN ANDREWS Trudy and Drew are humanoid aliens trapped on earth. In order to protect their identities, periodically one or the other must undergo a process leaving him/her biologically a child while the other assumes the role of parent. A very strict parent who pulls down pants and underpants and soundly spanks the “child/teenager” at the slightest provocation. A FUTURE LIFE $15.00     F/M          
    ROBIN ANDREWS When an industrial accident reduces Andy to the size of a young child, it provides an opportunity for him and his wife Jane to indulge in very realistic ageplay. Andy stars as a very naughty little boy who must go over his mother’s (Jane’s) knee and the doctor’s, and Jane’s friends’ with his pants down for the kind of hard spankings little boys need if they are to learn to behave A SECOND LIFE $15.00     F/M          
    ROD BIRCH Mary Sara had a scheme to blackmail Brad into stripping naked to be spanked in front of five young lady. Instead, she found herself removing her dress, bra, and pantyhose and bending over for a switching by each of the other women REGISTERED $10.00   F/F            
    ROSS OF KILAHARA Elizabeth the First was, arguably, the greatest English monarch since Alfred the Great. But even great queens were once growing girls and Elizabeth grew up in an age when whipping was common for grown offenders and spanking for growing ones. And Kilahara relates of how the future queen had to submit to spankings on her bare bottom THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE QUEEN - 1 $15.00 M/F              
    ROSS OF KILAHARA Ross completes his story of the youth of Elizabeth I, when even future queens knew what it was like to go over the knee of nannies, tutors, and even her father, the great Henry VIII to have her bare bottom spanked a bright red THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE QUEEN - 2 $15.00 M/F              
    ROSS OF KILAHARA Young love, the Canadian West, and spanking, lots of spanking as the heroine and two other young ladies face justice over their fathers’ (and grandfather’s) knee, all in Ross of Kilahara’s epic story of a young couple in a young land. The more voluminous clothing of a bygone era do the miscreants no good as dresses and petticoats are raised and underpants are lowered for the hard spankings which were the lot of naughty girls (and young women) in those days THE MAGIC OF KICKING HORSE PASS (illustrated by LYNDAL) $15.00 M/F              
    Sarah Briggs Iona had betrayed her prince. Now she had to regain his trust one spanking at a time. She hated the pain of spankings and the embarrassment of having her backside bared, but she knew she deserved them and welcomed them ATONEMENT $10.00 M/F              
    SFG There is an astonishing amount of trouble that college girls can get into. Fortunately, there is also Agatha’s Aunt Sally and her trusty hairbrush. A trip over Sally’s knee with her skirt raised to her waist and her panties lowered to her knees for a healthy dose of the hairbrush does wonders to restore Agatha and her girl friends to the straight and narrow. If more is needed, a bit of public spanking as well as a sentence to wear punishment panties, very snug wool lined underpants that are worn after a spanking (the wool lining of the punishment panties scratch and itch terribly when they are worn after a spanking) a powerful reminders of the need for better behavior VISITING AUNT SALLY $15.00   F/F            
    SILKDREAMER She was a girl with good parents and a happy life, until she was kidnaped by pirates, trained in the ways of sex, encouraged by daily spankings which she came to love. Sold as a slave to the sultan, she became his favorite. The sultan is a good sort and It was a good life, filled with sex and spankings, but when her lover, Jack, helps her escape, she doesn’t hesitate. Along with Jack’s sister, also a member of the harem, she runs away with Jack to a life of love, wonderful sex, and nightly spankings, everything a girl could want LIFE AND DEATH OF AN INNOCENT $15.00 M/F              
    SMT Amy makes a preparatory visit to Fugol. The good news is she doesn’t get spanked, the bad news is some rowdy behavior and her confession, earn her a public birching, bare bottom, of course AMY AND FUGOL ISLAND: A FIRST VISIT $10.00 M/F              
    SMT Amy has a chance for a great postgraduate fellowship on Fugol Island. The catch is girls Amy’s age, 19, and older are subject to spankings from parents and parental figures. Not quite sure what to do, Amy decides to try it out, asking her grandfather to resume the panties down spankings which corrected her behavior when she was a little girl AMY AND FUGOL ISLAND: A TIME OF PREPARATION $10.00 M/F              
    SMT Amy and her friend Elvina get into some mischief bothering a neighbor, Elvina’s father marches them both next door where the neighbor accepts the offer of punishing them. In turn, each must bare her bottom and go over the neighbor’s knee. He may have no children at home, but he hasn’t forgotten how to spank a naughty girl’s bottom AMY AND FUGOL ISLAND: MOVING ON TO RESIDENCE $10.00 M/F              
    SMT Susannah approved of the policy of birching young offenders, but when the policy threatens to deliver a young woman back to the man who has been abusing her, Susannah volunteers to take her place and endure a weekend of forced nudity, spankings, strappings, canings, and of course, the final birching JUSTICE $10.00 M/F              
    Steve Richardson Kristiana is a grown woman, wife, mother, and teacher. So why is she standing outside the professor’s door, waiting to enter, bend over his knee, have her skirt lifted, her panties taken down, and her bottom spanked a bright red? KRISTIANA AND THE PROFESSOR $4.00 M/F              
    THE SERGEANT Lori had loafed through college, now the best teaching job she could get was in a rural New England school district. Although she had no personal experience with corporal punishment, she found she had no trouble requiring high school girls to lift their skirts, pull their panties up tight, and bend over for hard strokes from the paddle. She had more trouble when her supervisor required her to tighten her panties for paddlings from him, but it was a requirement of the job and she grew to love her job THE EDUCATION OF LORI $15.00 M/F              
    TOM O’MALLEY A report on the punishment methods and case histories of punishments administered at a strict women’s prison. Corporal punishment is not only approved, but is often the method of first resort. DISCIPLINE AT THE STATE PENITENTIARY FOR WOMEN $12.50 M/F              
    TV Television has been full of girls and women who could benefit greatly from being put over someone’s knees for an old-fashioned, pants down spanking. There have been many threats but few consequences (and of course none done properly). Now C.J. West has leapt into the void and collected the 30 best tv spankings or threats of all time and combined them with his rendition of what really should have happened. CJ is, of course, not constrained by television censors "30 BEST TV SPANKINGS - 1" $15.00 M/F              
    TV Television has been full of girls and women who could benefit greatly from being put over someone’s knees for an old-fashioned, pants down spanking. There have been many threats but few consequences (and of course none done properly). Now C.J. West has leptl into the void and collected the 30 best tv spankings or threats of all time and combined them with his rendition of what really should have happened. CJ is, of course, not constrained by television censors "30 BEST TV SPANKINGS - 2" $15.00 M/F              
    Victoria Victoria has joined with some others in operating some rentals in a college town. When someone breaks the rules, they may move or see Victoria. Victoria believes that rule breakers should be treated as naughty children which means bare bottoms and paddles. Tony decides to keep his apartment and drop his pants. After the first spanking, he thinks it might be easier to take six of the best than to bare his bottom for a hairbrush. He quickly learns the difference. Since he can't seem to obey any rules, he learns that his pants can come down and his bottom bared in a moment and he will change from a upright, but naughty, young man into a squealing kid again with Victoria's assistance VICTORIA - CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD $15.00     F/M          
    Victoria Jason visits Victoria once again for a long weekend. This time he has to deal with ruffles and bows as well as a penis whip and several other paddles and straps. His manners improve as his bottom and thighs redden. He even has to take a trip to the backyard after his own weeping willow switches. The weekend was definitely hot, hotter and hottest of his life. Like a sissy girl, he cries all the way home. VICTORIA STRIKES AGAIN $15.00     F/M          
    Victoria An 80-page, illustrated book of Victoria helping one young man remain clean and sober as he learns discipline and responsibility. Victoria also offers a short course to sorority sisters so Carl isn't the only bottom to be bared and turned up. This is not for the squeamish - nor the prudish. Victoria is at her most diabolical. (Full of the 3 S's - Spanking, Sex, and more Spanking.) VICTORIA, HOUSEMOTHER $15.00     F/M          
    Victoria Victoria is back with a little "tail" of what a Weekend with Victoria was like for one very bad boy. Here are 60 illustrated pages of Jason's lessons in the school of hard spanks when he challenges Victoria to stay in charge for an entire weekend. He learns that spankings come in all flavors and all sizes and with all different types of pain. He also gets his fill of women's panties. Being forced to wear them most of the time and even put on a fashion show gives him more than enough. The finale comes when the Avon Lady drops by and joins right in to teach a bad boy just what can happen WEEKEND WITH VICTORIA $15.00     F/M          
    WILL HENRY Will Henry was probably the best spanking writer of the pre-Internet age. CF Publications has obtained rights to his two best books, Spankmanship and Modern Spanking. Each contains a number of vignettes relating tales of spankings given and received by pre-Baby Boomers. Although presumably fiction, each leaves the reader with the feeling that s/he has actually witnessed the spanking practices of an earlier day. MODERN SPANKING $20.00 M/F              
    WILL HENRY Will Henry was probably the best spanking writer of the pre-Internet age. CF Publications has obtained rights to his two best books, Spankmanship and Modern Spanking. Each contains a number of vignettes relating tales of spankings given and received by pre-Baby Boomers. Although presumably fiction, each leaves the reader with the feeling that s/he has actually witnessed the spanking practices of an earlier day. SPANKMANSHIP $20.00 M/F              
    ZZ When 22 year old Erin turns states evidence against the mobsters who employ her, her only chance to survive is to enter the witness protection plan. The mobsters would never think to look for her as the 15 year old daughter of a Nebraska family. Only one hitch, the family believes in spanking for wayward children and Erin finds herself bar-bottomed, over her new “mother’s” lap for a good spanking with some frequency, but it is strangely comforting RETRO TEEN $15.00   F/F            
    ZZ It was Mary Jo’s first job. It was a traditional area and she found the best part of it was her responsibility as a phys ed teacher to paddle misbehaving high school girls. She was less enthused when traditional ways dictated that she had to go over her landlord’s knees with her panties around her knees to be spanked herself for missing his curfew THE NEW PE TEACHER $10.00   F/F     E      
    Alexia Marla thinks she can control her sessions across Seb Carter's knee, but the consummate disciplinarian knows just how to deal with her. A touch of his belt before a lesson with the paddle, all with her panties down. Seb and Marla $6.00 M/F              
    Alexia Ara wanted Garrett’s attention. Well, now she had it, and that of the entire room as he bent her over his knee, pulled up her skirt and down her panties, and spanked her soundly. And that was only the start. Ara's Room $7.00 M/F              
    Alexia The real lowdown on Ms Hood and the spankings she receives in the woodshed from her father and, most importantly, from Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood $8.00 M/F              
    Alexia The true tale of Cinderella. Two girls want to go to the masquerade, but one has been grounded. Cindy manages to sneak out with her friend's help, and the Earl's son sees to it that the girls get what they have coming. Cindy and Ellen $9.00 M/F              
    Alexia Usually Jess punishes Alexia's misdeeds, but when she violates diving safety rules, she has the new experience of having to drop her bathing suit so her diving instructor can spank her bare bottom ROB $6. 00 M/F              
    Alexia One didn't sass the Director, not at Oak Hall, not if you wanted to be able to sit down comfortably at any time in the foreseeable future. When that future includes spankings from both your instructor and the Director, you are in serious trouble. Elena of Oak Hall $7.00 M/F              
    Alexia When Uncle James takes Ellen into the study for a spanking, Suzy watches and tells us about it. Ellen and Me $2.50 M/F              
    Alexia It is bad enough to have to stand in front of everybody and lower your panties and pantyhose for a spanking, but it is even worse to have to ask for your spanking, politely and sincerely. I'm Not a Little Girl $5.00 M/F              
    Alexia Kerry Robbins learns what discipline is about at Oak Hall, good old-fashioned spankings with her panties lowered. Kerry Robbins of Oak Hall $3.00 M/F              
    Alexia Only part of her psyche was actually at Oak Hall, but the spankings were very, very real. New Girl at Oak Hall $4.00 M/F              
    Alexia When Alexia and Jess run into Peg, an old flame of his, Alexia let’s her jealousy get the better of her tongue. Of course, Jess won’t stand for this and Alexia must pay for her indiscretion with a very sore bottom. She feels better when Peg commiserates with her and tells her of some of her own experiences with her panties down and her bottom up over Jess’s knees. Still Growing Up $4.00 M/F              
    Alexia This time it is Suzy who must go over her uncle’s knees with her panties down for a good spanking. I wish I could tell you that Ellen felt sisterly distress at this, but the truth is she is gloating just as Suzy does when Ellen gets it. Suzy and Me $3.00 M/F              
    Alexia Marta knew what it was like to have her bare bottom spanked, Yvette was finding out for the first time. Both of them have to visit the headmaster's office and take their punishment. Tales from Oak Hall $5.00 M/F              
    Alexia Setting off false alarms is dangerous, three girls learn that it is also dangerous to their dignity and ability to sit. The School at Oak Hall $8.00 M/F              
    A.B. Nora and Karen heard that John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara were shooting a movie in their town, and sneaked into the set. It was almost worth the bare bottom spankings the guard gave them when he caught them when The Duke himself talked to them afterwards. Stars and Moonlight $7.00 M/F              
    A.B. It must be a conspiracy, not only is Fiona getting paddled at school, but her father believes she can still benefit from going across his knees, having her panties lowered, and being spanked with his hand and belt. Trouble Again $9.00 M/F              
    A.B. School teachers should know better than to DWI, but when Fiona and her three friends are caught doing just that, they submit their bare bottoms to Joe's punishment, rather than be arrested. Teachers in Trouble $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Ellen was spoiled and a dangerous driver until she was hailed before the Very Special Traffic Court for very special treatment, a long hard spanking over the policeman's knee with panties down and the crowd cheering. Very Special Traffic Court $7.00 M/F              
    A.B. Professor Bradley was offered a position as dean of a women's college. It paid great more money, the cost of living was low, but there's always a catch. This one was that he was responsible for spanking the bare bottoms of any girls who misbehaved, and they were a very naughty bunch. Dean of Discipline — 1 $9.00 M/F              
    A.B. Nine misbehaving coeds, nine pairs of panties to lower, nine deserving bare bottoms to spank, and it's only the first week of the semester. Somebody's got to do it. Dean of Discipline — 2 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Our favorite dean takes some time off for sex and spanking talk with Connie, but then he must go back to work, more naughty coeds, more bare bottoms, more sound spanking. Thank God he has a sense of responsibility. Dean of Discipline — 3 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Our hero is becoming so skilled at his craft that one of the younger faculty members seeks him out to drop her panties and give her a well-deserved spanking. Dean of Discipline — 4 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. The same old, same old for our hero, more bare bottoms of naughty coeds to spank, more misbehaving girlfriend to discipline and reminisce with and some discussion the games mistress about caning techniques. Dean of Discipline — 5 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. "How did you know?" she asked me. "About what?" "About the belt. I've been dreading it and fantasizing about it for years, but I never told you about it." Dean of Discipline — 6 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Ten beautiful coeds, two lovely faculty members, what a large number of skirts and dresses to raise, pants to drop, panties to pull down, and bottoms to be paddled or caned. But he is up to it. Dean of Discipline — 7 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Faculty who must drop their panties for the paddle, students to go over his knee for bare bottom spankings, marital advice to give ('spank her'), it's a busy life, but a satisfying one. Dean of Discipline — 8 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. People don't understand the rigors of academic life. Not only must Dean Emberly deal with a seemingly endless line of naughty coeds who must drop their panties and go over his knee for merited spankings, but the female faculty are also demanding of his services. Dean of Discipline — 9 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. In which the good dean engages in a discussion (with demonstration) with an English lesbian, of the different spanking techniques of America and the UK, lowers the panties of various naughty undergraduates to facilitate good bare bottom spankings, and gets engaged. Dean of Discipline — 10 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. The dean and Connie find love and spanking in their present and marriage in their future. Which does nothing to lessen the plethora of misbehaving coeds lowering their panties and bending over the dean's lap for lessons in work habits and deportment. Dean of Discipline — 11 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Not only the coeds get spanked, but several of the more discerning adult women in the campus community. Of course they can enjoy their spankings (and spankers) in ways the coeds can't. The dean gets engaged, a party is held, and coeds still must lower their panties for punishment. Dean of Discipline — 12 $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. A union general, a spoiled southern belle tied bottom up over a barrel with her clothes trussed up (authentic civil war style - no underpants for women), a thick leather strap, and a newly freed slave anxious to avenge wrongs done her. Freedom $8.00 M/F F/F            
    A.B. If you are going to pirate software, it's best not offer a copy to the author of the program, and if you do, it's best not to have a Presbyterian conscience. Or you may end up requesting a good spanking. Retribution $10.00 M/F              
    A.B. Fran has had a long, tough day at her real estate company, having to bawl out one employee and fire another. Is this why she picks a fight with her husband, even though she knows he will spank her if she goes too far? Control $9.00 M/F              
    A.B. Maggie and Michael's romance continues. It was a spanking which originally brought them together, now a spanking leads to a break up, but still another spanking makes everything alright. Maggie Misbehaves $10.00 M/F              
    Allegro CF is happy to announce that we have obtained access to the fabled spanking archives of Allegro Publications. Our first offering is a set of long short stories and novellas relating the actions of dominant women and submissive men. Although, in keeping with CF tradition, they all concentrate on spanking, they tend to be a bit more graphic than many CF publications, with enemas, dildoes, and rectal temperatures playing prominent roles along with cross dressing in a number of the stories. These may not be everybody's cup of tea, but those who like them should really like them. Just look for Allegro Publications as author to find these stories.
    SMT Note that SMT also writes as Susan Thomas.
    Susan Thomas Note that Susan Thomas also writes as SMT.